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Cold weather along with low humidity strips your skin off its

Cold weather along with low humidity strips your skin off its


Cold weather along with low humidity strips your skin off its natural moisturizing which causes dryness

The Best Moisturizing Products For Winter, According To Skin Care Experts | HuffPost Life

Winter skin - Dr. Axe. The ...

Indoor heat can further strip away moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and prone to cracking, chapping, redness and itching. During winter months at ...

Slide 2 of 13: Perhaps the most obvious aspect of wintertime is the fact that

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Block the winter sun

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How to keep your skin from falling off this winter

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The right fix for your face. winter-skin-dry

... skin from the cold weather. Winter-Blog

Slide 4 of 13: Sunscreen is important year-round, even in the wintertime

Sunburn Vs. Windburn: What's the Difference Between These Two Winter Skin Concerns?

When it comes to cleanser and moisturizer, gentler is better.

a woman in a winter coat hands covering her face

Seven ways to tackle dry skin in winter. Cold weather is the ...

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Keep your home's temperature up and the heating bill down

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If your kids' skin gets dry

Xerosis - Dr. Axe. During the cold winter ...

Keeping moisture in the skin

woman hiding her face

7 Causes of Oily Skin

The Duchess of Cambridge at Tiger's Nest in Bhutan

But Really, What's With Stubborn Dry Skin Around the Nose?

How does climate affect skin?

... to moderate dry scalp at some point, but for some it's a chronic problem, especially this time of year, as the weather zaps moisture out of our hair and ...

Pinterest. Photo: @cindycrawford. Nothing is weirder than our skin the minute clock strikes winter. Dryness ...

What's Going On? Several factors on their ...

The harsh weather can strip the skin's natural protective barrier, creating gaps in the outer most layer, allowing water to escape (dehydration) and ...

Exposure to winter's dry, cold weather, harsh winds and central heating can strip the moisture from your skin, making it blotchy, dry and itchy.

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Whether or not we drink plenty of water, most of us experience chronically dry and dehydrated skin during the winter season. Cold air, artificial heat, low ...

How to care for your dog's skin and coat in winter

Maui Weather by Region. Because of the ...

How Hot and Cold Weather Affects Your Blood Sugar

11 Reasons Your Skin Is So Damn Dry

Although it may seem a good idea at the time, “as the saliva


Everyday Hair Care in Humid Environments. 1. Get the ...

Problem: White flakes are falling from my scalp.

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Slide 3 of 13: 'Unfortunately the holidays and all the expectations surrounding them increase

If your warm beanie is making a mess of your tresses, try placing or pinning a silk scarf inside of it. Unlike standard hat materials, like wool, ...

Dry skin. Picture of dry skin in the ...

rosacea flare-ups and triggers

Hygrometer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Food allergies

AcuRite Digital Humidity and Temperature Comfort Monitor

Top 6 remedies for dry skin on the face

For healthier skin, take shorter showers and keep the temperature warm or tepid


The answers to these basic questions can help your swimmers keep their skin and hair healthy.

Skincare products aren't one-size-fits-all magic potions (although, wouldn't that make life soooo much easier?), so it's important to know what type of skin ...

5 Reasons the Skin on Your Face Might Be Peeling

These facial scrubbers courtesy of Chestnut Hill Spa 3000BC are guaranteed to slough off dead winter

... cold weather wreak havoc on your child's sensitive skin. Two children are sledding while wearing colorful outerwear.

How to Deal with Dry Patches on the Face

Kids with chapped lips can get red rings around their mouths because they can't

An Aesop gel cleanser being poured from bottle into hand. Texture is important in selecting

What to wear in cold weather winter. How to layer clothes

Dry Skin Cleansers - LEAD

expand ...

If your skin is dry. lotions-for-winter

Should you be using hot or cold water on your skin?

N E W S L E T T E R December 2013 Volume 5, Issue 12 Winter Wonderful Skin... Believe it ...

7 Bad Things That Happen When You Don't Moisturize Your Face

Treatment, Prevention, and How Long It Lasts

1. Avène XeraCalm

Are You Taking the Right Steps to Care for Your Skin?

Your A.M. Regimen

While charcoal peel-off masks can remove blackheads and whiteheads, they also strip off

What Are Those Bumps on My Arms?

Atopic dermatitis triggers


But here are 5 easy ways to make your skin glow this winter!

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Hats are a winter go-to, but they've been said to be