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Adonis apologises for telling Brexiters not to vote Labour in EU

Adonis apologises for telling Brexiters not to vote Labour in EU


Adonis apologises for telling Brexiters not to vote Labour in EU elections

Andrew Adonis

Europhile Labour peer Lord Adonis has apologised for saying that Brexit supporters should not vote for the party.

Lord Adonis said he was “deeply sorry” for telling Brexit backers not to vote

No-deal cash used for anti-Brexit rally

Forget 'Chuka's Chums' – Labour is the real Remainer party

Brexit BLUNDER: Lord Adonis 'deeply sorry' for ordering Brexiteers NOT to vote Labour

The Comments Labour Candidate Lord Adonis Was Forced To Apologise For - LBC

Forget Andrew Adonis's U-turn on Brexit. It's Labour that should really make one

Fury As Corbyn European Elections Leaflet Suggests Labour Backs

Sir Graham Brady urges the PM to support a bid to strip the Irish backstop from her Brexit deal: Brexit News for Friday 26 April

Andrew Adonis

Liam Fox accused of legitimising climate change denial - live news

Dear Leavers, Lord Adonis doesn't want your support, but my Brexit Party certainly does

app-facebook. Andrew Adonis

Andrea Leadsom

HENRY DEEDES sees the wheels spin off Jeremy Corbyn's EU elections launch

Hartley-Brewer dismantles Lord Adonis' bid to stop Brexit – 'been forced to apologise'

Nigel Farage

Brexit latest news: Britain must accept that its empire is dead and buried, leading MEP claims

The Observer view on the Labour manifesto: get off the fence, Mr Corbyn

Labour Remainer FURY as party's own EU elections leaflet suggests Corbyn BACKS Brexit | Politics | News | Express.co.uk

Kate Hoey: Labour to end up with 'carefully crafted Brexit fudge'

MEP candidate Adonis grovels after saying Leavers shouldn't vote Labour

An English version of the draft leaflet at the centre of a dispute within Labour

Theresa May could abandon talks with Labour and hold a fourth Commons vote on her Brexit deal in the next nine days.: Brexit News for Thursday 25 April

Brexit news: Lord Adonis 'deeply sorry' for ordering Brexiteers NOT to vote Labour | UK | News | Express.co.uk

Brexit news - Andrew Adonis Gary Gibbons

Brexit: Lord Adonis 'lives in a world of his own' says Brexiteer · '


Tories plan to vote for Brexit party in EU elections – surveys | Politics | NewsMulti

Andrew Adonis


Anger as Corbyn faces down calls for Labour to back new Brexit vote

Theresa May giving press conference following the last European Council summit

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Lord Adonis

Lord Adonis last month was forced to apologise for suggesting Brexit supporting voters should not vote for Labour ...

Monok - jeremy-corbyn-called-two-faced-after-claiming-second-referendum-could-be-healing-process-while-warning-of- brexit-endless-loop

Nicola Sturgeon's call for second vote on independence DISMANTLED

Decision to expel Alastair Campbell 'not helpful', says Labour MP

Here's your fellow 2nd Referendum cheerleader @Andrew_Adonis switching to Brexit. " - Trendsmap

Andrew Adonis

Adonis apologises for telling Brexiters not to vote Labour in EU elections

European elections 2019: Polls, parties and predictions

Labour Party branch 'voted down motion condemning Pittsburgh synagogue attack'

Brexit party: opera singer and ex-Loaded editor on candidate list

BREXIT LIVE: May CRISIS at cabinet leaks. “

Brexit Party candidate Mike Greene gives a thumbs down as newly elected Labour MP Lisa Forbes

Monok - jeremy-corbyn-called-two-faced-after-claiming-second-referendum-could-be-healing-process-while-warning-of- brexit-endless-loop

2019 European Parliament election in the United Kingdom

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Monok - jeremy-corbyn-called-two-faced-after-claiming-second-referendum-could-be-healing-process-while-warning-of- brexit-endless-loop

Forcing Lord Adonis to accept Brexit shows how terrified Labour is about Nigel Farage

I'm standing for the Brexit Party to stop the EU overturning democracy as they did in my native Denmark

Accept the British Empire is dead and Brexit has failed, top MEP tells Farage and Brexiteers

Lord Adonis for the personal nature of the cartoon (Image: MEN)

Andrew Adonis

The Labour leadership is close to power. In the aftermath of the Prime Minister delaying her Brexit vote last month, it was proven correct not to call for a ...

