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1941 Finnish Raate Road with spruces hung up over the road after

1941 Finnish Raate Road with spruces hung up over the road after


(1941) Finnish Raate Road with spruces hung up over the road after the beginning of the Continuation War [1920x2666]

(1941) Finnish Raate Road with spruces hung up over the road after the beginning of the Continuation War [1920x2666] : HistoryPorn


On December the 24th 1939 the Soviet 163rd Division launched an attack south- and eastwards

Finnish Raate Road with spruces hung up over the road after the beginning of the Continuation War, 1941.

A German soldier with two Finnish children on a BMW R12 motorcycle and side car on


Topeka Kansas F5 Tornado - June 8 1966 [1600 x 808]

When the Hell froze over: the Battle of Raate Road 1.-7.1.

German Army soldier sorting ammunition, Eastern Front. 1941.

Ei tullu kesää #lumitöitä #suomussalmi #raate #raatteentie #finland #zetor #

This is most important thing what I have experienced in a small but busy life.

"Why don't You stop at Suomussalmi? Russkies stopped here too".

... becoming successively trapped ...


Yksi vaikuttavimmista ja toisaalta kylmäävimmistä paikoista missä tullut käytyä. Suomussalmi ja Raatteentie. Vaikka 79

Raatteentie, pysähtymisen arvoinen paikka. Raate Road, a place worth of visiting. #

Finnish bombers destroying Soviet convoys that are approaching Ihantala. Summer 1944, artwork by war

The Finnish gunboat Hämeenmaa, Finland 1942 Military History, Fight For Us, Helsinki,

Frozen Soviet soldiers after the Battle of Raate Road(1.-7.1. 1940

On Sunday I'm heading to this auction where a

German soldier from the 10th Regiment of the SS Totenkopf (wearing a sheepskin coat) on guard on the roof of the Royal Castle in Krakow.

... Soviet ...

Photo of Carnival Cruise Lines - Long Beach, CA, United States. Mazatlan's Shrimp

Taustatutkimusten tekeminen on hirveetä, ainaki tällä hetkellä ku oon pienessä umpikujassa. Btw, tää

On the 5th of January 1940 the Finnish 9th Division started a major offensive against the

Winter War Memorial . "Many brave soldier paid by his blood the great victories in

15. Richard Nixon and his family prepare to ride the Monorail at Disneyland in 1959.

The word “forest” means many different things to people in Finland: food, shelter, recreation, business and inspiration.Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

'Til the late December 1939 two Finnish companies, strenghtened with the MG Company from. '

SFWP History

Commander of SQ16 is giving orders for the pilots. 17th February 1942, location Viiksjärvi's

Image may contain: sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

On December the 13th 1939 the HQ of the Northern Finland Corps request

När vi sitter mätta på julmat inomhus i värmen kan vi ägna en tanke åt de

r/HistoryPorn - Raising of the finnish flag in Petrozavodsk, Karelia 1941 [Colorized]

Siches Site Before Excavation 1965


Sonora, California, KVML Radio, December 28, 2017: Huge hazard tree felled across Highway 4

Sunset over the Lyngen Alps of Norway

25 must-see buildings in Arizona

A generational exchange, London, Kings Road, 1982.

Finnish soldiers are inspecting fallen enemy soldier at Raate Road. First from left with snowjacket

٠ ردّ ٢ إعادتا تغريد ٨ إعجاب

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Today I visited the Raate road 1940 museum, Raatteen portti. #raateroa


Captured Soviet anti-aircraft machinegun on a Gaz(Ford)-AA truck at

Directly after the game, a proud and humorous train driver programmed the destination screen to reflect the final score: Finland 3, Canada 1.

On December the 24th 1939 the Soviet 163rd Division launched an attack south- and eastwards

The location for aircraft battles Smolensk has been created on with reference to aerial photography of Smolensk and its environs in autumn 1941.


Raate Road, a place worth of visiting. #raatteentie #raateroad #raatteenportti #talvisotamuseo #winterwar #winterwarmuseum #raatteenmarssi #raatteenmaraton ...

Aged civilians confronting the german paratroopers at Kondomari, Crete, 1941 .

Glimpse of the Northern Lights at Birds Hill Provincial Park, Manitoba Road Trip - 7

Finns use a Russian prisoner to encourage his battalion commander to come out of the tunnel

Wardog Taru waiting for a message to be delivered between positions. Martinsaari, 7th August

Closeup of branches of a small spruce tree. The clusters of fresh green needles have

Descending into Bergen, Norway, means the North Atlantic crossing is complete.

Raatteen Maraton löytyy myös kilpailukalenterista! Huomenna ehtii vielä ennakkoilmoittautua, linkki biossa. Sen jälkeen

Service Above Self.

The LARK on West Main Street COURTESY The LARK Bozeman

Wounded and fallen Finnish soldiers picked up for train transportation. Kiestinki-Tuoppajärvi(Kestenga

The Fall of the Soviet Union in rare pictures, 1991

Klodt feels sorriest of all for the confiscated computer. Day after day, she saw her father working, and his work was everything to him.

This week in history as reported by the Summit County Journal ...

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Men of the Panzer-Abteilung 40 z.b.V with PzKpfw III Ausf. H's going to


... Spruce tree 1 2 ...

2008 HAYBUSTER H1100 TILT II at TractorHouse.com

... about 4,000 reindeer are lost on Finnish roads in car accidents," explained Juho Tahkola of the Reindeer Herder's Association in an email.



Service Above Self.

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Boston, Massachusetts, WBZ-TV, November 27, 2017: Little car pulled over because of giant Christmas Tree

The resort says they have knee-deep powder at the summit, and these photos prove it.

Hurtigruten MS Midnatsol passes through the very narrow (100 meter) entrance to the Troll





Canadian forestry journal. Forests and forestry -- Canada Periodicals. Canadian Forestry Journal .


Out here living in 3018(i.redd.it)

our first carriage road hike in Acadia National Park

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