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Contrary to popular belief our Second Amendment rights have been

Contrary to popular belief our Second Amendment rights have been


We are now stuck in a deadly pattern. And for what? For our Second

A Footnote Looms Large in the Second Amendment's Future

... the U.S. Supreme Second Amendment

Firearm on top of Second Amendment in constitution

A Call to Arms. "

Where the Gun-Control Movement Goes Silent

More Second Amendment setbacks in the Golden State when the Supreme Court declines to take a case about city zoning

Men in Virginia celebrate open carry laws / Eli Christman


Universal Background Checks Don't Work & Don't Have Public Support

What Exactly is the Second Amendment?

The Left Won't Shame the Gun Culture out of America

'Bump-Stock' Bill Offers Chance to Isolate Second Amendment Absolutists

Chiappa Firearms pistols are displayed at the NRA annual meeting in 2016 in Louisville. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

For many Americans, the Second Amendment is a defense against their own government

Her Heller position belies her supposed belief in the individual's right to bear arms

Repeal the Second Amendment

A gun enthusiast fires his AR-15 rifle toward a target at the LAX Firing

Contrary to popular belief, our Second Amendment rights have been proliferating as of late. Don't get me wrong, the media is pushing a full court press to ...

... being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. ~ Second Amendment to the U.S. ...

United States Bill of Rights

Despite ban, N.H. lawmakers say they will continue to carry guns in the State House

4th Circuit Upholds Maryland's 'Assault Weapon' Ban

The Trump administration has just amended federal regulations concerning machine guns to effectively outlaw “bump-fire stocks” for average gun -owners.

The Bill of Rights: Creation and Reconstruction 1st Edition

Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities, Coming Soon to a Town Near You

Democrat's War on Guns The Second Amendment: The Cornerstone Of American Liberty

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #135: The Real History of the Second Amendment - The Sensibly Speaking Podcast

The N.R.A. Lobbyist Behind Florida's Pro-Gun Policies

Does The Second Amendment Codify Natural Law or is the RKBA A Man-Made Construct?

Arming Educators Violates the Spirit of the Second Amendment

Right to Vote Amendment

While generally liberal states have been introducing more stringent gun control laws, conservative areas have been going in the opposite direction.

After the most recent school shooting, this time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a 19-year old gunman was charged with ...

Second Amendment Supporters should Worry about National Popular VoteSecond Amendment Supporters should Worry about National Popular

Second Amendment

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Second Amendment Wall Clock

In 2008, the right wing contingent on the most recent Supreme Court (the same people who said that corporations are people) decided to throw away centuries ...

You are the only person you can count on to protect yourself. Gun Quotes,


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The Second Amendment's Fake History

A 'Deeply Libertarian' Plan to Restrict Gun Sales

Calm gun control discussion hosted by popular lifestyle blogger, Design Mom. Statistics on American

Dereliction of Duty: The Constitutional Record of President Clinton, Cato Policy Analysis | United States Constitution | First Amendment To The United ...

From @ashes_to_ashes_photography ・・・ Fun facts: Contrary to popular belief the HK 51 is not made by H&K, being a creation of the American Class II ...


To be fair, they are half correct that such a gun policy is neither sane nor safe in our prisons, but, then again, neither is their proposed gun control ...

GTY 937520318 A POL USA TX. Gun rights ...

Edmund Randolph, "Objections to the Constitution as far as it

... after it recoils thereby pulling the trigger into the shooter's stationary trigger-finger. This might look and sound like a machine gun, but it is still ...

The Constitutional Right To Bear Arms Has Outlived Its Usefulness | All Debates | Debate | IQ2US Debates

2nd Amendment Tile Coaster

Richard Hubbard from Youtube channel. Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- Second Amendment Activist Richard Hubbard has been ...

Can Congress Save Lives by Raising the Rifle Purchase Age?

Handguns on a wall at a gun shop

Our Broken Constitution

If mandatory gun ownership, why not mandatory insurance?

sea turtle on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Heller Supreme Court ruling confirming that civilian ownership of “commonly used firearms” is constitutionally protected, control activists have been ...

Rethinking the Bill of Rights

What the Founding Fathers Really Meant When They Wrote the Second Amendment | HuffPost

Can Trump end birthright citizenship with executive action?

Senate Judiciary Committee

Should Christians Be Encouraged to Arm Themselves?

Tim McGraw Stirs Gun Debate Over Sandy Hook Charity Appearance

In February the Yale Law Journal held a symposium on “The Meaning of the Civil Rights Revolution,” to mark the publication of Bruce Ackerman's book, ...

“Rap Back” or Rip-Off? Aloha State Gun Owners Sue for Disclosure

You are the only person that can protect yourself from harm. Gun Quotes, Pro

Firearm sale

I deny edit warring. I won't revert on this article today. I believe your wording can be better. Your current wording is not clear and was/is misplaced.

The GOP elephant holds a gun in its trunk.

Since When Did Jesus Get Connected to Guns?

I've seen a slew of these over the last few days. Nukes kicked it off, but I've seen it before with drones, or tanks, or cruise missiles.

Sig MPX Copperhead Review [2019 + Video]

Form of the Letter of Transmittal of the Fourteenth Amendment to the several states for its ratification

For gun owners and enthusiasts, protection of their Second Amendment rights is very important.

Food Freedom and the First Amendment: Is Feeding the Homeless a Constitutional Right?

Sig P320 X-Five Legion Review [2019 + Video]

So a violation of your 4th Amendment is unacceptable, but a violation of other people's 2nd Amendment is completely acceptable? Simple tweets like these ...

Second Amendment Large Wall Clock

Firearms Specialist Richard Vasquez is surrounded by a cache of firearms in the gun vault at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ...