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Awesome to catch up after so long dutch1578 I feel like there

Awesome to catch up after so long dutch1578 I feel like there


Awesome to catch up after so long!! @dutch1578 I feel like there must

Just a Thursday PSA📢This is my hair 6 hours in: 100% humidity

It's hardly considered work when I get to hang with my #elemisangels 😇

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Sending blessings, love, and wishes for the happiest

A Wonderful Wednesday Night Out!! Family, Friends and GREAT MUSIC!! #

...and then one day your ❤ walks out the front door and .

🐣🌸🐇Feeling festive in @urbandecaycosmetics #hifishinelipgloss #247glidelipliner #bittersweet @joytalentagency

#schoolbusblues #minime this kid, man. More and more like me everyday.

The look I give my husband when he makes a move for the last Girl Scout

Regrann from @undefeated_podcast - Make sure you DM us with your answers (show pic

Regrann from Go Follow @undefeated_podcast - I'm not going to go back and

Shooting a commercial: today I'm a #youngexecutive with my “new recruit

Last year I created my own Meat Loaf meme inspired by a similar whisky post of

#Truth #ShelliMarie #RoseCityInk #CEO #Publisher #Editor #Author #UrbanFiction

From #vampire to #sunkissedgoddess ☀ Just returned from a glorious weekend in @

Week 3 of school & buses are still screwed up. 1.5 hour afternoon bus ride

...and I love great skin. #marvelousMonday The lovely @emergillenelemisqvc will .

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Great day with @Carolyn n_gracie @Carolyn gracieqvc @sheilaalasha and the AMAZING Stan Herman

If you don't believe in #magic, you will after you see this

Connecting w/@naturenurturebeauty You need To L💛VE Yourself. This Much.

Monday Vibes #ShelliMarie #RoseCityInk #CEO #Publisher #Editor #Author #UrbanFiction

#Repost Model: @angelaperymonmodel with @get_repost ・・・ It's a wrap on

Couldn't get a great time, but got more distance. Moving forward!

Great day with @lorigoldstein @kerstin.lindquist 🌟Thank you @debbiedewittart @jacquithom

Going into the weekend like😀🍻🍹🍾🎈 @maurice_ljkmk #weekend#girlsonthegrind

QVC Studio Park ...

So stoked to be featured on the cover of two American Standard catalogs and at #

QVC Studio Park ReportShareDownload34166. This hair ...

Before even breakfast this morning he was checking the mountain

#meatloaf #butiwontdothat #lovemesomemeatloaf #cardioishardio #cardio🏃 #idratherlift🏋 ♀

Great Evening on set with @susangraverstyle @albertipopaj 🌞wonderful crew, models and stylists

desiree.pascal. Loved working with my girl @julissa_guillen for #riteaid👩🏻

OYOY - Spielteppich Adventure - Baumwolle - L180 x B70 cm

Hercules Fighting Fury and Discord CHRISTOFFEL JEGHER (DUTCH, 1578–1652) 1633-

Thank you for all the love @ivit_ivit ! Shout out to Brooklyn, Crown Heights

Treasure X Adventure Pack – 2 Pack

So much fun modeling at @bloomingdales for the @eileenfisherny event


Bank holiday weekend note to self 👀😂 #weekend #weekendvibes #bankhol #bankholidayweekend

We've come a long way, baby! #dontstopbelieving #dreambig @dutch1578

The most delicious and amazing two people in my life who make me wake up and

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Temperature check 🤒They feeling sick & Im hot like a lit cigarette 📸@

The look I give my husband when he makes a move for the last Girl Scout

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we'

Always a major score when the insta famous stylist assigned to me is @thehairstylish ❤

Heracles fighting Nemaean Lion. " you never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have

A few shots from the BW Nice event #theredshoe 👠A

♡Being a psyche head is quite different♡ . . . . . . . #psychedelic #acid #safe #weed #420 #LSD #DMT #Pothead #responsible #onlyontheweekend ...

