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Diving with Sharks in Fiji What You Need to Know INSPIRATION

Diving with Sharks in Fiji What You Need to Know INSPIRATION


Is diving with the sharks in Fiji safe? Is it ethical? What companies offer

Grey Reef Shark Beqa Fiji

Sharks of Fiji - A guide to these awe-inspiring sharks | Bull sharks, tawny nurse sharks, lemon sharks, silvertip sharks and more | Diving in Fiji | ...

Alexander Safonov grey reef Beqa Adventure Divers Pacific Harbour Fiji Mansa and Grey Reef27

Fiji Shark Dive - Bull Shark

A shark surrounded by yellow and black-striped fish, as well as lots of

If You Want Adventure on Your Next Vacation, You Can't Beat Swimming With Sharks

Bull Sharks in Fiji – Diving the Shark Reef Marine Reserve with Beqa Adventure Divers

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south pacific

A diver observes a passing shark

If you want to dive with and/or photograph tiger sharks you go to Tiger Beach. The small, shallow sand flat, an hour by boat from the West End of Grand ...

A big shark eyeballs divers in Fiji.

10 Best Places to Swim With Sharks

Diving secrets everyone should know about Fiji. diving5. diving4. diving2. Blue_Linckia_Starfish

5 Reasons Travelers Shouldn't Fear Sharks

A huge shark swerves for a large piece of chum, carefully watched by a wetsuit

fiji best shark diving destinations

A group of sharks pictured by Projects Abroad volunteers whilst diving on their Shark Conservation volunteering

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A cloe-up shot of several sharks cruising near the ocean floor

Kuata, Fiji, Sharks

Fiji Shark Dive - Bull Shark

The most exhilarating underwater adventure of our lives - shark diving in Fiji!

Swimming with Whales in Tonga

Fiji Shark Dive - Tiger Shark

Bull Sharks in Fiji - Diving the Shark Reef Marine Reserve with Beqa Adventure Divers - Livingdreams.tvLivingdreams.tv

Diving with the tiger sharks inspired much awe and admiration among all the divers. I heard many times “I was never scared, just fascinated”.

Diving secrets everyone should know about Fiji

10 Shark Diving Tips

Kuata, Fiji, Sharks

Fiji Shark Dive - Tiger Shark


Eli Martinez has a bond with tiger shark Emma

Best Hotels in Maldives for Whale Shark Watching

Find Inspiration for your next dive trip

C7T2521shark DPS

The ten best dive sites in the world: bull shark, carcharhinus leucas, Bega

Dive with sharks

Beqa Adventure Divers Fiji - Bull Sharks-5

Charlie Estrabeau feeds a bull shark.

Discover the South Pacific Seas

TRAVEL TIPS: Everything you need to know before Shark Cave Diving in South Africa

NAI'A divers often encounter resident manta rays feeding in the outgoing current or getting

Diving with bull sharks on Shark Reef Marine Reserve in Fiji

It is definitely always Shark O'Clock on Shark Reef - click for detail!

Mr. Smiley - Great White Shark, Guadalupe, Mexico. Olympus OM-D E-M1, Panasonic 7-14 @ 14mm, 1/200, f/5.6, ISO 200.

Kuata for a Day

Everything you need to know about swimming with whale sharks in Australia


Beqa Adventure Divers Fiji - Feeding Bull Sharks, Beqa Adventure Divers

It was exactly the wrong time to suffer a nose bleed. Picture: Tommy Walker

Fiji travel guide: everything you need to know

Swim with the Manta Ray, Dive with the Sharks

Divers cling to a rock wall while a large shark passes on the other side


Diving Trips with Hammerheads

Discover an Ocean Full of Wonder

Scalloped hammerhead shark. Find out where you can dive ...


Nate and Sean | GEMINI 5K Underwater in Pacific Harbour, Fiji | Sean Ruggeri | Shot on RED

Electric blue and green fish swimming in the reefs of Fiji

Bull Shark Beqa Fiji

Bull Sharks and Kava in Fiji- Bula! | Inspiring travel ideas for the adventurous

Shark cage diving


Australia is rich with wild shark species, so have you ever wondered where do they hang out? And how safe is it to swim in our waters?

A photographer gets some close-up tiger shark action. Many of the sharks at Tiger Beach have overcome their shyness towards divers making close-up shots the ...



Beautiful Bull Sharks, Fiji

Interview with PT Hirschfield, a Truly Inspiring Person and Passionate Scuba Diver

Divers For The Environment December 2012

scuba diving in fiji

Scuba Diving With Sharks (No Cage!) In South Africa

Projects Abroad volunteers learn to dive during PADI course at the Shark Conservation Project in Fiji

Inside the Incredible Private Island Resort Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Stayed at in Fiji | Travel + Leisure

Deadly Stripes: Tiger Sharks

The Ultimate Shark Encounter at Beqa Lagoon Fiji is world famous for observing countless sharks during


Kuata, Fiji, Sharks

The fascinating pattern of a whale shark's back viewed from above as it basks in the

fiji shark dive

Fiji Shark Dive - Bull Shark

shark in Fiji

Beqa Adventure Divers Boat Fiji - Feeding Bull Sharks in the Beqa Channel

The Best Spots for Snorkelling & Diving In Fiji

Backpacking Fiji - facing the ocean

An interesting bit of marine biology related to Fiji