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5 Herbs for Cleansing and Protecting Your Space Best of The

5 Herbs for Cleansing and Protecting Your Space Best of The


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Ahhhh! So excited to tell you about my first burning sage ritual that I did over the weekend. I've always wanted to, having only seen them performed on TV ...

Rosemary is known to to be soothing and encourages a sense of peace within your environment .Rosemary also removes negative energy from places and spaces ...

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Haunting The Web Since 2013. Herbs That Protect ...

6 ways to manage, protect, and get rid of unwanted spirits and energy in

Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit™ -:- Includes Fresh California White Sage Smudge Stick

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5 Simple Prayers to Use When Cleansing Your Space

5 Sacred Herbs for Cleansing the Spirit. Smudging ...

Healing Crystal Smudging with Herbs for Making Sacred Spaces - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

PIÑON PINE SMUDGE Stick | Sage Bundle for Ceremony, Meditation Altar, Home Cleansing, Positive Energy, Cleanse Negativity,Wicca smudging Kit

The Art of Spiritual Protection: 17 Ancient Shamanic Techniques for Clearing Negative Energy and Psychic Self Defense

9 Herbs You Can Burn as Incense

Cleanse Your Home with this Sage Smudging Ritual and Prayer. Let this powerful herb safeguard ...

Protection Spells: Clear Negative Energy, Banish Unhealthy Influences, and Embrace Your Power by

Cleansing your home works in a similar way!

Often we go about it the wrong way and apply harmful chemical laden synthetic beauty products that end up causing more harm than ...

How to Clear Your Space to Transform Your Life

6 Magical Herbs You Need To Kick Off Spring


5 Herbs for Cleansing and Protecting Your Space


7 Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals So You Can Maximize On Their Healing Vibes

Herbs every with should have

Sage smudging: An ancient art that could detox your space | Elizabeth Wellington

It's safe to say that sage, Palo Santo, and other sacred herbs have entered the wellness mainstream. You can find them anywhere from your local farmer's ...

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20 Powerful Practices for Cleansing and Clearing Your Energy Field

Magickal properties of Rosemary

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House Cleansing and Blessing

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The process of cleansing your lungs might not be easy for everyone. Is the thought of drastically changing your lifestyle terrifying to you?

How to Make Your Own Incense

Do You Need To Clear the Negative Energy in Your Home? Here's How.


how to cleanse your aura

Why do we need Sacred Space?

Do You Want to Remove Negative Energy

Where did the practice originate?

We could all stand to live with fewer negative vibes and a smudge kit is a great start.

Halloween is a great time for an energy cleanse. Here are 5 simple purifying rituals for Samhain.

5 Witchy Things for Your House

How to Detox Your Lungs Naturally

Protection Shield & Smudge Kit - healing crystals and stones - Sacred Smudge Candle - Smudge Spray - Palo Santo - Selenite - White Sage

According to ancient ways and traditions, they know that at plants that have sacred healing and cleansing essence. Smudging is a vital way to complete ...

Amazon.com: JL Local Smudge Kit - Sage, Palo Santo, Abalone Shell, Tripod, Feather & Free Gift!! Healing, Smudging, Cleansing, Purifying, Stress Relief: ...

Palo Santo Essential Oil for Energy Cleansing

There are specific herbs that have been used for a very long time, that have

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Purify, Protect, and Bless: How (and why) to make a Salt Jar

HOLDKO. My Guard • Protecting Herbal Blend

Crystals for Empaths – The Complete Guide

Here is my recipe for a spiritual bath and wash to protect yourself and your home.

(Plus 7 Herbs to Heal them)

Container garden "plots" on an apartment's balcony

A Complete Guide to Cleansing, Reading and Strengthening the Human Aura Energy Field

5 Signs of Bad Energy in Your Life and How to Clear it

Checklist for Clearing Bad Energy From Your Home

7 Supplements to Detoxify Your Body

Sacred Space Smudge Kit - New Moon Beginnings - 1 ...

How to Improve Liver Function (in 5 Steps)

A Spiritual Cleansing Meditation with Flowers + Crystals to Get In Sync with Spring

... cleanse your space and invite protection. sage. In Latin, “salvare” means to heal and salvia – the species name for sage – is a direct divination.

Clients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (as well as your garden variety joint pain) often come to me for help. Rheumatoid arthritis, caused by an ...

5 Methods To Remove ALL Negative Energy From Your Home

How to use Healing Crystal Smudging with Herbs for Cleansing and Purifying

Assorted herbs

Amazon.com: JL Local Smudging kit Refill - Sage & Palo Santo - Smudge, Spiritual Cleansing, Purifying, Home & Office: Home & Kitchen


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Close up of curly parsley growing in the garden.

The smoke from these 5 herbs will deeply clean any enclosed space - Aleph

5 Cleansing Rituals For Mercury Retrograde Winter 2018 To Help You Survive In One Piece

Space Clearing 101 - Energy Muse

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Aspen is known to be used traditionally for protection and the essential oils in the leaves work as a type of anxiety reducer.

Following is a list of 13 basic herbs which we feel every magickal practitioner should have in his or her supply cupboard.

Image Credit: The Mountain Rose Blog/Mountain Rose Herbs

Sage Smudge Stick Kit - White Sage, Palo Santo, Mini Sage, Sage and

Herbs and spices - Dr. Axe

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The 6 Best Herbs For Men To Boost Their Sex Drive

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