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All Federal Prisons in Texas All Places Confinement places and

All Federal Prisons in Texas All Places Confinement places and


This map of the United States shows the location of every Federal Detention Center/Correctional Facility under the direction of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons ...

Almost 75 percent of Texas' more than 100 state-run prisons and jails do

Despite Reforms, Children in Jails Are Still Held in Solitary Confinement

A guard escorts a detainee at a facility in Adelanto, CA, run by the

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Private federal prisons more dangerous, damning DoJ investigation reveals

President Trump Says He Wants to Reform Prisons. His Attorney General Has Other Ideas.

Buried Alive Stories From Inside Solitary Confinement

The Deadly Consequences of Solitary With a Cellmate | The Marshall Project

Father of deceased inmate calls attention to solitary confinement and mental health as inquest nears conclusion

A federal prison ...

Here's How Jeff Sessions Is Preparing To Pack U.S. Prisons With Bodies

Federal Bureau of Prisons

A segregation (solitary confinement) cell at Alger Correctional Facility, where men in the Incentives in Segregation program work their way to placement in ...

Underfunded, Overcrowded State Prisons Struggle With Reform


What happens when prisoners go from complete isolation to complete freedom in a day?

Federal Correctional Institution, Big Spring, in Texas. (Courtesy of the ACLU of Texas)

Types of Prisons

Migrants in Texas's federal prisons subjected to 'shocking abuse'

A prisoner looks out of his solitary confinement cell on the administrative segregation wing of the Ferguson Unit, 1997, outside of Lovelady, Texas.

Texas Ends Solitary Confinement As Punishment, But Still Keeps Thousands Alone In Cells | KUT

A recreation room used by solitary-confinement inmates at the Washington Corrections Center.Ted S. Warren / AP

Bureau of Prisons Changes Home Confinement Pay Policy


The exterior of ADX prison, Florence, Colorado

Law enforcement officials from a wide variety of agencies converge on the Willacy County Correctional Center in Raymondville, Tex., on Feb.

The American criminal justice system adopted the use of solitary confinement in the mid1800's as a

Time drags on at Death Row, USP Terre Haute

Texas' abolishment of solitary confinement pertains only to those prisoners being punished. Some inmates

UPDATED: Private Prisons Are Exempted From Federal Disclosure Laws; Advocates Say That Should Change

Florida is an “outlier” in prison systems across the nation when it comes to the use of solitary confinement, according to a 90-page federal lawsuit filed ...

Solitary Confinement Cell

All Federal Prisons in Texas All Places Leavenworth Prison, Leavenworth Kansas, Kansas Usa,

Supermax prison

In a prison interview, Geremy Sledge talks about his pleas for treatment while in a

A Jail Is Not A Prison: Rethinking Local Criminal Justice

My First Night on Death Row as an Innocent Man

A 2015 report by Human Rights Watch found that mentally ill inmates across the United States are subjected to routine physical abuse by guards.

Most Inmates With Mental Illness Still Wait For Decent Care

Prison Time Surges for Federal Inmates

California Agrees to Overhaul Solitary Confinement in Prisons | Last Days of Solitary | FRONTLINE | PBS | Official Site

Prisons are terrible, and there's finally a way to get rid of them

In this Feb. 25, 2016 file photo, fences with barbed wire are visible

At the Federal Supermax, When Does Isolation Become Torture?

An inmate in solitary confinement at the Val Verde Correctional Facility in Del Rio, Texas

Pie chart showing the number of people locked up on a given day in the United ...

Thomas Silverstein had been serving at the "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado, since 2005.

Jail Abuse Lawyer

A New Study Uncovers Troubling Information About Immigrant-Only Prisons

Doubling Up Prisoners In 'Solitary' Creates Deadly Consequences

Donald Tong / Pexels

A private prison, jail, or detention center is a place in which individuals are physically confined or interned by a third party that is contracted by a ...

What Does Solitary Confinement Do To Your Mind?

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The Federal Correctional Institution, Tallahassee a

Just How White Is 'White-Collar Prison,' and What Does It Really Take to Land Yourself There?


Solitary confinement. Nicole Emily · Place: Dungeons/Prisons · "

The Power Is Back on at Brooklyn Jail, but a Visiting Federal Judge Found Untreated Gunshot Wound, “Black Blotchy Mold,” and Ongoing Crisis

Solitary Confinement: It's Time to End This Punishment in U.S. Prisons | TIME.com

Imagine a place where someone wakes you up, provides you with food, and plans your entire day. Of course, we're talking about prison—but only if you're ...

A Prison Film Made in Prison

A private prison company with a troubled past looks to reopen an immigration detention facility in Texas

How to prepare for emergencies in your correctional facility ahead of time

A series by California Prison Focus (CPF)

How prisons are poisoning their inmates


A federal report just confirmed it: for-profit prisons are more dangerous than public ones

The Bureau of Prisons set higher standards for psychiatric care. But instead of helping more inmates, the agency dropped thousands from its caseload, ...

Robert Riggs Reports From Inside Texas Maximum Security Prisons

Exploited, abused, neglected: Mental illness and solitary confinement in Texas prisons

pA page from Glenn Turner's correspondence with emGQ.emp

Texas prison rehabilitation revolution catches eye of UK justice minister

Does Solitary Confinement Make Inmates More Likely To Reoffend? | Last Days of Solitary | FRONTLINE | PBS | Official Site


On Wednesday, August 9, 2017, inmates held at the Wallace Pack Unit, a state prison about 75 miles northwest of Houston, will temporarily be moved to air- ...

image by Jared Rodriguez / Truthout Deadly heat, unsafe water, black mold, and cockroaches plague prisoners at many Texas prisons.

Solitary confinement in the Ramsey unit in Huntsville, 1968.