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Erasing Women the Equality Act Dangerous Consequences Concerned

Erasing Women the Equality Act Dangerous Consequences Concerned


Feminists, Conservatives Join Forces to Oppose 'Equality Act'

Erasing Women — the Equality Act Dangerous Consequences – Concerned Women for America

Equality Act Would Create Inequality for Women

House Votes on (In)Equality Act and Rejects Efforts to Save Women's Sports

Erasing Women — the Equality Act Dangerous Consequences – Concerned Women for America

But what does the equality act actually do?

Democrats Introduce Equality Act to Cement Gender Ideology into Federal Law

The Equality Act would only promote inequality. "

Feminists, Conservatives Join Forces to Oppose 'Equality Act' | RealClearPolitics

US Equality Act: Gender Identity Impact Summary

The photo of Women Workers Rising, ...


Equality Act Harms American Freedom

100 Days, 100 Ways the Trump Administration Is Harming Women and Families


Bipartisan Women's Rights Groups Protest the Equality Act

Penny Young Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America. Activists in support of and in opposition to the Affordable Care Act's contraception ...

Doreen Denny

Leaving the Peach State Won't Be so Peachy for Netflix.

The Equality Act

This morning we joined hands with members of Congress and friends (on BOTH sides)

women and girls. Women. The Equality Act would ...


employers and workers

S. 160, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, sponsored by Chairman Graham (R-South Carolina). Immediately following, Penny Nance, ...

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Equality Act

Open Future

Women's Minister Victoria Atkins recently expressed concerns about the number of teenagers seeking life-changing medical interventions.

The Gender Recognition Act is controversial – can a path to common ground be found?

How British Feminism Became Anti-TransHow British Feminism Became Anti-Trans

These cases would multiply under the Equality Act. This bill would politicize medicine by forcing doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to offer ...

NYT: Trump camp trying to 'erase' transgender definition

Today the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 5, the So-Called “Equality Act.”

Infographic: 46% of news stories reinforce gender stereotypes, almost eight times higher than

Meet the women worried about #MeToo

British women to lose 'fundamental rights' because of Brexit, warns human rights report

The fact that we're considering making misandry a hate crime should concern everyone who believes in equality

Mayday for Women

Image: Sarah McBride

How equal are Europe's men and women?

... stamping on the protest of women in an exhibition about protest... Very disappointed in @PHMMcr and concerned at their erasure of sex-based rights.

TIME photo-illustration

The Unholy Alliance of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists and the Right Wing

The Equal Opportunities Commission report found that one in five women had faced discrimination during pregnancy

... that legislation was deemed “outdated” by a Women and Equalities Committee inquiry. But while the trans rights agenda has moved fast, its impact hasn't ...

CWA's very own Shea Garrison highlighted in Judicial Watch Blog.


Would the Equality Act harm religious freedom? Here's what you need to know

What Is a Woman?

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Reaction to criticism of Kamala Harris shows how the voices of progressive people of color are erased…

Transwomen are women

This #LicensetoDiscriminate will further Trump's hateful agenda & enable systematic, government-wide discrimination.

Science has erased the age limit for when a woman can become pregnant. But from a moral standpoint, there may be a time in our lives when becoming pregnant ...

StreetGaris board members, from left to right: Ronak Moaf Mirlashari, Ailin Moaf Mirlashari

TODAY: The House of Representatives are voting on HB 5, which is the deceptively


Trump's move to reinstate a ban on qualified trans people serving in the military is dangerous. #ProtectTransTroops

East Sussex toolkit sports

Ignoring Differences Between Men and Women Is the Wrong Way to Address Gender Dysphoria - Quillette

SEXIST MEN UNDERESTIMATE THEIR POWER IN ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS: Concern for losing power to women can lead to more aggression, study sayspic.twitter.com/ ...

Image Credit: Fred: via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license available at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Why Women Don't Code

Why Women's Colleges Still Matter in the Age of Trans Activism

The New Patriarchy: How Trans Radicalism Hurts Women, Children—and Trans People Themselves

HRC now plaintiffs in @LambdaLegal & @OutServeSLDN lawsuit against Trump's trans military ban #ProtectTransTroops

Women in their sixties and older are essentially being discriminated against for having been discriminated against

Rosa Freedman is Professor of Law Conflict and Global Development at the University of Reading

Impact: from Pakistan and Afghanistan, Two Women Making News


Gender identity: What do legal changes have to do with women's rights? - BBC News

Civil Rights Act of 1964

... stand with them – calling for greater protections for Emirati women by state actors. The United Arab Emirates is rated 'closed' on the CIVICUS Monitor.

Women's groups claim 'silencing' on transgender concerns

10 Retin-A Alternatives to Erase Your Wrinkles Without Harsh Chemicals

A woman writes on poster paper stuck on the wall

Republicans Invite Trans-Exclusionary Feminist to Testify at Hearing on Violence Against Women Act

Some left groups are organising aggressive protests to shut women's meetings down

OBJECT joined a protest at the front of the London Pride parade, 2018. The

A Conservative Defense of Women's Rights

East Sussex trans toolkit

Ontario companies worried about upcoming changes requiring equal pay for part-time employees

Martin Gunseus, 30, with 9-month-old son Pim, on Sept

... so that I can walk him through the harmful effects of the UCP Pick Your Pockets Bill, which will cut banked overtime and wages for youth workers.

The FDA is preparing to crack down on e-cigs like the Juul — here's why vaping is so dangerous

Schematic drawing of a standing woman showing normal child in uterus.

Peter Dunne is a lecturer in Law at the University of Bristol, and Co-Convener for Health with the Trans Legal Equality Initiative.

Man Engraved: A response to Boy Erased

The Push to Make French Gender-Neutral

Should self-identifying trans women be on all-women shortlists? Our writers discuss