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When you get put on the spot in the middle of the ceremony, to sing

A male personification of the element (as Jupiter), riding an eagle to right and holding thunderbolts and lightning bolts; after Dirk Bernardsz.

#iwoulddoanythingforlove #butiwontdothat #nobuttstuffforme #exitonly 👍🏻💯😂

I love it when people find out that I don't get paid when someone

LITTLE DUTCH 1578 Kinder-Decke pure & soft adventure blau Gr. 110x140 cm

#nowplaying #shimon #thepredator #withinreason #ramrecords #jungle #junglist #dnb

Dear Winter, I think it's time I started seeing other seasons. Also, Summer

I love doors that close, means you'

🧣🧤It's so bloody cold; I'm trying to think warm thoughts 🕶

Got these bad boys today. Pretty sure the dude at the record store thought I

With all of this snow, Mason and Natalie are hoping for a snow day tomorrow

On my way home from dropping the boys off this morning , I see the Big

I hope you feel beautiful today .... Muse and Makeup: @tinao_

Photo Album Scrapbook, Our Adventure Book 12x9 Inches Handmade Photo Albums DIY Family Scrapbook DIY


Gotta love a good brow! Getting ready for my last show of the day on

Yes, riding the bus is COOL! Up until you get your driver's license.

Scrapbook Albums, LUNIQI Embossed Letter Cover Our Adventure Book, Hand Made DIY Collecting Photoes

I only have 3 get yours while you can!! & it's a price you

#iwoulddoanythingforlove #meatloaf #marvinaday #batoutofhell #songlyrics #wonderoftheword #idiomproof #idiomproofredux

Jacob de Backer, c.1555-c.1585, Flemish, The Last Judgment, 16th century. Oil on canvas, 115 x 93 cm. Northern Mannerism.

desiree.pascal. Friday is going to be #magical 🧚 ♀️Join us

Toy Adventure Childhome Sac à Langer pour bébé Motif bébé Moderne Multicolore 55 x 30 x

I thought lemme post the full makeup look, what you think ? Also finally I

#tbt to that *one* time I attempted to cook meatloaf (of all

For a lucky young lady this evening! We can do out of hours flowers at

Love Carson's new song 💜 Love you carson 💛 Tag Carson in the comments ! @

Check out our film on Amazon Prime, called The Karma Club. It's a lil

Nicole has us feeling a happy kind of BLUE today!! 🦋💙 #Qvcmodel


Repost from @spicylooksgh Makeup is a Powerful way to Effectively Reveal Something Unique about Your

Coming into #May like 💪🏼👑 #itsgonnabeagoodone #yourearockstar

It gives itself away for a single wish.

Aolvo Baby Play Mat Gaming Playmat Tappeto, 70 x 180 cm, Misura XL,

It's been fun Cali, I've missed you like a good friend 🌴 #

The kindest words my father said to me Women like you drown oceans -rupi kaur

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It's here! Our Special Item for the Month of February! Calla Couture's Sterling Silver

Mr. Welfare - Order your own museum quality prints through RequestAPrint! #art #

We wish you a good start into the new week. But first have amazing days

Any day I'm @tweakdbynature is a marvelous day!

20 x Lingettes Bébé MICROFIBRES par Little Gubbins | Paquet de lingettes sèches et non-

You got to go down a lot of wrong roads to find the right one #datinjahofficial #mylife 🤴👸🐈 #lifequotes #onthejob #kkb

My simple every day makeup it's nothing special but I feel it is a striking yet

Media by cratefulmomuae: Who doesn't already have one of these 😍? We

Myths: The Witch FS II 261 is a signed print for sale by artist Andy Warhol from a edition of Printed on Lenox Museum Board with diamond dust.

I got home the other day to find this

Uranus God | The Greek god Uranus is an example of the ancient peoples .

As a parent you think you would do absolutely anything for your child but today that