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Being struckby an object is one of the leading causes of fatalities

Being struckby an object is one of the leading causes of fatalities


Struck-by fatalities most prevalent in construction industry: report | 2017-08-03 | Safety+Health Magazine

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Chart 38a

In the U.S., an estimated 2.8 million people were treated for a traumatic brain injury in 2013. Leading causes ...

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Being struck-by an object is one of the leading causes of fatalities in the construction industry today. In addition to workers taking precautions to avoid ...

Figure 1: Highway crashes, followed by being struck by an object, were the leading causes of fatalities in the industry in the US from 2003 to 2009.

2 How serious is the problem? Dropped Objects are among the Top 10 causes of Fatality ...

... Being struck by falling objects. Statistics Construction workers Leading causes of death

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The leading causes of deaths and injuries on construction sites are falls, followed by being struck by an object, electrocution and being ...

Chart 38b

The top five injury causes – overexertion, falls on same level, falls to lower level, struck by object or equipment and other exertions or bodily reactions ...

Job Site Safety: 12 Hazards that Cause Injuries and Deaths

The sixth annual National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction will take place

Chart 38c

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Struck By / Against

One of the leading — and most preventable — causes of workplace fatalities is being struck by objects. Whether it is falling, flying, swinging/slipping or ...

ISEA Leads Industry Action on Preventing Workplace Fatalities from Dropped Objects

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Causes of deaths graphic ...

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Falls continued to be the top contributor of workplace deaths — with 23 fall-related fatalities last year — and they make up 35 per cent of overall ...

According to OSHA, the leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites were falls, struck-by-object, electrocutions and caught-in/between.

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4 Main Causes of Fatalities in Construction  Falling from a height; (approx

The Top 4 Causes Of Construction Safety Accidents

From age 15 to 24, being struck by or against objects (not including vehicles) is the leading cause of unintentional injury resulting in an emergency room ...

1. Logging workers > Fatal injuries in 2016: 135.9

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Set of safety signs and symbols of fatal hazards, The fatal four, The leading causes of worker injuries and deaths in industry.

Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations 6th Edition IFSTA Test Bank

Leading Causes of Construction Worker Deaths

Test bank for essentials of fire fighting and fire department operations 6th edition by ifsta by Spilker111 - issuu

Learn about dropped object prevention in the new NLG Dropped Objects Handbook

I. Leading Methods of Suicide

causes of highway construction site injuries

Top 4 Causes of Construction Accidents According to the Bureau of labor Statistics, about 150,000 Falling objects ...

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Combating Worker Deaths in the Construction Industry | ConstructConnect.com

Injury Deaths

Top Tips to Prevent 'Struck By' Injuries in the Workplace


Among leading causes of deaths and other injuries at construction sites are falls, followed by electrocution, being struck by an object and being ...

Contact with Objects: It Pays to Pay Attention


Wearables of workplace safety quote ...

How to Prevent OSHA's Fatal Four on Construction Sites

... matrix format. See also, 10 Leading Causes of Death ...

Top Causes of Construction Accident Injuries and How to Prevent Them | ConstructConnect.com

Caught In/Struck By Hazards

construction worker fixing a beam

Infographic: Workplace Injuries in Texas

Objects falling from heights on construction sites lead to injuries

Driving down construction fatalities

rights and responsibilities Lack of experience in recognizing hazardous situations 2. Ask students if any

Keep the top safety violations in construction on the top of your mind so you have


Falling Object Injury on New York Construction Sites

Klein Tool Construction Catalog

... 2. The Fatal Four • The leading causes ...

Common Workplace Injuries - The Frickey Law Firm's Infographic

This is what happens when you get struck by lightning

Dropped Object Prevention and Falling Objects Sign

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Mortality statistics graphic ...

HCA de Tejas @HCAdeTejas · 1 Jul 2016

New York Construction Accident Lawyers Falling debris is a common cause ...

Leading Methods of Homicide

An increase in the number of people killed in workplace accidents serves as a “stark reminder” of the need for a continued focus on worker protection, ...

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Figure 7: RSV 2010 Intersections Sub-Target Fatalities / Major Injuries in Intersection Crashes: 2002-2007 versus 1996-2001 Baseline

Falling and flying objects

In the construction industry, two of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries is falls from height and being struck by objects or vehicles.

In fact, when it comes to the statistics, a report published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), shows the construction industry to be one of the ...

One in four "struck by vehicle" deaths involve construction workers

... more than 50,000 “struck by falling object” OSHA recordable incidents every year in the United States. As EHS Today calculates, that's one injury caused ...

[Number of Human Deaths in the US by Age, in 2000]

In fact, falls are the third leading cause of disabling work injury for all workers

... the vehicle. And as the vehicle moves, the camera records. This provides a concrete piece of evidence in the event of an accident, increasing driver ...

Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that being struck by a falling object is the third leading cause of workplace fatalities; ...

... being struck by a moving vehicle (26) and being struck by a moving object (23), accounting for nearly 60 per cent of fatal injuries in 2017/18.

Main causes of worker fatalities in construction. (HSE)

road construction work zone safety tips

Watch drop prevention safety videos in the new guide to stopping drops

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struck by falling objects

Rolling objects: hard hats