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A trade war is an economic conflict between two or more countries

A trade war is an economic conflict between two or more countries


A trade war is an economic conflict between two or more countries where countries impose trade

Can the US-China trade war be stopped? 11 experts weigh in.

Explained: The US-China trade war, and its impact on India

Trump is likely to blame others for the economic blowback, rather than changing his policy

US President Donald Trump speaks with China's Vice-Premier Liu He after a trade negotiating

Xi risks losing face in a trade war with Trump. Beijing must choose between a humiliating retreat and a dangerous economic conflict

China–United States trade war. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer bid farewell after trade

The US-China trade war, explained in under 500 words

President Trump speaks during a trade meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on Aprll 4. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images). By Heather Long

The consequences of the president's enthusiasm for economic conflict could be widespread and severe. In trade wars, no one wins.

President Donald Trump waves as he walks toward Marine One before departing from the White House on May 14, 2019, in Washington, DC.

... the US economy losing out the most in an All-Out Trade War. $USD # TradeWar https://think.ing.com/articles/trade-wars-episode-1-the-presidential-menace/ ...

US-China trade war: Your questions answered. By Andrew Walker BBC World Service economics correspondent

Mohamed El-Erian, Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz, photographed in Central Hong Kong

America v China: How trade wars become real wars. The world's two largest economies ...

An Unending Trade War Leaves Wall Street JitteryAn Unending Trade War Leaves Wall Street Jittery

How to get ready as the US-China trade war spills over to other countries

China-US trade war: can it be stopped? The world's two biggest trading nations ...

Economic warfare: Four takeaways from being in China when the trade war started

Trade war reflects US fear of China's state-led economic model, says member of Beijing's political elite

Who Wins in Trump's Trade War?

Trump Escalates Trade War With Higher Tariffs on Chinese Goods. By Ed Kilgore

Who Will Win the Trade War? Some Say China, Others Say Trump

Trump's Huawei ban escalates the US-China trade war into a tech Cold War

Referring conflict between two country China and USA

The entry into force of the new tariff regimes between United States and China has generated global uncertainty due to the impact that the trade war between ...

Germany wants speedy end to China-US trade war


Try to understand: she can't speak for Europe.

Beyond the negotiations and the sparring, what are the economic ties between the two countries? And what does the feud look like from China's perspective?

There Is No Sino-American Trade War

Jason Kirby: The two countries have collected $1.1 billion in duties—kicking themselves in the shin and passing on the pain to consumers. by Jason Kirby

China's President Xi Jinping shakes hands with U.S. President Donald Trump (L) during a

Higher prices, layoffs, and economic nosedives: What Trump's trade war could mean for you

Darell Leiking, Malaysia's trade minister, said he was surprised by Italy's endorsement of China's Belt and Road Initiative © Bloomberg

Why U.S. allies aren't rushing to back Trump's China trade war

WTO head offers to mediate between China and US over trade war


Singaporean Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan said Wednesday countries in ASEAN depend on good relations between the United States and China, as the two ...

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters after a phone conversation with Mexico's President Enrique Pena

Why the U.S.-China 'Trade War' Is Really About the Future of Innovation

Trump and Xi Need to Resolve the Trade War, but Real Peace Is Unlikely

Kong Dan is the former chairman of the state-owned Citic Group and Everbright Bank

Trump's Huawei ban escalates the US-China trade war into a tech Cold War

What Are We Getting Wrong about the Trade War?

After Trump's new tariff threat, China may either have to blink or widen the trade war

U.S.-China Trade War Escalates: Trump Ramps Up Tariffs Against China, Rocks Global Stock Markets. By

This is a crucial week for the US-China trade war

What Did You Do in the Trade War, Daddy?

Trump listens during a signing ceremony.

Chinese vice-premier Liu He, left, and US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, shook hands at the latest trade talks but further co-operation is needed ...

After the detention of Meng Wanzhou, Trump's trade war with China is an immediate danger to what remains of global prosperity

With no resolution of the US-China trade war on the horizon, smaller economies like Malaysia are still trying to assess its effects for the region.

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping speak during a joint statement in Beijing

China's leaders are making sure the economy is stable amid trade war

It's not just China: Trump's trade war is raging on several fronts

China has vowed to hit back in kind on goods ranging from American soybeans to pork, which may in turn prompt Trump to raise trade barriers even higher.

... What Is China's Core Economic Interest in Trade War? By Xu Qiyuan. The tighter China holds itself to the U.S. on the global supply chain, the harder

Lessons from the America-Japan Trade War of the 1980s

How the trade war with China could hit you: Higher prices, lost jobs and falling stocks

How the US Can Win Its Trade War With China

Liu He, China's vice-premier, departing negotiations in Washington on Friday after a

Trade Dispute Between U.S. and China Deepens as Beijing RetaliatesTrade Dispute Between U.S. and China Deepens as Beijing Retaliates

India among countries to benefit from US-China trade war: UN. India is among the several ...

Data Sheet—Alibaba's Jack Ma Says U.S.-China Trade War Could Last 20 Years. Here's Why America's Tech Industry Should Worry.

A child sitting on an adult's shoulder is seen among visitors as they flock to a

Could Trade War Lead to the Real Thing?

... Although Chinese state media said Trump reaffirmed US desire for the country's students, the White

Trade Wars and their Effect on the Economy and You

Trump defends trade policies ahead of visit from EU leaders

Is trade war with the U.S. hurting China's economy? | Power & Politics

U.S. – China Trade War: The Reasons Behind and its Impact on the Global Economy | The World Financial Review | Empowering communication globally

The conflict will get worse before it gets better

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds a news conference in Ottawa on June 20, 2018. iPolitics/Matthew Usherwood

German industry panics over US trade war it sees WORST trading since crash. TRADE war threats between the ...

US, China declare trade war ceasefire after Trump-Xi summit | USA News | Al Jazeera

How Trump Could Stumble from a Trade War Into a Real War with China

Members of a Chinese delegation led by Vice Minister of Commerce and Deputy China International Trade Representative Wang Shouwen (2nd R) leave the building ...

What Will the US-China Trade War Mean for Africa?

Trump sits at his desk with his arms crossed while announcing the new trade deal with

The trade dispute is a symptom of wider friction between the world's two leading economies [

Why the US would never win a trade war with China

trump xi china trade war 2x1

'No one is in a position to dictate to the Chinese people what should or. '

The latest trade negotiations failed to resolve key differences. Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne

How the Trade War with China Will Affect the U.S.

RT: Donald Trump US China trader tariffs

Trump tweeted a mix of lies and threats

US-China trade war: is the time ripe for peace to break out?

What are tariffs and how do they affect us?

A New Cold War? Why the U.S. and China Would Both Lose


Global businesses and consumer confidence will be affected by the ongoing trade conflict between the two

Trade war, day 55: China only third priority after NAFTA, EU. Part of the ...