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A long winter certainly makes it difficult for chickens to forage

A long winter certainly makes it difficult for chickens to forage


A Recipe To Prevent Winter Boredom: Homemade Seed Block & Dust Bath Instructions

things chickens don't need

If your chickens stopped laying eggs, it can be frustrating. Here's 10 tips to

How to Keep Chickens Warm During the Winter

... is -30C they tend to stay in, but nice days -15 or so they are outside. I use deep litter in my coop over winter and clean it out in the Spring.

Cold weather chickens - speckled sussex in the snow

Hungry Barred Plymouth Rock and Black Australorp.

Chickens standing in a field


things chickens don't need for winter

Reduce your costs of feeding chickens

poultry feed - chickens in compost

One of my cold weather chickens in the snow

Wise chicken keepers prepare their coop and run to be comfortable and safe during the July and August inferno.

Boost your flock's nutrition and offer chickens fun boredom busters with these healthy winter treats.

Years ago, as the cost of commercial chicken feed skyrocketed, I found myself in search of a more creative option.

An Appreciation For Pasture Raised Eggs & The Best Way To Peel Farm Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs

Learn about whether you should fence your chickens in or let them roam in your garden

How to keep chickens in the garden

Get tips from chicken experts about how to grow green fodder and sprouts for your chickens

brown rooster, white hen in a chicken garden

Stringing other fare such as cabbage, corn on the cob, cucumbers or zucchini can prove to be equally as fun but low on protein.

chickens eating out of a human hand


flock eating on an upside-down bucket

Chickens Vs Quail

Why are fresh hard boiled eggs so hard to peel?

In a confined set up chickens are kept in a secure pen or run that is not open to the outside and they have some sort of protection from aerial predators ...

An Organic Chicken Farm in Georgia Has Become an Endless Buffet for Bald Eagles

[ IMG]

Riverdog Farm and the economics of exquisitely reared chickens - SFChronicle.com

pastured chickens

A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens

So you've got chicks ready to go into the brooder. What works best

Dennis Hancock, UGA Forage Extension Specialist


One of the questions I get asked the most is: “Can I keep urban chickens even though I live in the city?” And my answer is always a huge YES!

duck and chicken

These meat birds are 2 weeks old… they get bigger, but don't

Both bantams, this male Serama (left) and female Cochin sport a genetic trait called frizzle, which produces crimped feathers.

How to Raise Chickens Cheaply – Small Budget? No Problem.

8 Top Vines to Grow on Your Chicken Coop

heritage chicken Illustration

Group of hens in a field

Winter - Soil Prep Once of the big benefits of raising chickens - besides their delicious eggs of course! - is the manure they produce. Chicken manure is ...

chickens eating out of a human hand

5 Boredom-Busting Super Treats For Chickens

Riverdog Farm and the economics of exquisitely reared chickens

free range hens article image

For the sake of your chickens (and most certainly if you raise ducks), please switch to straw, at least for the winter.

The winter's feed challenges have minds on drought planning this winter

Free Range Chickens

The Eglu chicken house

Unlike stockpiled fescue, cattle don't have to dig through snow and ice to get the feed. Corn stands accessibly above the snow, holds up in windy conditions ...

I agree with the advice on keeping good air flow in the coop, no heat or supplementary light provided, deep litter that is kept well balanced, ...

Backyard chicken flock eating greens and seedlings

Hens in a pasture

Your chickens will appreciate fodder in the winter!

Red sex-linked chickens love to free range and will supplement their food by foraging

Chickens on John and Sara Devoy's organic farm in Rosscarbery, Co Cork.

2013-08-13 13.40.26


Cows and calves in the pasture.

All has been quiet on the blog front but on the farm things keep buzzing along. It's winter so the grass isn't growing, the hoop house is full of chickens ...

I grow extra greens in our unheated greenhouse and harvest once we have winter thaws. The chickens definitely appreciate the fresh scraps!

Since our hens definitely spoil us I just might do this to return the favor... a salad bar that they can call their own, a foraging pasture ...

During winter we have housed our chickens in a large, warm, hoop house allowing the pasture the time it needs to recover for the next growing season.

Pasture-raised eggs vs. Not, An egg is an egg is an egg

We love having a cockerel some are even friendlier than our hens!

things chickens don't need

This is why you shouldn't just eat egg whites or egg yolks, both contain a needed healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients for your body.

Baby chick

A few of the girls venturing out of the coop.

Choice "good egg" map latest step in free-range egg boycott Choice calls for consumers to search for legitimate free-range eggs, in a twist on the ...

growing fodder | chickens

Backyard chickens

Natural chicken keeping also has the added benefit of saving you money, as long as you do it right (and there certainly are times when it's best to not cut ...

Feed & Fines – Maximizing Value with Fermented Feed!

This hay was cut June 3 and is of great quality for grass-fed sheep.

How Much Winter Feed/Forage Do I Need? Am I Feeding the Right Animals? – On Pasture

Chickens and gardening go hand in hand. It's all part of being more self-sufficient and sustaining your family from what you can produce with your own hands ...

This term is a euphemism for fighting cocks and the distinction must be recognized since it has implications ...

An ivory guinea cock. While all domestic guinea fowl are considered to be of the same species in the United States, there are several varieties of color and ...

Chip Off the Ol' Block

Getting Started with Chickens: The Ultimate Guide

What does 'free-range' actually mean? It's complicated

How To Spot Signs And Prevent Heat Stress In Chickens