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Been considering climbing Mt Kinabalu Read all about why you

Been considering climbing Mt Kinabalu Read all about why you


Been considering climbing Mt. Kinabalu? Read all about why you should say yes to


If you've been thinking of getting to the top of arguably the most famous mountain in Southeast Asia, Mt. Kinabalu, then you've probably done some research ...

Mount Kinabalu in Sabah


A woman stands with her arms in the air on the top of Mt Kinabalu

Climbing Mount Kinabalu


The Long Way Up: Experience Climbing Mt. Kinabalu

Climbing Mount Kinabalu

trekking mount kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu via Ferrata – Low's Peak Circuit

Hiking Mount Kinabalu: Essential Tips for Mastering Malaysia's Highest Peak

What it's actually like to climb the via ferrata on Mt Kinabalu

Lina in a meditative resting state

At the top of Mount Kinabalu (Image: Ross Jennings)

How to Climb Mt. Kinabalu in One Day

A Long Read – Borneo: Conquering Mount Kinabalu

... I have successfully climbed Mount Kinabalu! The view from Kinabalu Park on a fine clear morning

Mount Kinabalu, home of the world's highest via ferrata

I can't emphasize how important this is, you will really need proper trek shoes with good grip when climbing Mount Kinabalu, especially if you're doing the ...

But our real reason to come here was to explore the upper regions of the mountain with it's vast amount of exposed granite and dozens of peaks.

Three Britons among tourists stranded on Mount Kinabalu after quake in Malaysian Borneo

via ferrata guide kinabalu -

One experience you have to have in Malaysia is climbing Mt Kinabalu!


Climbers on Mount Kinabalu in this file photo. Photo: Charlotte Travel

Let's Climb Mount Kinabalu Photo

Mount Kinabalu banner.jpg

Mount Kinabalu: Conquering South East Asia's Highest Mountain. A Guide to climbing Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia. #Kinabalu #MountKinabalu #Borneo #Malaysia ...

Mount Kinabalu: Climbing ...

Mount Kinabalu Trek 2D/1N

Tips from the Banker: The Cost of Travel in Malaysian Borneo

This is not compulsory, but i would say it's definitely a must have if you're doing the Ferrata. Read our Ferrata experience here!

Let's Climb Mount Kinabalu Photo

2D1N Mount Kinabalu Climb ...

I was assigned to a gay guide together with 6 Malay guys, some of them were quite visibly military fanatics.

Try hiking or climbing for a refreshing weekend getaway

Out of My Comfort Zone in Borneo: 6 Lessons You Can Learn on the Trip of a Lifetime

Mt Kinabalu lures rising number of climbers

Climbing Mount Kinabalu 2nd Time after 11 Years

The climb of Mt Kinabalu through Timpohon Gate starts with walking downhill. It is a short walk until you reach a waterfall. This is probably the best ...

Fitness. Some crazies climb Kinabalu ...


I found these two very funny articles sharing their experience of climbing Mt Kinabalu from Teun and Derek. Teun is a Dutch.

3D2N Budget Mount Kinabalu Climb Via Timpohon Trail

Mount KInabalu · Via Ferrata Walk the Torq

This could be by far one of the top reasons to visit Mount Kinabalu. All you adrenaline junkies or those of you who are looking for an opportunity to ...

... of our itinerary in Borneo, especially since we were travelling with all of our hiking gear. From the reviews, it sounded like we were going to need it!

A journey armed with courage | New Straits Times | Malaysia General Business Sports and Lifestyle News

TRAVEL MALAYSIA: Climbing Mount Kinabalu - A first-climber's guide


Mount Kinabalu

A woman wearing a blue beanie on the top of a mountain

Ascending Mt Kinabalu (4095m), the highest mountain of South East Asia, was for me an experience of a lifetime. I hesitated for a long time before I decided ...

{Hiking Series} Mount Kinabalu (4,095m): Highest mountain in Malaysia Tickets, Thu 13 Jun 2019 at 7:00 AM | Eventbrite

Mt. Kinabalu

On the island of Borneo, Mount Kinabalu (or Gunung Kinabalu) is 50 kilometers (30+ miles) away from the capital city of the East Malaysian Sabah state known ...

Mount Kinabalu from the starting point of the climb. She's a daunting image, considering I needed to get to the peak!

Malaysian authorities evacuated 239 people from Mount Kinabalu's Panalaban plateau, including 130 climbers. Photo


Highlights Of Sabah & Mt Kinabalu

It had been a steamy couple of days in Kota Kinabalu, the ocean breeze just enough to offer some respite from the humidity. We were ready to escape, ...

Sunrise from Low's Peak. Photos: Phillippa Stewart

That's the second highest peak on Mount Kinabalu in the background. I'd spent most of my time before sunrise trying to find a good angle to shoot it, ...

Back in April this year, the five blokes at The Fifth Person decided to take a trip to Sabah, Malaysia, to scale Mount Kinabalu.

Everything seemed perfectly fine in the beginning. We started off from Timpohon Gate quite in flying colors and the weather seemed so much co-operative.

Spend some time with the nature and embark on a journey of flora fauna discovery to add more fun to your experience in the mountain.


Borneo wildlife holiday with Mt. Kinabalu climb

Kinabalu mountain 'nudists': Tourists in Malaysia court

Finally, I can now cross the mighty Mt Kinabalu off my bucket list!

Malaysia earthquake: 13 confirmed deaths as stranded climbers rescued from atop Mount Kinabalu


Climb Mount Kinabalu Awesome views on the Kinabalu Park.

... view of mount kinabalu on a sunny day

Human Resource Minister M.Kulasegaran is seen with other tourists as he made his way to Low's Peak the highest point of Mount Kinabalu on Sunday (Feb 24).

Fulfill your desire for adventure!

Tips for climbing Mount Kinabalu

Big smiles from the group before the climb up Mount Kinabalu (in the background).


Not impossible but do prepare for this... - Mount Kinabalu

Australian climber Vee Jin Dumlao was atop Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu when a magnitude-6.0 earthquake hit. When her group was left stranded by rescue ...

Climb Kinabalu / Kinabalu Mountain can be difficult so make sure you train hard.

Gorgeous sunray hitting the mountain

Alex ...

summit Mount Kinabalu

The aptly-named Donkey's Ears on top of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo