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Almost 7years and still countingIm a constant work in progress

Almost 7years and still countingIm a constant work in progress






6 Reasons To Stop Counting Calories + 11 Things To Do Instead




How to Land Remote Job This Weekend


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Nasal symptoms and affect on work performance.

Up until four years ago, I lived my life in a constant struggle. I still do, except now I see the beauty and gift that comes from the art of the struggle.

This solar system of seven Earth-sized planets may be the best place to look for alien life - The Verge

Why job prospects in IT outsourcing will only get worse in the coming years before they get better

By October, your summer tan is probably almost gone, but a glance in the mirror may still show some darkened patches on your skin that seem to be sticking ...

Dwelling Melb


Why Do I Sneeze at the Same Time Every Day?

Buried Alive: Stories From Inside Solitary Confinement

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This Is How It Feels to Live with Severe Anxiety

You are not alone: student stories of mental health | Education | The Guardian

Almost a year ago, all of this started by accident.

papaya symbolizing women's egg supply


4 Reasons You're Scared to Start the Job Search (and Why You're Looking at Them All Wrong)

From elementary school to adulthood, the ugly truth behind my beauty…


5 Signs of Spiritual Maturity…That Actually Show You Lack It

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Why Your Sinus Headache Is Almost Definitely A Migraine

FORE! Reflections from our Drive for Diagnosis Golf Classic

How to Fix a Mac That's Running Slow

10 Predictions About the Future Church and Shifting Attendance Patterns

What's gone wrong at Everton? Problems facing Marco Silva

The hip pain six doctors couldn't diagnose

What do parents get out of school reports? Flickr

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Poor working memory skills are relatively commonplace in childhood, and have a substantial advance impact on children's learning. This article describes the ...

7 Life-Learnings from 7 Years of Brain Pickings, Illustrated

International Monetary Fund headquarters, Washington, D.C.

The letters are going home in school bags all over the country - head lice are

FIGURE 3.1 U.S. employment rates for different occupational categories. SOURCE: P. Restrepo, 2015, “Skill Mismatch and Structural Unemployment,” ...

Manufacturing, R&D Colocation Shines at First Solar's Perrysburg Plant

Population growth in Africa: grasping the scale of the challenge


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8 Myths About Annuities in Retirement

April 30, 2019

This Guy Can Teach You How to Memorize Anything


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September 11, 2018 - Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - 11 September 2018 - Pittsburgh


Tej, like me, started as an intern, but now leads all of our civic engagement initiatives at the organization. He believes strongly in young people and ...

Heart Attack Recovery FAQs

It is now. It is not.

Night shift from hell: my mistake almost cost someone their life

Questioning begins as early as 6am and doesn't stop until bedtime

Could your kid's messy handwriting or trouble sitting still be traced back to those innate reflexes they had as infants? Here's what you need to know about ...

Pregnancy Ruined My Hair—And a Year Later I'm Still Pissed