Monok - jeremy-corbyn-called-two-faced-after-claiming-second-referendum-could-be-healing-process-while-warning-of- brexit-endless-loop

Lord Adonis praises Jeremy Corbyn's 'sensible' Brexit plan

Alastair Campbell's Labour expulsion: How the internet reacted

Brussels official tells Farage, Johnson and Fox to apologise to the British people

Top coverage

Electoral Commission 'misinterpreted' Vote Leave expenses, court rules

Monok - jeremy-corbyn-called-two-faced-after-claiming-second-referendum-could-be-healing-process-while-warning-of- brexit-endless-loop

Chancellor Philip Hammond said on Friday that he was hopeful of clinching a Brexit compromise with the Labour Party to allow the ratification of Prime ...

Corbyn disappoints Labour supporters as he rules out a second referendum

Monok - jeremy-corbyn-called-two-faced-after-claiming-second-referendum-could-be-healing-process-while-warning-of- brexit-endless-loop

Sir Vince Cable, leader of the Liberal Democrats, believes that the only way to

Lord Adonis: Any deal May offers Corbyn 'is not worth the paper it is

Brexit news: Farage lashes out at Lord Adonis and promises 'political revolution' | UK | News | Express.co.uk

Ironic that the loony lord is now calling out Corbyn as the 'saviour'. Adonis has never been much of a fan, coming as he does from the New Labour Blairite ...

Britain will now no longer leave the European Union on the 29th of March. This week MPs first decisively defeated Theresa May's deal, then forced the ...

Shadow minister apologises after 'misunderstanding' in Good Friday Agreement row

Monok - jeremy-corbyn-called-two-faced-after-claiming-second-referendum-could-be-healing-process-while-warning-of- brexit-endless-loop

Nigel Farage during a walkabout and rally in Clacton, Essex, for his Brexit Party

Theresa May's party is facing extensive damage in these elections. Some of her MPs have

Liverpool Protest Demanding 'People's Vote' On Brexit Piles Pressure On Labour. “

Leave Voter In Tears As He Apologises For Backing Brexit

Vote Labour, EU election 2019

We demand a People's Vote so the people of the UK can say they want to

Brexit Party candidate launches FURIOUS attack on 'USELESS' MPs - 'Lets kick them out!'

Lynn Barber 5 May 2019 9:20 AM 5 May 2019 9:20 AM Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email Whatsapp The news over Easter that Lord Adonis, the counterweight to ...

... ungag Andrew Adonis and Remainers standing in the European elections, and back unreservedly a People's Vote with Remain on the ballot.pic.twitter.com/ ...

Noam Chomsky Calls Dem Focus on Russia a 'Huge Gift' to Trump: '

Andrew Adonis says Remain supporters 'misunderstood' his Facebook post | Latest Brexit news and top stories - The New European

Brexit and Angela Merkel's EU Army!

Gerard Batten has said that his position as Ukip leader would be untenable if he were

Tory MP calling for second referendum says Brexit would be 'national suicide'

The local elections will give Theresa May a taste of the brewing Brexit backlash

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is a 'very serious threat' to Labour warns top peer - Mirror Online

Labour Peer Andrew Adonis tells LBC Jeremy Corbyn needs to be clearer about backing Remain

Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party, was filmed saying: “They want

'Leave voters are afraid to talk politics' says Brexit Party's Lucy Harris