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26 Americans Who Are Completely Unapologetically American

26 Americans Who Are Completely Unapologetically American


The American who managed to make freedom even better.

The American who told Britain to mind its own business.

The American who reminded everyone just who let them make that comment.

The American who had a much better ranking scale.

The American who renamed our states.

The American who wasn't about to take crap from Portugal.

Sorry, can't hear you over all this FREEDOM.

The American who accepted our stereotypes.

The Americans who had a few suggestions after Brexit.

The American who reminded everyone that we do have royalty. | 26 Americans Who Are Completely, Unapologetically American

The American who knew his tattoo was forever.

Any Hole is My Goal | Unapologetically American!! | Pinterest | Patriots and The Sandlot

The American who was overseas on the 4th.

26 Americans Who Are Completely, Unapologetically American | Awesome | Funny jokes, Funny pictures, Funny posts

The Americans who made this tobacco.

The American who chose subtlety.

The American who did just a little decorating. Just a little.

... actively pushing for unapologetic fascism and extrajudicial murders in Latin America. Totally normal times we live in.pic.twitter.com/hp6ZR2OseS

hillary tweet

26. And finally Stephen Colbert, who summed it all up.

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... actively pushing for unapologetic fascism and extrajudicial murders in Latin America. Totally normal times we live in.pic.twitter.com/hp6ZR2OseS

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The Supreme Court building in Washington. (Jonathan Capehart/The Washington Post)

Theodore Roosevelt

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Iran nuclear deal


It's time for us to have an unapologetic atheist in the Oval Office

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Native Americans Boldly Announce They Are 'Untamed and Unapologetic'

8:03 PM - 26 Jun 2018

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The Proper Criticism of Some Decent People: A Candid, Unblinking, Unapologetic, Uncompromising Look at the Leadership Crisis in Black America and Its: Buy ...

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American Made (film).jpg


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English is after all the language of our oppressors, one of the “the languages you made us eat” that is “foaming at our lips”, Ogorchukwu points out (166).

Published by Library of America, 2017 | 1458 pages

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Winning the Unwinnable War: America's Self-Crippled Response to Islamic Totalitarianism: Elan Journo: 9780739135419: Amazon.com: Books

... especially as a songwriter, and particularly in a mostly country genre, where political music (especially with an unapologetically progressive message) ...

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President Trump speaks to the media before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on Nov. 26. (Andrew Harnik/AP)

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Now, believe it or not, she did not get into trouble because of the blatant and apparently unapologetic use of Comic Sans font*, and she did not get into ...

True, but I don't think her tweet was out of line ... she used three examples of refugees, one of which was Jews leaving Germany.


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... exploration of what it means to be black in America and a remarkably lifelike portrait of a marriage. No one is to blame, yet everyone is at fault.

Family Heating &

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The Dairy's latest exhibit looks at race and identity in modern America Boulder Weekly, 02/01/2018. Amanda Moutinho

Trump's America


The man in Childish Gambino's 'This is America' video isn't Trayvon Martin's dad

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... 'unapologetic sexism' in Trump's America. Visit to New York by President Higgins and his wife Sabina, as they attend a

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