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5 Tips To Correct Tension Problems in Continental Knitting Large

5 Tips To Correct Tension Problems in Continental Knitting Large


Tension Problems in Knitting

Continental Knitting and Tension

3 Things Blocking Knits Can Fix (and 3 Things It Can't)

How to knit tighter stitches

How to control the tension when you knit Continental (Scandinavian) style. ARNE & CARLOS

How to Do Fair Isle Knitting

Continental Knitting | How to Knit Faster & Improve Tension

How Not to Start a Row of Knitting

Troubleshooting Knitting Problems

Picking and Grinning: How Your Knitting Style Affects Gauge and Fabric

Can I change to continental mid project?

I knit two swatches throwing one and picking the other, doing my best to keep my tension the same.

Gray Knit Gauge Swatch Hanging on Clothes Line

How to Knit the Tucked Stockinette Stitch on your Addi Knitting Machine Yay For Yarn

Rowing ...

29 Tips for Avoiding Knitting Pain

Why is this a problem? Think about how this edge would look in a seam or at the side of a button band. It just looks awful.

5 Tips To Correct Tension Problems in Continental Knitting

In the photo above, you can see there's a pretty big gap between the back needle and the needle closest to me, where I'm knitting the next stitch.

yarn tension - Both strands held with my left index finger. I prefer this for

Interlock Knitting Directions

How to Knit (Double) Moss Stitch Left-Handed

Put A Ring On It {A Trick for Mastering Continental Knitting}

Rowing out - differing tension between knit and purl rows. "

Wrap FC yarn over needle from front to back and around to front again, ready for the next FC brp. (Again: very much like the usual sl1-yo.)

Solving problems I didn't know I had #1: rowing out – Chronically Siobhan

How to Do Continental Knitting Eastern Method

However, it depends how you knit. For me, a picker, when I wind my cake turning the handle clockwise, and knit from the center, it tightens the twist in my ...

Multi-colored knitwork made in stockinette stitch.

Continental knitting has you hold your yarn in your left hand, like so:

yarn tension - Catching a float with the yarn held on each hand.

If Knitting Is Causing You Pain, Read This

There is an easy fix you can try. For most knitters, if you tighten up at the beginning of every row and loosen up a bit at the end of every row, ...

Aiming for a lovely, even tension is a knitter's goal.

File:Knitting demo of two stitches.webm

Don't garrote your needles!

Stranded knitting without the floats (all of it woven in). Must learn it this way - I hate how floats look and feel.

Continental style: combination knitting

11. Cables 101

Things Blocking Knits Can Fix

Kirsten's Tip ...

Another way to hold needles

Knitting Help - Carrying Fair Isle Floats

Problem: You love to knit scarves, but you hate to have the wrong side showing. You detest garter stitch. You want good-looking reversible patterns so you ...

Knitting A Tension Square – Do You?

(2) Insert the RH needle into the first stitch as you normally would. You might find it helpful to keep your LH thumb on the stitch to help you guide the ...

Just put the right-hand needle into the stitch, and swing the tip of the needle over top of the working yarn to the right, and bring the working yarn back ...

4 Common Knitting Mistakes and How to Fix Them Quickly

Germantown suare logo.jpg

My way of holding yarn and needles

Do you LOVE yarn?

Your First Knit Socks in the 2018 Knit A-long

By plzsendchocolate. Follow

Knitting a short row heel and top-down socks with bamboo needles.

knitting techniques

See where the arrow is pointing in the photo? It's a stitch with two strands sitting next to each other, when they should be twisted together.

Knitting Fails

yarn tension - Spreading out the stitches

Tighten thumb yarn, not index finger!

Lowest prices on the best yarn - guaranteed at knitpicks.com

Lightweight cowls

Have any of you tried knitting stranded colourwork with these devices? Variously called knitting thimbles, strickfinghuts or yarn guides, ...

Don't Be Such a Square | Speed knitting: 12 tips on how to

How do YOU hold your hook and yarn? I asked your fellow crocheters, and

5 secrets of row gauge

Add rows to your knitting

4. Keep your back straight and your shoulders down. - Brianna

Tapestry Crochet for Absolute Beginners - Lesson 2: In The Round and Pattern Repeats | Yay For Yarn

1. Dropped Stitch

Tips and tricks for blog.jpg

Knitting fails: hidden dropped stitch causes an epic fail that Marie can't bear

Toe- up sock knitting with metal needles.

Espace Tricot Blog

Knit Garter | A Good Read: Identifying Your Stitches | Lion Brand Notebook

... are a continental knitter like myself, make sure to move your working yarn to the front of your work while slipping purls). Keep doing this until you ...

How to Knit on Circular Needles in 5 Easy Steps | Studio Knit

the knitter's bane--uneven stockinette fabric

Yes, it's true that you can work your stitches that far away from the tips, and not technically distort the size of the stitch you're making (around the ...

yarn tension - Knitting with the off-hand color. I had to include this

But ...


I knit them top down and after finishing the heel flap I started thinking how much I hate this way of making a heel. The whole picking up stitches and ...

This is a problem that's unique to magic loop. Circular needles have cables that are much thinner than the needle tip. So when we tighten the working yarn ...

Two-color throwing (both yarns in right hand) and two-color picking (both yarns in left hand). Photos by Jennifer Stone.

Is Charles Voth biting off too much with Brioche stitch? Learn from his adventure with

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