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Applying for asylum in the US takes on average 6 months 2

Applying for asylum in the US takes on average 6 months 2


Applying for asylum in the US takes, on average, 6 months, 2 interviews and one big decision - CNN

Asylum Seekers Face New Restraints Under Latest Trump OrdersAsylum Seekers Face New Restraints Under Latest Trump Orders


Chaldean Americans protest against the seizure of family members by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents during a rally outside the Mother of God ...

Beyond family separation: Trump's ongoing war on asylum, explained

Trump administration activates new asylum crackdown; potentially valid claims could be denied

A total of 10,552 people were waiting more than six months for their asylum process to

FILE PHOTO: A migrant, part of a caravan of thousands traveling from Central America en route to the United States, tries to look at U.S. border patrol ...


What's Really Happening When Asylum-Seeking Families Are Separated?

Migrants from Honduras arrive at a migrant hostel in Piedras Negras, Mexico, hoping to be taken in as they wait to apply for asylum in the United States on ...

Mexico denies deal with US on asylum seekers at border

Marlen Xiomara Moya cries as she embraces her sobbing son Gael Moya, 6, and her son Anderson Moya, 8, left, in mylar blankets, as they wait to be processed ...

Asylum in the Trump Era

Asylum seekers walk down Roxham Road to cross into Quebec at the U.S.-Canada border

This family received asylum after fleeing Venezuela for the US. Peter Andrew Bosch/Miami Herald/Getty

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A Burundian refugee family outside their home in Boise, Idaho.

Chart showing the top ten countries of origin for asylum seekers in the UK for the

Applying for asylum in the US takes, on average, 6 months, 2 interviews and one big decision #divorce

The Associated Press

Reality check: How the U.S. asylum process works

The Stories of Migrants Risking Everything for a Better Life

A migrant child looks out the window of a bus as protesters try to block a

A man and a child peer out a window of a building. Next to them


Asylum seekers 'could contribute £42m to UK' if work rules relaxed

Under international law, the US cannot ban asylum seekers from specific countries

A waiting room for asylum seekers in Germany

U.N. reaffirms refugees' right to seek asylum in U.S.

Bars to Applying for Asylum

Over 3,000 people will be eligible for the new scheme which will allow asylum seekers take up temporary and permanent positions.

10 things to know about refugees and asylum in Germany

How to apply

Ellie Kisyombe, from Dublin, at a United Against Racism rally and march calling for

A van is seen on a road in front of Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau on Dec. 2, 2015. | REUTERS

A refugee child at the Berlin administration facility for health and social welfare waits to receive

2 Women Granted Asylum in the U.S. for Domestic Abuse on Why They Risked Coming Here

Razor wire and a concrete barrier stand in front of the U.S.-Mexico border marker

For Migrants in Mexico, the Wait 'Could Be a Week, Two Weeks, a Month'For Migrants in Mexico, the Wait 'Could Be a Week, Two Weeks, a Month'

Trump administration to suspend asylum for people who cross border illegally

People sleep on the street to be able to request asylum in Madrid.

Hassan Kotnar

A migrant woman ties her hair outside her tent at a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico April 6, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Jasso

Caught in limbo, Central American asylum-seekers are left waiting on a bridge over the Rio Grande

A civic group working on behalf of refugees speaks to reporters and demands a fair review for refugee applicants in front of the Human Rights Commission in ...

The Home Office has previously said that it aims to decide straightforward asylum applications within six

Border Agents Are Using a New Weapon Against Asylum Seekers

People fleeing persecution have the right to seek asylum

Break with past responses to global refugee surges

Border: The migration crisis and the Trump administration's response, explained - Vox

Desperate Asylum-Seekers Are Being Turned Away by U.S. Border Agents Claiming There's “No Room”

The chart shows the top EU countries receiving asylum applications in 2016. UK had sixth

Corner house

Nearly 90% of people pass the US “credible fear” test for refugees

Haitian asylum seeker 'living in hell' 6 months after deportation from Quebec

Central American migrants

Many U.S.-bound caravan migrants disperse as asylum process stalls - Reuters

Indicative flows through the UK asylum system, where outcomes known, 2012 to 2014 data

Hope and anguish in a Mexican refugee shelter: Researcher records stories of Central American asylum seekers

Asylum Seekers Face New Restraints Under Latest Trump Orders - The New York Times

Fact Sheet: U.S. Immigration and Central American Asylum Seekers

A U.S. Border Patrol agent walks near the secondary fence separating San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. (Gregory Bull/AP)

2,550 US citizens applied for asylum in Canada in 2017. That's more than 6 times as many as in 2016

A refugee squat in an abandoned factory on Lesbos, Greece, where dozens of asylum

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US immigrants make sub-zero trek for slim chance at asylum in Canada

From Angola to Portland, a migrant family's treacherous journey to freedom

Hear Abdul's Story

Asylum in the United States: An Overview

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Honduran asylum seekers enter the U.S. at San Diego's Otay Mesa port of entry, as seen from Tijuana, Mexico, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018.

Hungary Reduces Number Of Asylum-Seekers It Will Admit To 2 Per Day

The final 150 members of the caravan arrived from Central America Thursday night, totaling around

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The chart shows the number of asylum applications made between 2001 and the latest calendar year


People take photos of the Statue of Liberty.

Hear Rahmat's Story

Asylum in the United States for Unaccompanied Children

Law students head to southern US border to help asylum-seekers

Yearbook 2016

People entering the United States walk past asylum-seeking immigrants from Guatemala and Cuba who wait in the middle of the bridge between Matamoros, ...

MISSION, TX - JUNE 12: U.S. Border Patrol agents take into custody a father

Cover - Tell Me About: Bridging Visas for Asylum Seekers

Hypothetical 2: Duriel Entered on 6-month tourist visa.

Population by ancestry, Sweden 2002–2011

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6) The US can make it easier to apply for refugee status from home — but they have to keep offering asylum, too

Families hoping to seek asylum in the United States wait on the bridge connecting Reynosa,

Getty/David McNewMembers of a caravan of Central Americans walk from Mexico to the U.S. side of the border to ask authorities for asylum on April 29, 2018, ...