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A science fictionpowered epic reimagining of the Bibles Book of

A science fictionpowered epic reimagining of the Bibles Book of


A science fiction-powered, epic reimagining of the Bible's Book of Revelation, the

Feast of the Raven - "Superbly written and impeccably edited"

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Well Below Heaven

"...recalls the style of Michael Chabon or John Irving, this is a literary gem that should not be missed."

Post-apocalyptic fiction fans who enjoy grand, end-of-the-world

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The Host Rises: Book One of the Promised Land Series by K..

Australian author S.J. Hartland's debut novel—and first installment of her Shadow Sword saga—is nothing short of an epic fantasy masterwork.

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Breathing Poison (eBook)

The Stressless Brain (eBook)

The Sword of Kaigen by M. L. Wang: Fantasy and martial arts aficionados alike should enjoy this emotionally supercharged novel about love and loss, ...

In a fast-paced world often dominated by the chaotic ebb and flow of social media, it's easy to lose our values and ethics. The remedy?

"The Mystery of Grimly Manor reflects wholesome family values while portraying realistic preteens. Carson's

Outbursts of a Privileged White Man: Thoughts of an Egotistical Fool

Hel's Storm - "Fantasy quest duology inspired by both classic and modern epics, provides a gripping read filled with clever characters and exciting action.

TC Joseph is a retired executive from a global consumer products company. He combines his lifelong passion for Bible prophecy with his rich and varied life ...

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NEW YORK (May 29, 2019) – Publishers Weekly, in recognition of one of the fastest-growing parts of the book market, has joined forces with IngramSpark, ...

An engaging read that fans of Robyn Carr's flawed characters seeking redemption in rugged places and small towns, will particularly enjoy.

Monsterland Reanimated by Michael Okon: Continuing the audacious tale set in a world gone mad after a plague decimates humankind and monsters from around ...

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This NSR original three-part series on ebooks in K-12 or school libraries (written and researched by Peyton Stafford, an expert on school library-oriented ...

Story-Formed Pathways to Peace: Headline News from Genesis, Jesus and Today

During my years as a Library Journal book review editor, I spent countless hours each week sorting through books (then physical objects only) to figure out ...

"While tonally Triangle reads like a conventional romance, Daigle subtly uses science fiction elements to enrich the story and sow plot seeds for future ...

Man Mission: Four Men, Fifteen Years, One Epic Journey

"...there's an undeniable cool factor here—it's science fiction adventure with

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"This is an epic quest, powerful coming-of-age tale, and

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The Magicals of Kernow, Book 1: The Wings of Doom

Not only has Julie L. Seely written an elegant, heartfelt family memoir, but she also offers a vivid slice of 20th-century African-American history in her ...

Speak To The Dead by Jave Kavfi. Strange Paranormal Suspense.. $0.99 http:

Making of a God: Epic Adventures—Book 1

assorted-title book lot on shelf. “

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What is a book review? Many have attempted to answer this question over the last few decades in a multitude of ways—from informed scholars, librarians, ...

Dakiti: Ziva Payvan Book 1 by EJ Fisch http://www.amazon

Alice Falls Again

Project XS: Are We Ready to be Advanced? A. Calans

Nexus: Ziva Payvan Book 2 by EJ Fisch http://www.amazon

Mark Mallman's expansive catalog of infinitely catchy and masterfully orchestrated songs has rocked airwaves worldwide. He's been written up by critics from ...

Clouds and Earth: The Peace Outside: I/III

"Action-packed, breakneck paced, and powered throughout by Australian myth and history. Fantasy BooksSci ...

Iran From Crown to Turbans

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Kryssie Fortune: Code Red by Allan J. Lewis #political #thriller #i

R. Christian Bohlen has enjoyed a successful career in both education and corporate training. And, he has been active in his faith throughout his life.

Determinate: Book 1 of the Declaration Series

Bestselling Sci-Fi/ Fantasy (2006) - Titan by John Varley Great Films

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"A smart, thought-provoking glimpse into the future, this novel should more than satisfy anyone who enjoys cerebral sci-fi.

Beyond the Moon and the Heartache Too

Malia Mattoch ...

parisian subway ghost | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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In a checkered life, Wm. Stage has been a tree trimmer, ambulance driver, public health officer, process server and newspaper columnist.

"This multi-disciplinary work combines ecology, science fiction, and poetic verse in a sophisticated presentation of survival after a nuclear war.

This Christian fantasy, set in the scenic Jack Fork Mountains of Oklahoma, revolves around a potentially apocalyptic battle between good and evil where the ...

GROND: The Raven High Yuri Hamaganov The only hope for those trapped on a dying Earth are the Changed—the seven bioengineered post-humans who work in their ...

Boettcher Foundation. April 9, 2015. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.

9 Terrifying Books That Aren't Shelved as Horror | Tor.com Horror,

E. Christopher Clark writes fiction about fractured families, lust gone wrong, and memories as time machines. His writing has been published in Live Free or ...

30th Century: Revived

Holdfast by Kate Carter. Science Fiction Action Adventure. $0.99 http://www

New York Times ...

... Arthur “Mac” McCaffry's novel—which chronicles a Vietnam veteran's spiritual journey of self-discovery—is a blend of Christian eschatological fiction ...

Book Review: The Legacy: Fate

Victor Montori (Lima, 1970) is a physician and researcher. He works at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (U.S.) participating in the care of people with diabetes.

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Margarete Cassalina is a nationally recognized motivational public speaker, freelance writer, and national advocate for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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Feast of the Raven - "Superbly written and impeccably edited" | Self-Published Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books | Raven, Fantasy books, Books

A Journalism major with a bent for the political, Brent worked in the moment while using his spare time to imagine alternate realities of tomorrow.

Dystopian Romance Date Published: September 21st, 2017 Publisher: Asset Creative House The Hunger

SJ Hartland is a journalist and foil fencer (Cyrano club in Sydney) who watches too much TV. She is originally from Townsville, lived in Sydney for many ...

Nation of the Beasts: The Lord of the Sabbath

"All of the stories are unique; most are thought provoking; some are delightfully

The Scent of Distant Worlds

The Award-Winning Fantasy series for Middle-grade to Adults!

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One of the most highly respected review publications in the country, Booklist reaches more than booklist

Defective B. Austin (Outcast, Publication date: August 2016 Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult In a society where rebels are u.

Diana Kizlauskas is a Chicago area artist whose children's illustrations have been published by nationally and internationally known companies including ...

The Best Books You've Never Heard of

Dr. Julie Seely is the granddaughter of Nathan Seely. She is a physician, author and screenwriter. Her 2011 Skinny House screenplay was short-listed at the ...

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"Absorbing and disturbing, the book delves into potent themes of religion, politics,

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