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6 Biggest Mistakes That Kill Website Conversions Website Blog

6 Biggest Mistakes That Kill Website Conversions Website Blog


So remember that getting these mistakes right is just a starting point, so adopt the mindset of “Always Testing” and you won't fall prey to little issues ...

Amazon, Ebay and other top shopping brands may have tons of items on their navigation menus, but you shouldn't. They can survive because most people already ...

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Getting visitors to your web pages is relatively easy compared to converting them into customers. Yet, Eisenberg Holdings found that companies typically ...


... on their homepage geared at introducing eCommerce store owners to integrating reviews and user-generated content into their online marketing and sales:

6. Low Contrast

10 Checkout Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Conversions

The reason why most people hate drop-down menus is because they're typically designed for the site owner's convenience, ...

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6 Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website

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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your WordPress Website. common wordpress mistakes

It is extremely difficult to manually keep an eye on significant variations in your website traffic or any of your marketing campaign and that too 24 hours ...




As with so much that we've already discussed, there's no single hard-and-fast rule about the size and scope of your navigation menu.

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With that in mind, it's high time you declutter your homepage. Having too much text and too many images on your homepage can actually hurt your conversion ...


Lead Magnet Mistake


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11 Common Mistakes That Sabotage Local Google Rankings

... only 6-8 of those fields were truly vital to the purchase process. In other words, these companies could have cut the length of their checkouts in half ...

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WordPress SEO Mistakes that are Killing Your Conversions

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19 Web Design Mistakes that Will Kill Your Web Traffic and Site Conversions


Annotation is also a great way to create a baseline for measuring website performance in terms of traffic, sales and other conversions.

This brand-new site allows those DIY-enthusiast and self-builders to purchase high-quality outdoor living products online, quickly, and hassle-free.

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your WordPress Website 1

eCommerce Site UX Issues Killing Your Conversions Infographic

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Here's an example from AGACI:

21 Landing Page Tips To Help You Stop Screwing Up Your Conversion Rates

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INTENT MISTAKE #1: Too many keywords per Text Ad

10 Technical SEO Mistakes That Kill Your Traffic (and How to Fix Them FAST)

Writing big blocks of copy

Scanitto Variation and Control

Spellbinders uses a gallery approach to give their crafting community a centralized hub of inspiration. Pulling from Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram tags, ...

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Everything about your website is connected to and affected by the navigation.

In order to track the performance of each individual Facebook ad campaigns in Google Analytics, you would need to add various UTM parameters at the end of ...

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8 common blogging mistakes

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Yankees website, cluttered page.

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16 Awesome Tricks to Boost Ecommerce Sales


How To Automate Emails The Wrong Way And Destroy Your Business (7 Mistakes To Avoid

Have A Keyword Strategy

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8 (5+3) Mistakes To Avoid When Promoting Your Small Business Facebook Page

Google Analytics Mistake #18: Not using Google Analytics Intelligence


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14 Email Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid


Forget Facebook

MailChimp's interface is clean and user-friendly. Their goal is clear.

SEO checklist when launching a new website

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Unbounce uses exit-intent popups

Blogging for Business

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WordPress revisions

But PayPal is not a traffic source but a payment gateway, so it can't generate sales on its own.

6 Overlooked Optimizations to Increase Your PPC Conversion Rate

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A well-written blog can form an invaluable part of any marketing strategy, allowing you to interact with your target audience and share industry information ...

Does this implied urgency do much to increase conversions?

Your slow loading pages are killing your chances of being found in more ways that one.