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Alpha star of the scorpio constellation Yes I have a weird anthro

Alpha star of the scorpio constellation Yes I have a weird anthro


Alpha star of the scorpio constellation. Yes, I have a weird anthro character of star, lmao.

Sky Map (star chart): 2018 December. Four evenings to follow the moon!

... taurus-gospel in the stars constellation

dogon star system | The Sirius star system, ancient Egypt, the Dogon, and quantum physics .

The globular cluster NGC 1851. Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, ...

25 brightest stars in the night sky Star Facts, Planetary Science, Galaxy Space,

Yes, you can see the Milky Way

I noticed this star when researching for a post on radical activist Jack Reed in 2010 -Reed, Reds and Radicals,


Fleeing_serpent Mazzaroth Gospel in the stars Hydra

Scorpio men are known for being mysterious, which can leave those around them feeling frustrated

Back to my anthro star characters: Shaula and Lesath are the two stars of the

Wayne Herschel - Author - The Hidden Records - discovered 35 ancient star map cases around the world showing human origins from one of three sun stars near ...

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It's in the southern claw (or south scale) of the scorpion in constellation of Libra.

Gospel in the Stars Part 2 of 3

planetary nebula in perseus constellation,m76

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The Queen Cassiopeia, wife of king Cepheus of Æthiopia, was beautiful but also arrogant and vain; these latter two characteristics led to her downfall.

A Further Examination of the Gospel in the Stars

Astrological interpretations for most of those stars, if found to be tightly conjunct a natal personal planet, or important point, are available online.

447 Zodiac Tattoo Ideas To Show The World Who You Are



29 Stunning Capricorn Tattoos To Impress

29 Stunning Capricorn Tattoos To Impress

Artist's impression of the planet around Alpha Centauri B. Credit: ESO

the zodiacs based on the constellations on certain times in a year. Picture taken in OUROBOROS PONDEROSA (go visit! their blog is awesome!)

Scorpio 2018 New Moon Astrology Chart

447 Zodiac Tattoo Ideas To Show The World Who You Are

The Polaris star system, as seen within the Ursa Minor constellation and up close.

Scorpio-Taurus Wesak Full Seasonal Blue Flower Moon Astrology Chart!

Scorpio 2018 Full Hunter's Moon Astrology Chart

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Betelgeuse, as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope. Credit: NASA

Don't be fooled by your Scorpio man's seemingly prickly demeanor; he's probably just



Scorpio Woman Butterfly Stars Transformation Jozef Klopacka



funny people create serious work, serious people create funny work. the latter is seldom

Close up of the Praesepe (Messier 44) open star cluster.


Artist's conception of the Epsilon Indi system showing Epsilon Indi and its brown-dwarf binary

... shouldn't spend too much time fretting and worrying about the future. “Don't worry about tomorrow,” Jesus tells us.[5] God's got it under control. Yes ...


Origins of the Zodiac

The two brightest stars of the Scorpion are Antares (the Heart) and Shaula (the Stinger). If the constellation was drawn by connecting these two stars ...

Time Quarry, a Clifford D. Simak novel serialised in Galaxy Science Fiction Novels

Aldebaran “

click on it for clearer view

This theme continued in the New Testament where these symbols denoted the four evangelists. Matthew is the winged man, Mark is the Lion, Luke is the bull or ...

m34,open cluster in perseus

This formation of Orion happens during Winter Solstice(Dec-Jan), Arudra Darshan is celebrated and Shiva is represented as Nataraj.

The Scorpius Constellation

Cetus, as represented by Sidney Hall in this card from Urania's Mirror (1825). Credit: Library of Congress/Sidney Hall

perseus a,giant elliptical galaxy


24 Oct

That clip came from HERE, the passage continues (taken from my own copy of Oken's book)

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Table ...

Planet Parade: Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn, Mars to All Line Up this Weekend

Scotus_Milky Way_2019-02-19_084048.jpg

The Pleiades by Elihu Vedder (1885). Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.



The Andromeda galaxy is a collection of about a trillion stars, 2.5 million light years from Earth. Image credit: Adam Evans [CC-BY-2.0 ...

Comet passed from the dragon-constellation to the bull-head of Taurus.

Perseus ...

William Bacon's Home Page/The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence sub/page

5. Meteorite hits moon exact minute of 2019 eclipse


Today, the average adult cannot tell the names of the stars or the constellations that map out our night sky. Some can point to the North Star and make out ...

Polaris is a multiple star system. The graphic shows the supergiant Polaris A, accompanied

Solstice Full Moon


Milky Way

are four candidates: Sirius, Rigel, Antares, í3 C.Ma. TABLE

This artist's conception illustrates a Jupiter-like planet alone in the dark of space, floating freely without a parent star. Astronomers recently uncovered ...


Color image of the Coronet Australis Nebula, taken by NASA's WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer). Credit: NASA/Caltech

It concerns “the mystery of the Eucharist/Mass”. (Note: I have not taken the time to outline this specific image as I did with Islam.)

gk persei,supernova

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Oil Is Mastery

... must seem like a huge misnomer since this asterism remains on view after darkness falls in late December. Look for Vega, the fifth-brightest star in the ...



fully realised, for the sun having moved south continuously for 6 months makes it to its lowest point in the sky.