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Convicts in Australia Wikipedia Our Countrys Good Australia

Convicts in Australia Wikipedia Our Countrys Good Australia


Convicts in Australia. From Wikipedia ...

Our Country's Good. From Wikipedia ...

Moondyne Joe

1866), author of For the Term of His Natural Life, Australia's most famous convict novel

Fenian convicts escape from Fremantle in the 1876 Catalpa rescue.

George Barrington. From Wikipedia ...

MARY 'DABBY' BRYANT – after a Cornish convict sent to Australia. She became one of the first successful escapees from the fledgling Australian penal colony.

Establishment of Penal Colonies

Reasons for transportation[edit]

The Coming of the British to Australia 1788 to 1829

Our Country's Good -- Duckling Smith, watercolor on paper. (Digital text added

Hard life: Alice Canton, left, and Ria Simmons a convicts in Toi Whakaari's

Convict era of Western Australia. From Wikipedia ...

Theatre review: Our Country's Good / Theatre by the Lake, Keswick | Stage | The Guardian

William Buckley; (1780 – 30 January 1856) was an English convict who was transported to Australia, escaped, was given up for dead and lived in an Aboriginal ...

John Pilger: The hidden history of women in Australia who rose up

On this day...10th February 1788 The First Fleet of convicts to New South Wales consisted of eleven ships. One of these was the 'Golden Grove' which carried ...

Australia Really Was Colonized by a Bunch of Criminals—Here Are Five of Them

Our Country's Good at Theatre Royal (Stratford East)

Meet the Cast of Our Country's Good

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Britain Sent Loads Of Convicts To America, Not Just Australia

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Offence ...

Australia Links

Convicts in Australia - Wikipedia

Second Floor of the Goal; the better behaved a prisoner was, the higher the floor he could live on. First Floor prisoners were held in solitary confinement.

City of Perth Skyworks on Australia Day, 2006. *Photo from Wikipedia

the theatre company | Our Country's Good - The Original Theatre Company Our Country, Set

James Cook was a British explorer, navigator and cartographer, he reached the south-eastern coast of Australia on 19 April 1770, his expedition became the ...

Australia flag

Map of Australia

Convict Alexander Pearce has inspired three feature films (drawings by convict Thomas Bock, 1824).

Timberlake Wertenbaker. '

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Prisoners in neck chains, Wyndham, WA (1898-1906).

Jarrad Ellis-Thomas



A Brief History of Australia

Nixon & Merrilees via Wikipedia. The Western Australian ...

(Digital text added to scan of original.) Created for Advanced Design class, Grossmont College, Our Country's Good -- Liz Morden (watercolor)

Wishing you knew more about Aboriginal culture? Search no more.

The search for Maltese troublemakers and criminals in Australia

Bathurst Island Aborigines

The Founding of Australia.

The convict system may have ended with the arrival of the final convicts on the Hougoumont and the disbandment of Australia's penal settlements, ...

upload.wikimedia.org / Via Wikipedia Commons

Billy Blue

An engraving from "Australia: the first hundred years", by Andrew Garran, 1886 showing natives of the Gweagal tribe opposing the arrival of Lieutenant James ...

In Australia, Catholic Church's Bank Is Full, but Pews Are Empty

Image: Australia Day: to change or not to change? (Getty Images/Chris Hopkins/Stringer) Link to larger image.

... Cocos (Keeling) Islands ...

Australia's Top Ten National Monuments

Port Arthur Penitentiary http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:PortArth... (Public Domain)

National Arms of Australia - Coat of arms (crest) of National Arms of Australia


Western Australia

National Theatre programme

Debauchery on the fatal shore: the sex lives of Australia's convicts


The bearer of a ticket-of-leave was permitted to work for themselves and even to own property on the condition of living within a specified district and ...

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Climate issue rejected – Historic win in Australia after Labor loses 'unlosable' election | Watts Up With That?

australia facts - fraser island

Hilda Bastian

Convict women were often punished for having poor morality. In 1838, Convict women at the Cascades Female Factory reacted by mooning the visiting governor ...

Discovering Links: Convicts, Australian Royalty

The continent of Australia (then known as New Holland) in a 1796 map, which was incorporated within Asia or the 'Eastern world'.

Australia has vowed to increase cooperation with Cambodia in a bid to build closer ties.

Australians all let us rejoice, For we are young and free;

Hyde Park Barracks, designed by convict Francis Greenway and constructed by convicts in the 1810s

The warden and two officers in Sing-Sing Prison, New York State, c

The Digger, Australia's unique unit ...

Francis Greenway

The Australian Colonies, 1787-1901

Congratulations, Australian Government! You've Just Destroyed the World's Data Privacy!

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"Our Country's Good" -- Robert Sideway, watercolor on paper. (Digital text added to scan of original.) Created for Advanced Design class, Grossmont College, ...

Extreme Australia

Australian History Series Workbook 4: First Contacts sample

Australia's unique NF tree (part of the Together for Victory expansion).

Gag order followed by jail threat for scores of Australian journalists

Colonization of the Pacific 60000 BCE to 400 AD

Campaign Chair

The Royal Australian Mint is the sole supplier of the country's circulating coins. Photo: