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Contempt The human despises another fellow human being and only

Contempt The human despises another fellow human being and only


Contempt The human despises another fellow human being and only therefore practices revenge on him,

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The indifference, callousness and contempt that so many people exhibit toward animals is evil first because it results in great suffering in animals, ...

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"RESPECT your fellow human being, treat them fairly, disagree with them honestly, enjoy their friendship, explore your thoughts about one another candidly, ...

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Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation. Other editions

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Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation

Which race of Extraterrestrial's brought Henok to Earth 390,000 years ago to enter its reincarnation cycle, and did Henok know a…


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The Misanthrope as a Disappointed Idealist


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Should I value God over fellow humans? Should I revere God more than I revere another human soul?"

What rain is to plants, the ‹Goblet of the Truth› is to human

"Now tell me your story, tell me how you left Wall Street and came to live in a dirty cave in the Adirondacks! Well, come to think of it, ...


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Arthur Brooks On His New Book “LoveYour Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America From The Culture Of Contempt”

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Brittany Holloway-Brown

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“I actually think that 1984 came to pass. Orwell's writing about a totalitarian state, and that part isn't the case. But the notion that you might live in a ...

A Palestinian boy waits with his family for a travel permit to cross into Egypt through

What can you do about a Manager who is a Bully?


Watts Up With That?

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin share an open contempt for human rights

Middle-class lefties who despise the working class

The Dark Side Of Being An Empath: 5 Powerful Ways The Highly Sensitive Experience The World Differently

22 subtle signs that your coworkers hate you

Seven Ways to Quench the Spirit

Thousands marched through Liverpool in March in protest against cuts to services

The Difficult Genius of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala


Obama Reckons with a Trump Presidency

Fans legs, one holding a large poster of Trump's face

'My Fellow Liberals, I'm Tired Of You'

The producer Jerry is god, king, tyrant, dictator, even though his words come from a tiny red book. The Europeans have languages and cultures as opposed to ...

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Bernie Sanders Hates Campaign Cash, the Very Thing He'll Need to Beat Hillary Clinton

Did Chris Watts not mind his wife Shan'ann humiliating him on Facebook? | True Crime Rocket Science / #tcrs


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Prophecy Without Contempt: Religious Discourse in the Public Square - Faith Angle Forum

SC issues contempt notice to Aamir Liaquat, questions if he should be in the parliament

Eric ...

U.S. Cold War Policy Was Designed by a Bigot

The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature

... other human beings, and God. A cogently articulated kenotic theology is naturally conducive to a practical theology of discipleship building on the ...

Congress's Mean Girls Are Trump's Offspring

Leonard Ravenhill On Your Praying, Sinning, & Only Hope For Revival – [Quote]

... of other synthetic lifeforms has led him to believe that chemical life if the true essence of pure consciousness, and artificial consciousness can only ...

13 Jan 2010

Things Grak Hates. Other editions

We must learn to laugh about our anxieties – laughter being the exuberant expression of relief when a hitherto private agony is given a well-crafted social ...

Nothing of what we despise in another is itself foreign to us. How often do we expect more of the other than what we ourselves are willing to accomplish.

Elizabeth Warren Just Transformed the Abortion Debate

There's a not-so-subtle socialist undercurrent to the film in scenes like this, and at times it's startling just how much Marxist critique Huston was able ...

The Civil War on America's Horizon

The ideals which have lighted me on my way and time after time given me new

Before 2013 begins, catch up on the best of 2012. From now until the New Year, we will be re-posting some of The New Republic's most thought-provoking ...

... which might irritate and provoke a discussion about what is and what is not acceptable as contemporary art or just a self-centered affect of the artist.

Humans just hate me and my intelligent hands. Why?


Richard Liebowitz against a red and blue background.

Why Do People Love to Hate Steven Pinker? By proclaiming the gospel of human ...

C.S. Lewis On How An Atheist Must Be Careful What He Reads – [Quote]

The alt-right order amid the chaos

Beto is right on Trump and Nazism