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Bag with human remains found in Cyprus lake A GreekCypriot army

Bag with human remains found in Cyprus lake A GreekCypriot army


Forensic officers, rescuers and divers retrieve a suitcase, which police say contains a female

Fourth victim found in Cyprus serial killer case

A woman's body was found in a suitcase in a man-made lake in Cyprus

Investigators pull the suitcase from a boat after finding it at the bottom of a quarry

Members of the Cyprus Special Disaster Response Unit are seen in boat as they search for

A suitcase containing the remains of a woman, believed to be one of seven victims of a suspected serial killer, has been discovered at the bottom of a lake ...

Cyprus: Remains of sixth suspected serial killer victim found in lake

cyprus serial killer

Cyprus Special Disaster Response Unit investigators carry a covered suitcase on a stretcher after it was retrieved from a man-made lake near the village of ...

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Police officers, rescuers and divers retrieve a suitcase from the lake (Image: STRINGER/EPA-EFE/REX)

Divers and robotic cameras were called in to search the lake (Pic: REUTERS)

Suitcase containing human remains discovered in toxic lake in Cyprus

Body in suitcase pulled from lake is linked to serial killer Nikos Metaxas

A SECOND suitcase containing decomposing human remains ...

Fire-fighters and investigators are searching the Red Lake in Mitsero using robotic equipment to

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — A Cypriot army captain who confessed to killing seven foreign women and girls will remain in custody after a court on Monday approved ...

Cyprus mulls draining lake in hunt for serial killings victim


A Greek Cypriot army officer has reportedly confessed to murdering seven foreign women and girls on

This undated and unlocated picture taken from a Facebook page allegedly shows 35-year-

Bag with human remains found in Cyprus lake: A Greek-Cypriot army officer has confessed to killing seven women and girls, all of foreign…

MITSERO, Cyprus — Cypriot investigators hunting for victims of a suspected serial killer retrieved a suitcase containing the decomposing remains of a ...

Police recovered the remains of a fourth victim of a suspected serial killer in Cyprus where the search for bodies continued Monday after a string of grisly ...

“I visited the red lake in June 2017 and filmed a video about our experience there. It felt eerie there but I did not see anything completely out of the ...

Cyprus police search for victims of suspected serial killer

A woman casts her ballot in Limassol, Cyprus. Photo: Reuters

In the meantime, photographs of suitcases and other items dumped in the red lake have been making the social media rounds over the last few days.

CMP unearths human remains in Engomi, Famagusta

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Nicos Theodosiou named new interim Greek Cypriot CMP representative, replacing outgoing rep Nestoras Nestoros


A robotic camera yesterday detected two suitcases in the lake and the search continues for a third suitcase.

Maintaining the status quo in the long term would lead to the complete Turkification of Cyprus

Fifth victim of Cyprus serial killer found in suitcase

It was a suitcase that contained the remains of a missing victim of a serial killer.

The discovery is the fourth body to have been found

Five female migrant workers in Cyprus stand in solidarity, holding a banner that reads "

'It's hard to take in': how Cyprus serial killings left country reeling | World news | The Guardian

Europe · Human remains of another victim of 'Cyprus serial killer' found

Unficyp soldiers delivering food to Greek Cypriot villagers in Rizokarpaso

'It's hard to take in': how Cyprus serial killings left country reeling

They allegedly tortured Greek Cypriots by stubbing cigarettes out on their rectums

Exclusion of women and older applicants for army posts was 'discriminatory'

Bodies of 3 Filipina domestic workers killed by Greek Cypriot officer already found

Man suspected of Cyprus serial killings 'has confessed in writing'

FOREIGNPOLICY.COM: When Berat Albayrak, Turkey's finance minister and the son-in-law of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced on May 12 that his ...

North says Turkish Cypriot alleged spy was planning to hand over military photos to Greek Cypriot contact

Remains of Greek fallen handed over (Updated)

Cyclone Fani : l'Inde évite le pire grâce à des évacuations massives

The alleged killer was seen at the lake with police officers (Pic: REUTERS)

Search for bodies in lakes to continue on Sunday, if nothing is located

Officers have a harrowing task on Sunday to retrieve suitcases believed to hold serial killer's victim remains

Wessex FM - News - Cyprus serial killer: Suitcase with woman's remains inside removed from toxic lake

Cyprus forensic police officers probe the Red Lake southwest of the capital Nicosia where the body

A diver enters a lake to search for female bodies in the near village of Xiliatos

Soldiers look at part of the Noratlas plane that was shot down by friendly fire during

Un avión de pasajeros acaba sobre un río en Florida sin causar víctimas mortales

Officers were led to the lake by Metaxas, who was seen there on Sunday

'My nightmare at Paphos airport'

Police in Cyprus recovered a second suitcase containing decomposing human remains Sunday from a contaminated lake where a military officer who confessed to ...

Cyprus 'serial killer' Captain Nicos Metaxas appears in court as police retrieve fifth body | South China Morning Post

North Korea 'test fires short-range missiles'

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At 1:24 (in the Youtube video below) Sarah Funk even says "It just feels like death, you know what I mean?"

Divers retrieve a suitcase containing one of Metaxas' victims from the highly toxic Kokkinopezoula Lake

Hemeti: The warlord who may control Sudan's future

The investigation continues on the island (Image: CEN)


Another search is also taking place about eight miles west of Misteros, where a diver so far came empty handed while searching the lakebed of Memi lake in ...

CMP archaeologist Güliz Bürüncük scans for signs of a burial as an excavator removes dirt in

Do you identify as Cypriot, Greek, or Greek Cypriot? (VIDEO)

OVER the past two years, 22 women from the Philippines have gone missing in Cyprus. A 35-year-old man, Nicos Metaxas, has so far confessed to the killing ...

Third suitcase believed to contain Maricar's remains has been located at the red lake

NICOSIA: Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades on Friday (May 3) sacked the country's police chief, as shock over the murders of seven foreign women and ...

A police truck, rear left, carrying a body where found after Cypriot investigators and

Police back to the drawing board in Mitseros mine after underwater search in lake yields nothing

Women hold candles at a vigil for the murdered women

search in cyprus 'red lake'

Rose's loved ones found her home messed up shortly before realising she was missing

Did a fig tree grow out of the remains of a Turkish Cypriot man missing since 1974?

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'It's hard to take in': how Cyprus serial killings left country reeling | World news | The Guardian

Court issues fresh remand against self-confessed serial killer

Protesters in Cyprus

Cyprus forensic police search a suspected dump site in Memi Lake in the village of Xyliantos

Nicos Metaxas has confessed to killing the women and girls

Sonar sweeping Mitsero lake Monday for signs of third suitcase

Photo of a lake in Falkenhagen