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Cracks become a chasm as Brexit threatens the ConservativeLabour

Cracks become a chasm as Brexit threatens the ConservativeLabour


Cracks become a chasm as Brexit threatens the Conservative-Labour duopoly.

Theresa May resigns as British prime minister – Here's where it all went wrong.

What we know about how political parties use Facebook advertising – and what we don't.

Sir John Curtice

How Theresa May's war of attrition killed everyone.

European Elections — How the vote could help predict the outcome of a second Brexit referendum.

Why Remainers should respect those who decide to cross party lines.

Why those Brexit talks were doomed from start.

This is what revolution looks like.

Theresa May resigns as British prime minister – Here's where it all went wrong. | The Conversation | British prime ministers, All goes wrong, Prime minister

The post-Bollocks to Brexit era is coming.

Michael Gove, the environment secretary, arriving at work this morning. He has decided not to resign over the PM's Brexit deal. Photograph: Victoria Jones/ ...

Brexit, Windrush, Power... — Divide and rule Britannia.

EU Elections prediction: 'Awake, arise, or be forever fallen!'

I was a Leave voter and here is how to beat Leavers.

Stop the EU citizens pay-to-stay fees.: We believe we are not being treated… #EUCitizens #CitizensRights #HomeOffice Now in @PMPmagToday

A polarised electorate unites in rejecting Theresa May's deal.

Will your MEP fight for EU citizens' rights in the next European Parliament?

Remainers, don't worry about Farage.

Calling Brexit a national 'humiliation' fuels division.

... Labour and the Liberal Democrats fought on both occasions – otherwise our figures might be distorted by changes in the pattern of candidature.

#RT I was naive to think a Leave vote might lead to a renegotiation with

Local elections reaction: 'Black is white, failure is success.'

#RT Why Britain should beware of charismatic leaders promising easy Brexit solutions.:…

What impact did the Brexit impasse have on the Local Elections?

Are voters ready to leave with no deal?

Gerard Batten Schools LBC Presenter on Islam

It will end in tears — A response to Ian Lavery's blast against a 'confirmatory vote'.

He ...

#RT Is Farage's new 'Brexit' party fascist?: A lot of people

Labour voters — Please, ignore Owen Jones.

Withdrawing life support: Only one person's view matters. | The Conversation | Conversation

EU BOMBSHELL: Could British Constitution be REAL reason behind Brexit deadlock?

Brexit — Six blind men and the elephant in the room.

#RT Citizen Nox – Waiting for my Voting Card.: Are the European Elections

The Brexit impasse: Is the party system fracturing once more?

MP has EMOTIONAL message over 'disgrace' of Brexit handling – 'Never been more

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider ...

Remainers fight over silly second referendum claims.

Leader of the DUP Arlene Foster said she would not agree to a situation ...

A business view of Brexit.

#RT Whatever you do, do not educate people!: If you educate people

David Cameron doesn't regret calling Brexit referendum

Jacob ...

Debating policy decisions after the EU referendum: Experiences from the UK's first online deliberative polling event

Jeremy Corbyn

Deal or no deal? There is still no end in sight.

#RT Inequality is being built into cities — Segregated playgrounds are just the start.

Alex Salmond will appear in court this afternoon (Picture: PA)

EU citizens may have to re-register to vote in the European Elections.

Nigel Farage MOCKS Remainers in FEROCIOUS Brexit Party speech

It's certainly not very friendly and could arguably be considered to be very vaguely threatening, but it was a reaction to an extremely inflammatory ...

Citizen Nox – Waiting for my Voting Card.

Farage v Cable: The Brexit Debate

Theresa May will take her withdrawal deal back to parliament (Picture: PA)

Has nothing changed?

BREXIT REVOLT: Labour Remainers to WALKOUT – 'We're being played for fools

brexit news latest eu uk article 50 extension delay illegal bill cash donald tusk

Local elections — What results mean for municipalities in crisis.

Brexit Party PROMISE: Farage to REVOLUTIONISE UK politics by handing loyal members power

Thousands of EU citizens WILL be disenfranchised on 23 May.

brexit news latest eu britain emmanuel macron donald tusk theresa may deal article 50

The ...


The impact of UK MEPs on the European Parliament.

The ...

Foreign-Aid-petition-Daily-Express-budget-this-is-how-money-being -spent-1112963.jpg

Fellow Slams The Royal Society as Nothing But a Lobby Group for Climate Change

Nicola Sturgeon calls for Scottish independence ...

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'Conservative Party Future?' Party disunity, the media and the EU Referendum. In Jackson, Thorsen and Wring, EU Referendum Analysis 2016 | Anthony ...

Why Remain's message (even now) is not effective.

Brexit news Theresa May Brexit latest Jeremy Hunt ITV Robert Peston Brexit deal. '

The ...

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Open Letter to Nicky Morgan — Why I didn't vote Conservatives for the first time in 15 years.

(PDF) EU Referendum Analysis 2016: Media, Voters and the Campaign | Daniel Jackson and Einar Thorsen - Academia.edu

The ...

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... second referendum on independence.' And then…*cuts to gorilla footage*

European Elections: Richard Tice on Brexit Party launch – BBC Newsnight