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A Beginners Guide to Exposure When Mixing Flash and Continuous

A Beginners Guide to Exposure When Mixing Flash and Continuous


Basically, it ranges from the sun to a candle – as long as it is continuous.

I used ISO 200, 1 sec, f/11 for this image.

This first shot I took with only sunlight coming in from a window on the left and behind the camera. The camera settings used were ISO 2OO, f/8, ...

If I slow the shutter speed to let in more light and try to 'fill in' the dark shadows to soften them, it overexposes the main subject.

In this tutorial, I'll explain how you can set your exposure when you use both continuous and flash lighting in the same shot.

Since the flash is just a shot of light that lasts for a fraction of a second, it doesn't make a difference how long your shutter speed is open like it does ...

Exposure ISO 200, 1/250, f/8

Tips for using continuous lights in your photography

Flash photography tutorial: Balancing flash & ambient exposure

Tips for using continuous lights in your photography

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For basic picture-taking guidance, check out this article about taking great pictures with the Canon EOS Rebel T5, an earlier model with many of the same ...

Taya Ivanova

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Tips for using continuous lights in your photography

Adding Light During Post-Processing

What Is a TTL Flash? TTL vs Manual Flash Modes


... including Full Auto Mode, Landscape Mode, Sports Mode, Close-Up Mode, Portrait Mode, Night Portrait Mode, and more. Like the basic modes, ...

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Trigger Your Flash Wirelessly

This setting can be found in the Gear tab in the camera's menu system under Section 5. There you will see “Silent Shooting.” Turn it to “On” to engage it.

For the other 11 lighting facts, you'll have to read our article here.

Before going into the camera menu, let's first get started on the exterior controls. The D810 has a lot of menu options, but there are some things that you ...

Understanding Camera Shooting/Exposure Modes

Flashes for the masses: Why the Canon 470EX-AI is a big deal

These specific filters, and more often the CTO, are frequently used to balance your strobe's light accordingly; a full CTO will convert your flash light to ...

Adjusting the white balance on the Kelvin scale is the equivalent of manual mode for exposure — it gives photographers complete control over the white ...

Auto ISO on Nikon

Tips and Tricks for the Ricoh GR

low key photography tutorial

Combines Well With

How to Create Perfect Exposure | Metering Modes in Landscape Photography

Since f/numbers relate fractionally to the intensity of an exposure, they fit perfectly into the guide-number equation as a variable for determining flash ...

low key photography tutorial

Mixed Light: Daylight + Tungsten, Temperature: 2600 K

beauty vlogger using ring light for youtube videos

The B&H Speedlight Buyer's Guide

Before going into the camera menu, let's first get started on the exterior controls. The D600 / D610 have a lot of menu options, but there are some things ...

Back Button Focus Explained – What Is It & Why You Need It!

Having that flash, even as a fill light, helps to keep the ISO down. A low ISO means the quality of your images stays at a reasonable level.

The model was lit on the left with a strobe. The light was warmed with an orange gel to match the sunset.

Beginner's guide: shooting high-key at home

To prevent overexposing the background, a reflector or a flash in front of the subject can provide a more even exposure while still giving the subject that ...

high key photography tips

The Definitive Guide To Always Expose Your Photos Correctly!

Aaron Sussman's The Amateur Photographer's Handbook (7th ed., 1965, Thomas Y. Crowell, New York) p. 210. *A=toward you, B=diagonal movement, C=right-angle ...

Sony A6500: settings, tips and tricks

The Neo 2's high-speed sync feature allowed me to get some nice fill-light on Allison's face at a wide aperture while still exposing for the direct-sun ...

Tips for using continuous lights in your photography

Sunset – Adjusted White Balance: 4500 K

Thus, heavier areas will be considered more credible and contribute more to the final calculation of exposure.

Sony A6300 settings, tips, ...

In case this is coming off as though I'm somehow Canon-crazy, you can rest assured that this flash isn't going to have me switching systems just yet.

Complete Guide to Combining Flash and Ambient Light


The time of the year also denotes how the light plays with your subject. Our article here has all the tips and information about the best time to take ...

low key photography tutorial

ISO speed is based on recommended exposure index.

Best Cameras for Photography Beginners

Step 6

Exposure compensation button (±EV) located at the bottom right

Flash photography tutorial: Balancing flash & ambient exposure

Sunlight – Cloudy, Camera WB @ 5500 K

More than a speed light: Shooting with the Rotolight Neo 2

low key photography tutorial

In terms of manual modes, it offers the usual options – Manual Exposure, Aperture Priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, and Program AE.

Nikon D4s | 35mm | f/1.4 | 5s | 400 ISO | 3500 WB | 220 photos edited in Lightroom and stacked with StarStaX | 18min 20s total exposure time | Focus at the ...

How to Set Up High Key Studio Lighting Image2

multiple exposure close up

Pay attention to the body lines to avoid seeing blobs of shadow, this can be achieved by separating your subjects.

Best Tips For Bounce Flash Photography

As we can clearly see here, without flash providing light on our model, she would be completely under-exposed … for the settings we chose.

8 Awesome Lighting Setups Using Gels For Creativity

How to expose with the Shutter Speed Priority mode (S or Tv)

Nikn D300 TOp Left panel

011317_Photo_JaredPlatt_AdobeLightroomCC_Blog Ad CTA_RSVP_1240x420

The Ultimate Product Photography Guide

Light meters are used to measure the amount of light to determine the proper exposure for a photograph. They will either include a digital or analog ...

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Photographed in Alor, Indonesia during the recent Bluewater Photo workshop. Exposure 1/100 sec., f/14, ISO 320. RL3000 was at full power (3000 lumens) in ...