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Compliment your plants by creating wonderful combinations using

Compliment your plants by creating wonderful combinations using


Favorite Plant Combinations

Garden Ideas, Border ideas, Perennial Planting, Perennial combination, Summer Borders, Astrantia ...

hens and chicks succulents in moss hanging planter

Consider this beautiful combination of Californian poppies and lavender flanking across the walkway. Orange and purple colors are complimenting each other ...

Plant Combination Ideas

Don't plant a tiny rock garden species that grows one inch per year with a "race horse" that triples in size the first growing season and gets three feet ...

Garden Ideas, Border ideas, Perennial Planting, Perennial combination, Summer Border, Achillea ...

How to use bulbs in perennial borders

A Few of My Favorite Combinations

Container Gardening Basics: Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers

Pink flamingo and blonde ambition.

View Larger Image Tips for creating ...

Deciduous Azaleas companions, Evergreen Azaleas companions, Rhododendron companions, azalea companions, Fern, ...

Agapanthus 'Silver Baby' with Salvia nemorosa

Not only do fine-leaved plants withstand heavy coastal winds, but they look great

Ten Tips for Creating Beautiful Gardens

It will quickly outgrow small containers, so choose large ones and if you use it in a combination recipe, choose other super-vigorous plants, ...

Companion Plants for Lilies, Species Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Oriental Lilies, Trumpet Lilies ...

Deciduous Azaleas, Evergreen Azaleas, Lepidote Rhododendrons, Elepidote Rhododendrons, Rhododendrons, Evergreen Shrubs ...

12 Best Companion Plants for Hostas

Companion Plants for Hellebores, Plant Combinations, Flowerbeds Ideas, Spring Borders, Winter Borders ...

Agave haavardiana with nasella and helictotrichon.

Succulent Gardens, Companion Plants, Ornamental Grasses, Drought tolerant Plants, Drought tolerant Grasses ...

Sometimes red and pink colors always compliment each other. Introducing yellow flowering plants provide a high color contrast that brings out the red and ...

Spring Flowers For Container Gardens

Acer palmatum, Acer palmatum dissectum, Acer shirasawanum, Plant Combinations, Spring Combinations, Summer Combinations, Fall Combinations

Add Privacy. '

26 Plants You Should Always Grow Side-By-Side

Colorful Flowers, Terraced Hillside Garden Design Calimesa, CA

Container Flower Gardening Design Tips & Ideas


20 edible flowers for companion planting

Garden Color Combinations

Perhaps the most common use of daylilies is in mixed borders, plantings that may "border" walkways, fences, terraces, pools, lawns, hedges, curb sides, ...

Beautiful Container Garden with spikes, pink geranium, lantana, violet and magenta petunias, and cascading sweet potato vine.

By using the color combination found in Japanese Painted Ferns, a wonderful shade garden emerges. The dark purple foliage of Cimicifuga r.

Main Street Nursery

An elegant terracotta planter is used as a focal point with purple and white petunias.

Pick Your Favorite Color

Roses planted with salvias

Using Color Effectively

Romantic Hanging Container

Main Street Nursery

A Very Attractive Border Idea for Your Garden

A guide to layering bulbs and perennials with shubs for modern mixed borders

Create Interest with Rich Colors

When my husband and I built a new house filled with large windows, I wanted beautiful views all year-round. Perennial borders were my first choice, ...

Banner Palm Gardens

lambs ear makes a great border edge - pair with blue flowers, lime foliage

California Edible Landscape

Lavender can be grown along the garden fences, it has two benefits: First, lavender comes in cool colors and cool colors when used near the borders and ...

Yucca, Silver Ironweed, and Opuntia come together in this lovely garden.

Pick Plants with Bright Foliage

Lavender Flowers, Lavender Flower, Blue Lavender, Pink Lavender, White Lavender, Purple ...

Nice container full of coleus and dusty miller by Cherry Ong Blue lobelia. Nice Garden Ideas

Tips for creating succulent arrangements - bright colored succulents on a red background vertical


16 Perennial Partners for Roses

Before selecting plants for your garden, decide which type of garden you will have. Will it be formal, informal, a flower border or an island bed?

Pick an Unusual Plant

Hanging Geranium Container

color combinations

Celebrate the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans and Squash | Renee's Garden Seeds

Deciduous Azaleas companions, Evergreen Azaleas companions, Rhododendron companions, azalea companions, Snowdrops, ...

Knockout Roses with Boxwood Hedge (replace roses with camellias or azaleas)

Learn how to create a stunning succulent arrangement with these basic techniques

Coleus & Lantana. Coleus & Lantana. Finding plants with the right combination ...

In 1986, the author's long border was awash in color, but it lacked definition. She revamped the border by adding plant ...

Get an early start on spring with a generous helping of bulbs that pop into bloom just as winter starts to fade. Here, the cheerful yellow flowers of ' ...

Succulents are so colorful so it works well to use basic color schemes when creating an

Keeping Heights in Mind

Tomatoes with Basil, Cuban Oregano, and Garlic (Image Courtesy – Emma Gallagher)


container garden pin

Companion Plants, Companion Planting, Plant Combinations, Hemerocallis, Daylilies, Daylily ...

Seed Savers Exchange Gardens

Summer container flower gardening is fun, and a great way to add color to a

Show Your True Colors

best font combinations. This beautiful font combination uses ...

Sloping Garden

Combining Roses and Clematis, Mixing clematis and roses, Growing clematis and roses, Clematis ...

Garden Color

Any type of pot, from classic to colorful to a found object, can work with a mono-culture planting. To see more mono-crop recipes click here (they are mixed ...

Combinations of bloom times, colors and textures creates the perfect landscape.

Main Street Nursery

Here are some easy tips and ideas for creating beautiful backyard flower gardens that are simple

Meet the Color Wheel. Color wheel, garden color combinations