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Exposing Adoption Scam Part 1 Local news exposes CPS corruption

Exposing Adoption Scam Part 1 Local news exposes CPS corruption


Exposing Adoption Scam - Part 1 - Local news exposes CPS corruption to adopt babies! - YouTube

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A Gaston County child protective services worker has been arrested after police said he urinated and exposed himself to people outside a York County middle ...

CPS corruption part 2, Ky., children taken to order by Kentucky CPS!!!

Petition update · Senator Nancy Schaefer Murdered When She Exposed #FamilyCourt Ca$h4Kid$ Criminal Mafia Industry · Change.org

Exposing Adoption Scam - Part 2 - Another local news exposes CPS corrupt.

Anonymous activists have announced a global campaign to expose the corruption and rampant child abuse plaguing the Child Protective Services.

Philadelphia City Councilman Endures Threats To Expose Corruption in CPS and Child Sexual Abuse

Medical Kidnapping eBook

Amy Charron's Fight Back Againt CPS Corruption And Fixed Crimes


FPA-Foundation-The People's Movement Family Court, Child Protective Services, Current News

The corrupt Florida DCF and Family Court nightmare - Página inicial | Facebook

Whistleblower Fights for Our Youth: CPS Exposed

This child got to go home to her mother after CPS abuse of power was exposed


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Former Wednesday's Child: 'Adoption Is A Wonderful Thing'

CPS Institutional Abuse of Children in America

Please feel welcome to press play on the audio players & new VIDEO player to the right, to hear and see our client surveys! More videos to come!


Sue for your civil rights in US Federal Court with Section 1983 litigation.

LIBERIAN ORPHAN: In this picture, Quita went by the name Quita Davis and lived in a Liberian orphanage. Life in America, she says, "turned into a nightmare.

The corrupt Florida DCF and Family Court nightmare - Página inicial | Facebook

The MiSACWIS Team Talking About The Project

#CPS #FosterWar #ChildAbuse #AmericasTakenChildren pic.twitter.com/NH5v1XrtMM

Pictured Above: Wilkes County, NC Courthouse - Where Inv. Jon Scott's CPS Case Founded Our Help

Exposing DCF + Manipulative Sociopaths: Governor Rick Scott is providing more Incentives to have more

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Save Maine Lives: Pass the Red Flag Law

She starts the discussion with a list of individuals whom she essentially demands to be blocked. In fact, in the last image, she targets one of our ...

Waiting Angels Adoption Scam Pt2


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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, and Boston Magazine are unwittingly promoting the Holly Collins child custody hoax via their ...

"JLP News" — The Hake Report

"Good News" -- Virginia's Adoption Champion & DaShawn

Underground Railroad, Honesty, Sociopath, Families, Insight, Seeds, America, Book, Parenting. angel · expose cps

Massive Multi-Industry Fraud involving Paternity Testing, MLM and LabCorp (NYSE:LH) EXPOSED

CYS take baby after baby from same mothers

New Jersey, Bergen County, Bad Worst State, Police Corruption, Terror, Crime, Children Hurt » New Jersey Dark History

Military and Scientists knew very well, over forty years ago, after experimenting hundreds of times with microwave radiation on animals and people, ...

... eight Internet groups ...

CPS inspector report highlights stolen funds and deceptive employees - Chicago Sun-Times

... while applying legal pressure, consequences, and exposure on those whom are involved in corruption and responsible for violating PARENTAL RIGHTS.

How to Represent Yourself in Court - a book worth owning if you are involved in


Sky Black @duchess_dark · 3 Nov 2018

Nuclear Savagel The Island Experiments Of Project 4.1. Video; https://youtu.be/pN3IP8bLJRI

NY Couple Victim of Multistate Adoption Scam


Fight CPS With Number's: Child Abuse, Pedophiles and Child Protection Service Crimes - Conspiricy of Silence

Remember Nancy Schaefer, the Senator from Georgia who exposed the CPS for being a child

1986 News of the World Scandal Of Top Cop And Rent Boys [1]

Petition update · Senator Nancy Schaefer Murdered When She Exposed #FamilyCourt Ca$h4Kid$ Criminal Mafia Industry · Change.org

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Being in Canada means you can get away with a lot more than if you were in the US or other places - but being a social worker (who is responsible for ...

A Secret Database of Child Abuse


The Qillary spy-op Exposed - The Days of Darkness - Humanity Makes It´s Last Stand!!!


Child Protection Services and Scandinavian Star insurance scam in Norway

Corruption fines and disgorgements imposed against companies: 2008-2017

Background Radiation Has Increased By 600 To 60,000 Percent Globally, State By State In USA - 0 Before Nuclear Age, 1 mSv In 1950 To Over 6 mSv Today; ...

In a recent livestream, Melissa is seen being arrested by the US Marshals. While it isn't unheard of for a CPS “victim” to be arrested, it is almost never ...

Dr Phil Expose CPS

The Truth Perspective: An Introduction to Jordan Peterson's Maps of Meaning: Explaining Evil and Transforming Chaos from Sott Radio Network on RadioPublic

Tamar Dick @TheTamarDick · 13 Nov 2018

Paternity Packet- Forms and Instructions

Start Up: Google's watches, Uber's SF trouble, China v the US, India's smartphone hassle, and more

There are very real orphans all over the earth, but most of us don't pursue the kids there are; we pursue the kids we want, and these countries know the ...

... the terms ...

The study was commissioned by Tenable from the Ponemon institute, and can be found here.

... as there are no oversight committees or agencies to stop the corruption. This ad is from the UK but this very thing is happening right here in the USA.



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What's Really Happening When Asylum-Seeking Families Are Separated?

The only official document attesting to their parenting skills ...

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Exposing Corruption, Injustices, & The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Ashley and Jesse- Angel Adoption

Smollett would request " ...


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