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070 Confidence Myths with Theresa Czajkowski Momtellectual

070 Confidence Myths with Theresa Czajkowski Momtellectual


MOMTELLECTUAL 070 – Confidence Myths with Theresa Czajkowski

MOMTELLECTUAL 069 – Confidence is 5 Things with Theresa Czajkowski

Discover why there's nothing wrong with you if you're not confident all the time

If you want to be more confident, understanding how confidence is 5 different things can.

MOMTELLECTUAL 071 – Confidence isn't always Good with Theresa Czajkowski

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MOMTELLECTUAL 045 – Celebrating Differences with Tim Campbell, ...

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MOMTELLECTUAL 024 – Being a Mulitpassionate Entrepreneur with Carole Parsons Schafer

Wonder of Parenting - A Brain-Science Approach to Parenting

MOMTELLECTUAL 010 Work Life Balance and Mom Guilt with Louise Edu

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Connect with Theresa:

Undone Redone

MOMTELLECTUAL 039 – Diversity and Inclusion with Cathy Leonard

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MOMTELLECTUAL 050 – Simplifying Sales with Elaine Turcotte. “

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A Need for Understanding

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MOMTELLECTUAL 034 – Connecting over Big Questions with Amy Leask

Eleni is not a coach or a therapist, she does Neurological Interventions. She can help you to completely eliminate your problem – anxiety, depression, ...

Celebrations – October 2018

MOMTELLECTUAL 072 – Medical Decisions with Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken

MOMTELLECTUAL 065 – Fear is a Clue with Mary Strachan

Connect with Elaine:

Cathy Richards is a Registered Dietician. She grew up on a farm in rural Ontario, where she came to realize the importance of eating REAL foods at an early ...

Connect with Mary:

Andrea Strang is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, Insomnia Coach, author and instructor specializing in gentle and supportive techniques that suit a variety ...

The IM-Perfect Mompreneur…but also the Mom who loves Perfectly…..Louise is an Online Marketing Consultant who focuses on Inbound Marketing Strategies and ...

MOMTELLECTUAL 068 – Talking about Suicide with Kids with Shawna Percy

About Catherine:

Let's Celebrate December!

MOMTELLECTUAL 070 – Confidence Myths with Theresa Czajkowski. April 8, 2019. MOMTELLECTUAL 046 – Emotions and Our Stuff with Carolyn Caldwell

How a Working Mom Stood up to Mark Zuckerberg

Carole Parsons Schafer is mom to 2 sassy and independent girls and grandma to 3 beautiful and energetic kiddos. She is the Creative Director and Founder of ...

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Celebrations – November 2018

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Quick update for the beginning of 2019!

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MOMTELLECTUAL 042 – Horses on Leadership with Susanne Hemet


About Jessica

MOMTELLECTUAL 060 – Successful Motherhood with Madeleine Davis

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