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Brown Tanager Orchesticus abeillei endemic to BR confined to the

Brown Tanager Orchesticus abeillei endemic to BR confined to the


Brown Tanager Orchesticus abeillei

Brown tanager (Orchesticus abeillei) is the sole member of the rather drably plumaged genus

Brown tanager

Brown Tanager - Orchesticus abeillei

The brown tanager (Orchesticus abeillei) is a small passerine bird and a member of the tanager family. It is the only member.

Male, with a juvenile in the background. This is the nominate subspecies, which is endemic to the Andes of central and ...

Flame-rumped Tanager - Ramphocelus flammigerus

Brown Tanager (Orchesticus abeillei) (© Adilei Carvalho da Cunha)

Brown Tanager (Orchesticus abeillei) (© Adilei Carvalho da Cunha)

Tawny-crested Tanager - Tachyphonus delatrii

Blue-and-yellow Tanager Pipraeidea bonariensis ©James Lowen Website

Olive-green Tanager Orthogonys chloricterus. Intervales State Park, São Paulo state, Brazil. A monotypic genus endemic to the Atlantic Rainforest of SE ...

Brown Tanager (Orchesticus abeillei)

Brown Tanager (Orchesticus abeillei). The unique (monotypic) Brown Tanager showing the family's more sombre side.

Brown Tanager (Orchesticus abeillei)

A big, aberrant tanager endemic to dry forests of northeastern Brazil. They often move around in large flocks of a dozen birds ...

Golden-collared Tanager (Iridosornis jelskii)

Pin by Rosemary Laughlin on Birds | Birds, Beautiful birds, Most beautiful birds

Dusky-faced Tanager - Mitrospingus cassinii

Golden Tanager (Tangara arthus)

Brassy-breasted Tanager (Tangara desmaresti) (© Nicholas Locke)

Brown-flanked Tanager (Thlypopsis pectoralis)

Brown Tanager - Orchesticus abeillei (Lesson, 1839)

Another endemic of Brazil's Atlantic forest.

Female Chestnut-Backed Tanager (Tangara preciosa)

Red-necked Tanager (© Nicholas Locke)

A unique Andean tanager that looks and behaves far more like a jay. It occurs in temperate forests from extreme southern Venezuela ...

In the Flame-rumped Tanager and a few other Ramphocelus the brilliant splash of colour is confined to the rump.

Lemon-rumped Tanager (Ramphocelus flammigerus icteronotus), tropical America. It is considered

Genus Orthogonys - 1 species. Tanager ...

Magpie Tanager Cissopis leverianus major. Itororó Lodge, Varginha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A characteristic bird of the Amazon basin, but it also occurs ...

Black-backed ...

Great Horned Owls Part 2

Piaya cayana

Golden-eared Tanager (Tangara chrysotis) ©WikiC


Blue-grey Tanager (Thraupis episcopus) Reinier Munguia

Gilt-edged Tanager (Tangara cyanoventris) (© Nicholas Locke)

Brazilian Tanager Ramphocelus bresilius dorsalis. Folha Seca, Ubatuba, São Paulo state, Brazil. Male. A brilliant bird endemic to lowland areas of eastern ...

(7) The Bicolored Hawk (Accipiter bicolor) on which may be a hunting... | Download Scientific Diagram

The seemingly electric colour of the genus Tanagara tanagers, such as this Beryl-spangled Tanager, have bedazzled many an observer.

Cuban Bullfinch (Melopyrrha nigra) ©WikiC

White-shouldered tanager

Scarlet-and-white Tanager (Chrysothlypis salmoni) | By Phillip Edwards

Fulvous-crested Tanager, Tach-yphonus surinamus: N-S.

A unique tanager mainly of non-forest habitats of Brazil, also occurring in parts of adjacent Bolivia and Paraguay.

A new locality and records of Cherry-throated Tanager Nemosia rourei in Espírito Santo, south-east Brazil, with fresh natural history data for the species ...

Sharp-tailed Grass-Tyrant

Rufous-sided Crake

Flame-faced Tanager (Tangara parzudakii) ©WikiC

Rufous-bellied Mountain-tanager ...

Palm tanager

Brinda Bird Pictures, Blue Jay, Flocking, Bird Feathers, Beautiful Birds, Animal

Swallow-tailed Cotinga - Nick Athanas

Grey-mantled wren - Image: Grey mantled Wren

Scrub Tanager (Tangara vitriolina)

Black-masked Finch

Shrike-like Cotinga

National Bird of Brazil: Golden :Parakeet

Brazil is home to an exceptional number of gorgeous tanagers, many of them endemic. Though this Chestnut-backed Tanager isn't quite an endemic, ...

However is at the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, more precisely in the surroundings of Serra dos Orgãos National Park and Nova Friburgo city, ...

Masked yellowthroat - A female masked yellowthroat at Uruguay

Hooded Tanager - Nemosia pileata

Golden-chested Tanager (Bangsia rothschildi) | By Phillip Edwards

Red-headed Tanager (Piranga erythrocephala)) ©Flickr Bryant Olsen

Golden-naped Tanager (Tangara ruficervix) Birds And The Bees, All Birds,

White-banded Tanager Neothraupis fasciata

Magpie tanager

White-rumped Tanager - Scott Olmstead

Magpie Tanager (Cissopis leverianus)

Golden-chevroned Tanager (M. Forbes 2007)

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Black-fronted Piping guan / Aburria Jacutinga

Moss-backed Tanager (Bangsia edwardsi) ©Flickr Eric Gropp

Favourite photos.

Black-chested tyrant - male at Carajás National Forest, Pará state, Brazil

This subspecies, which is often split as either Yellow-rumped or Lemon-rumped Tanager, ranges from Panama south to ...

Masked Mountain-tanager ...

A Long-billed Cinclodes photographed during the. FONT Brazil Tour in Rio Grande do Sul, in October 2010 (photo by Bob Enever)

Hooded Mountain Tanager (Buthraupis montana)

Sooty Grassquit, May 2007

Saíra-de-Cabeça-Azul (Tangara cyanicollis - d'Orbigny &

Brazilian tanager

Zigzag Heron (photo by Frank Stermitz)

Figure 7 A male of the Surucua Trogon (Trogon surrucura surrucura) digging an arboreal termitarium of Nasutitermes sp. at Morro do Diabo State Park/SP, ...

Campo Miner - Scott Olmstead

White-bellied Tanager, (Tangara Brasiliensis) (© Nicholas Locke)

Otsing ...

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Blue-grey Tanager (Thraupis episcopus) by Raymond Barlow


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Ecuadorian ground dove - Image: Ecuadorian Ground Dove S4E7911

Azure-shouldered Tanager Thraupis cyanoptera

Brassy-breasted Tanager (Tangara desmaresti)