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Demythologizing Revelation A Critical Continuation of Rudolf

Demythologizing Revelation A Critical Continuation of Rudolf


A Critical Continuation of Rudolf Bultmann's Project

Demythologizing Revelation : A Critical Continuation Of Rudolf Bultmann's Project - (Hardcover) : Target

The Just and Loving Gaze of God with Us: Paul's Apocalyptic Political Theology



Five Views on the Extent of the Atonement (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology)

Book of Revelation and Its Interpreters : Short Studies and an Annotated Bibliography - Ian Boxall

Last Words of Christ: A Call to Understanding

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

In Search of Christ in Latin America: From Colonial Image to Liberating Savior

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They determine what can be God's word, not by starting

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The Mission of Demythologizing

Ephesians : Precision Thinking for Accurate Theology - Randy White

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United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

A History Of The Bible : The Book and Its Faiths - John Barton

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Freedom is not the antithesis of obedience but the means by which we realize obedience. We become free as we decide to obey, and in obedience we discover ...

23 Revelation - Strauss

Rudolf Bultmann and the Individualised Moment of Revelation | Gospel Of John | Existentialism

Time Walker

Secularism and Hermeneutics : Intellectual History of the Modern Age - Yael Almog

The Power of Jesus' Names

... and history. But are they not rooted in objective revelation? Do they not purport to tell us about God's redeeming action in Christ, which is true and ...

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Christian mythology

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Alice's Adventures in Underland: The Knight of Shattered Dreams

The Fabricated Christ: Confronting What We Know About Jesus and the Gospels

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Armenian Apocrypha Relating to Biblical Heroes : Early Judaism and Its Literature - Michael E Stone

This was mentioned in his novel “The Concept of Revelation in the New Testament,” written in 1929. He steadfast to this idea even during Hitler's term he ...

Contemporary US Populism in Comparative Perspective

The Jesus Who Surprises: Opening Our Eyes to His Presence in All of Life and

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Insofar as it is regarded as law the Old Testament "need ...

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Rome exiled John, a church leader in the late first century, to the barely hospitable Isle of Patmos. John had refused to publically worship the Emperor, ...

T&T Clark Handbook of Children in the Bible and the Biblical World : T&t Clark Handbooks

Horkheimer, Max - Critical Theory (Continuum, 1972) | Positivism | Frankfurt School

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Bultmann was brought up in a Lutheran parsonage and studied at the Universities of Tübingen, Berlin and Marburg. Among his teachers were Johannes Weiss, ...

Instant Expert: Jesus (Instant Expert)

Who Is Jesus? Disputed Questions and Answers

The Bible in the World Context : An Experiment in Contextual Hermeneutics : An Experiment in

... the signs that the history of that practice and its crisis throw up to it as so many interrogations: "the signs of the times," as Jesus calls them in ...

Britannica Classic: The Greek Myths

From Dimension-Free Matrix Theory to Cross-Dimensional Dynamic Systems

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Mark 15 : 39 as a Markan Theology of Revelation - Brian K. Gamel

Open letter to President Trump

To affirm on [page 265] ...


The God Who Saves

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Pocketful of Shame

Even Bultmann, with his view of revelation as essentially a spiritual self-understanding and not political discourse, spoke out against the dangers implied ...

Book of Revelation and Its Interpreters, Short Studies and an Annotated Bibliography by Ian Boxall | 9780810861534 | Booktopia

NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible - 101 Books in Biblical Theology: An Annotated Bibliography

Persons in Communion Trinitarian ,Alan Torrance | Karl Barth | Revelation

Free Book Against Satanism Volume 1 - Satanic Karl Marx was a British Agent and the Communist takeovers of Russia by the Bolshevics and British Agents Lenin ...

Back to Revelation-Inspiration : Searching for the Cognitive Foundation of Christian Theology in a

... otherworldly Christology, in which Jesus is identified with the supernatural Son of Man or the preexistent Word in heaven. Demythologizing is necessary ...

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Destroyed Library


I will first look at Barth's doctrine of the Trinity and then examine Bultmann's program of demythologization as Jüngel interprets each.

In ...

Robert Erlewine Interview – Judaism and the West: From Hermann Cohen to Joseph Soloveitchik

A Critical Review of the Empty Tomb - Hays | Resurrection Of Jesus | Miracle

The Hermeneutics of the Apostolic Proclamation : The Center of Paul's Method of Scriptural Interpretation -

Karl Barth on Theology and Philosophy

... Rudolf Bultmann with his existential, form-critical approach, Paul Tillich with his ontology, Emil Brunner with his own brand of neo-orthodoxy, ...

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Projection and Recollection by Marie Louise Von Franz by Lewis Lafontaine - issuu

22 j. w. rogerson; 41.

A Guide To Interpreting Scripture : Context, Harmony, And Application - Michael Kyomya

Baseball ...

The Four Rs of Literacy

How and Why I Seek to Operate as a Theologian in the 'spirit' of Luther

The King's Temple-Cleansing Business. "

This is the total change, as compared with the Old Testament, even in the total unity which exists at this particular point. That it is a matter of Jacob's ...

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... life of authenticity and wholeness.

Who was Nicodemus, and what was he up to? Was he a secret admirer who could not support Jesus publicly? Was he curious, but didn't want anyone to see him ...