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Copper production on the World War II homefront 1942 Article on

Copper production on the World War II homefront 1942 Article on


Copper production on the World War II homefront, 1942. Article on www.Vintage-America.com. Original caption: Modern electric furnaces have helped ...

1942 Ad Spark Plugs Eddie Axis World War II Revere Copper Brass Military LF4

Masculinity and Race on Montana's World War II Home Front

Tin Can Drives US poster encouraging tin can collection, WWII. Read more: "Make It Do

ServiceOnTheHomeFrontPA.jpg. Service on the Home Front ...

There were heart-tugging reminders urging participation in the war effort for those still on the home front.

Perhaps nothing represents the community-minded patriotism of the US Home Front in World War II better than the scrap drive.

A copy of the actual emergency statement.

General douglas macarthur meets american indian troops wwii military pacific navajo pima island hopping.JPG

Rubber Drive US poster, World War II. Rubber was vital for ...

1942 Ad General Motors World War II Nurse Wartime Production Old Cars New LF4

Take A Closer Look: America Goes to War | The National WWII Museum | New Orleans

Timeline of the United Kingdom home front during World War II

World War II Rationing on the U.S. Homefront

"Man the Guns.


World War II Rationing on the U.S. Homefront

Arizona during World War II

Paper Drives

1942 Ad Cloth Window Shade Institute World War II Efforts Facts Heating LF4

609689 Bazooka manufacturing at Bridgeport during World War II, ...


War Production | PBS

Uncle Sam last week assumed the role of fashion designer. Sweeping restrictions aim to save 15 percent of the yardage now used on women's and girls' apparel ...

Mexico World War II

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Home front during World War II

Copper ...

WWII English poster, 1942

Nevada during World War II. Air crewman at Tonopah Army Airfield in 1943.jpg

... World War II. Cabot Brown in 1942.

British Propaganda Poster about the importance of women at home during World War Two. 1942

National Archives and Records Administration

“Victory is our business!” Conn instruments touts it's contribution to WWII war efforts, 1942.


The United States Air Force did not become its own independent branch of the armed services until after World War II.

Gasoline ration card B2 for American workers who needed extra gasoline during World War 2.

In exchange they received a penny a pound. Although 450,000 tons of scrap rubber was collected, used rubber was found to be of poor quality.

WWII poster

If you ask people to name the victorious Allied Powers in World War II ...

1940's Revere Ware WWII Advertisement, Ad/ 1942 Revere Copper & Brass, World War II LIFE magazine print ad for framing. Wall art

Marika Sherwood

"An eager school boy gets his first experience in using War Ration Book Two.

Philgas suppliers gave suggestions of what to do if the nation were attacked. Photo courtesy. Bob Reding.

A first rationed purchase.


1942 Ad Sparton Household Products WWII War Production GI Joe Toy Soldier FZ6

1941-1945 United States World War II 5-Piece Tribute Set


World War II Propaganda (McGovern-Anderson Co., 1942). Poster (18" X 24") "The Buzzard Waits for Waste."

In this publicity photo, actress Rita Hayworth announced that she was “harvesting a bumper crop for Uncle Sam.”

The Economics of Lend Lease in World War 2

Fighting spirit: Working on shell caps in 1940

1940's WWII Fountain Pen Advertisement, Print Ad/ 1942 Esterbrook pen, World War II "Writing is Fighting" LIFE magazine print ad for framing

Chocolate bars in the Second World War

During World War II, 10 million men were drafted, and another 6 million

Flash version of the zoomable map.

WWII poster, 1941-1945. Image courtesy of the National Endowment for the Humanities

Copper ...

Rows of airplane propellors, ready for shipment from a Hartford, CT plant. Sign

Woman aircraft worker checking assemblies. California, 1942.


A two-page spread form the 1942 booklet Instructions for American Servicemen in Australia, given to US servicemembers in the South Pacific during WWII

An ad that appeared in the Aug. 27, 1945, issue of TIME.

Salvage – Help put the lid on Hitler by saving your old metal and paper

There were many ways of contributing to the war effort. Throughout the war, materials such as gasoline and rubber were in short supply on the home front .

Men of the 201st Mexican Fighter Squadron, also know as the Aztec Eagles, standing before one of their P-47 Thunderbolts stationed at Clark Field, ...

Part 2: North Carolina Contributions in Battle and on the Home Front "Signal Headquarters, 60th Brigade, 30th Division, near Premont, France, October "

US Munitions output 1941-43; output in 1944 was even higher

This college-aged member of Women's Army Corps (WAC) repaired aircraft during World War II. She also had a pilot's license. Other women with similar ...

One contentious issue involved the drafting of fathers, which was avoided as much as possible. The drafting of 18-year-olds was desired by the military but ...

"Someone talked!

Peru World War II


Airman Joe Campos of the U.S. Army/Air Force in Europe during World War II

German World War II welfare paper

Vintage Freedom Fair Program Book 1942 World War II 2 Chicago IL UN War Relief

Advertisement for Revere Copper and Brass, Architectural Forum (October 1942 ).

William K. Klingaman is the author of ...


502 PIR Drop Pattern. June 6, 1944. Courtesy of NARA ...

It was America's costliest war ever

World War II The American Home Front; 51. War Production ...

Unknown. Original Vintage World War Two ...

In January of 1942, President Roosevelt established the War Production Board (WPB). The purpose of the WPB was to facilitate the conversion of civilian ...

1942 Ad R. J. Reynolds World War II Camel Cigarettes Soldier Letter Mailman LF4

Balancing Military and Civilian Needs

Thus, for most people, the lean years of the Great Depression were gone. During the war, Americans were unable to buy new cars, home appliances, ...

World War Two - Stirling Bomber Production - 1942 - Stock Image