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Database security is a big term in digital world People are so much

Database security is a big term in digital world People are so much


Database security is a big term in digital world. People are so much concerned for

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Here's a way to make companies with large databases keep our info safe

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Why Do We Care So Much About Privacy?

Digital transformation defined

A computer tablet with a security lock symbol with Facebook

Blockchain security: What keeps your transaction data safe?

Safeguarding the Internet of Things: Being secure, vigilant, and resilient in the connected age

... The data journey: It's only the beginning for digital transformation image. '

Data security: Research on privacy in the digital age. people on their phones

Top Data Breaches of 2018: Hackers Find New Methods

Ainun Najib, an Indonesian IT consultant based in Singapore, shows a table of voting

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A woman sits backdropped by a real time cyber attacks world map, at the headquarters of Bitdefender in Bucharest, Romania, Wednesday, June 28, 2017.

An X-ray image of a smartphone.

Types Of Big Data

Though people have reached a seeming point of desensitization to news citing a data breach, protecting user data has become increasingly important amid ...


Along the wave are keywords that reflect the opportunities (optimisation, data management, research, precision medicine) and risks (databases, ...

Data protection in the age of digitalization

Download The Future of Big Data now.

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Why have we given up our privacy to Facebook and other sites so willingly?

Linux, macos and Windows security locks up data

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It turns out “secure” is a funny word to pin down.

Visual overview of big data and data analytics books

Internet security 101: Six ways hackers can attack you and how to stay safe

The Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked

Paper in a digital world: Time to eliminate the inefficiency and waste

Personal Data Store providers we assessed

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Understanding the critical chief security officer role

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Bitcoin may be controversial to some, but the infrastructure that underpins it could be of big use for the banking sector

12 Examples of Big Data Analytics In Healthcare That Can Save People

Europe's new privacy law "will set the tone for data protection around the world for the next 10 years,” one executive says.

Protecting your critical digital assets: Not all systems and data are created equal

A photo illustration shows a USB device being plugged into a laptop computer in Berlin July

The Internet is powered by humans inputting data: search terms, e-retail browsing, looking up a friend's social media page. Based upon the answers, ...

Big Data

... encryption technology data protection sdc. With so much ...

SaaS talent management and data security

Everything you need to know about the Industrial Internet of Things. GE Digital

In this era where every aspect of our day-to-day life has been technologized, there is a huge volume of data that has been emanating from various digital ...

Communicating the Data Security Risks of File Sharing & Cloud Storage

Download The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Fabric, Q2 2018 now.

9 cyber security predictions for 2019

Everything you need to know about the new general data protection regulations | ZDNet

A panel of infosec and financial services professionals weigh in on the top threats and security priorities for the financial industry.

Facebook Under Fire: How Privacy Crisis Could Change Big Data Forever

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Rings of time showing some important dates in Information Age (Digital Revolution) from 1968 to 2017

Your WhatsApp secrets are safe now. But Big Brother is still watching you…

Meet 17 of the Top Influencers in Big Data and Analytics in 2018

But more than that, they are using this technology to more efficiently run their organizations, better serve their customers, and dramatically increase ...

Internet of things

China and US compete to dominate big data

Will Democracy Survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence?

Can big data save us all?

... Quantum Cryptography: The next-generation of secure data transmission image

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Trust in digital technology will be the internet's next frontier, for 2018 and beyond

'The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age' – for the Report of the. '

The Internet of Things: Security in the connected age | Deloitte Insights

5 Real-World Examples of How Brands are Using Big Data Analytics

Big data stats and facts

What does it mean to be savvy in a digital world?

Digital Marketing Glossary: 177+ Popular Terms Defined

8 big trends in big data analytics

What Marriott's Data Breach Means for the Hotel Giant and Guests

IT Engineer in Action Configuring Servers

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Big Data & Smart Cities: How can we prepare for them?

How Facebook is Using Big Data - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

99 Terms You Need To Know When You're New To Tech

Collecting massive amounts of data on citizens makes it harder, not easier, to track criminals. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

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The Motherboard e-Glossary of Cyber Terms and Hacking Lingo

The term 'Big Data' is a massive buzzword at the moment and many say big data is all talk and no action. This couldn't be further from the truth.

cso 17 greatest breaches 2019

Activists of the 'Society for Threatened Peoples' in Berlin demonstrate wearing computer monitors with a portrait of Chinese President Xi Jinping on July 9, ...