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Face Your Fears and Do It Scared Everything Equestrian Horse

Face Your Fears and Do It Scared Everything Equestrian Horse


Face Your Fears and Do It Scared! ⋆ Conquer Your Goals. Do It Scared

How To Overcome Your Horse Riding Fear - Your Riding Success TV Episode 54

Equestrian Movement - The Mounting Issue - Scary Tales from a Professional Rider

Sometimes the fear won't go away, so you'll have to do it afraid - Horse Quotes | Quotes for Equestrians | Riding Motivation

We all have fears. Fear is inevitable. The choice we have is if that fear will hinder us.

Face Your Riding Fears

Groundwork is an important part of building trust in your horse. | Photo by Cappy

Can Horses Really Smell Fear? Yes, And That's Not All

fear of riding

Managing the Anxious Horse

Is Horseback Riding Exploitative of Animals?

fear of riding horses

Fear Factor. the relatable rider, horse blog, equine blog, april d. Ray horse blog

Riding Scared: A Spiritual Guide to Reconnecting With Yourself and Your Horse: Miranda K Velasquez: 9781717240941: Amazon.com: Books

... to get over the post-fall riding nerves, look out for our next piece with Sasson where she shares some insider secrets on how to get your mojo back.

Fear Not! 8 Ways to Ease Your Riding Fears

Cheltenham 2019: Champions back to defend crowns despite equine flu scare

Love Your Horse, but Riding Scared?, April Clay, M.Ed.

Riding Scared: A Spiritual Guide to Reconnecting with Yourself and Your Horse by [Velasquez

Hold out a carrot to your horse and you trigger brain cells (neurons) dedicated

Hot Take: Letting Your Green Horse Refuse Jumps Can Actually Pay Off Later

A competent riding coach can help evaluate your riding skills as well as your horse's state of mind. Riding a different horse can also be a confidence ...

Putting Courage in to Overcome Fear | Eventing Nation - Three-Day Eventing News, Results, Videos, and Commentary


No matter what the cause or expression of your horse's anxiety, all riders need to

Napping behaviour can be down to fear

TJR 640 your horse is ugly too equestrian bully

Tryon Equine designing a fear-free equine hospital

Unexpectedly Discovering Courage - #Courage

Fear in Horses

Book of the Month

At school there's a reason they don't teach math or social studies for the whole day. You can pack in only so much of the same thing at one time. I feel ...

Sometimes horses kick out of simple playfulness. |

Facing your Fears


Equine Spook in Place Training

Sarah with her horse


Portrait of a quarter horse. (Courtesy/Bigstock)

When Your Fear Is More Than a “Confidence Issue”

The study carried out by the University of Sussex identified that horses can make 17 facial

... OCFA Partners with Coto Equestrian Preserve to Help Horses -4 ...

Best Ways to “Get Back on The Horse” After an Injury | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Ryan Melendez (right) with a Warrior Kid meeting her Warrior Horse (Courtesy of Warrior Horses)

equestrian sport

Equestrian fears usually originate from two distinct sources: posttraumatic fear and generalized anxiety. Posttraumatic fear develops after experiencing or ...

I'm Really Scared I'll Fall Off My Horse - FearLESS Friday TV Ep3

Fear not as a surprising number of prep and senior schools have the facilities to ensure that pupils get their academic and equestrian fill.

During the American Revolution, Washington was gifted two horses, Nelson and Blueskin (sometimes written as Blewskin), who returned with Washington to Mount ...

4 Steps to Conquering Your Fear - Ethics Daily

Eventually, we will explain how the use of Seaver connected devices can help detect and measure the stress level of the horse.

5 Tips on How to Overcome Your Fear of Horse Riding - BookHorseRidingHolidays.com

Draft Horse Therapy

How can horses help people?

I've been asked to tell you about my experiences with hippotherapy, and I'm honored to do so. I had a stroke on October 5, 2014, a little over 3 years ago.

Regaining your confidence after an accident

Riding a self-going horse—one who's responsive to your lightest aids—is


Image titled Overcome Your Fear of Horses Step 1

Equine-assisted therapy programs at Squirrelwood Equine Sanctuary, Heroes and Horses, and the Man O' War Project at Columbia University Irving Medical ...

Shelley Rosenberg's My Horses My Healers Riding Apprenticeship - Session #2 - My Horses, My Healers Sanctuary

We picked her brains in the first of a three-part series to find out how riders can conquer show nerves.

A traditional ...

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“What often happens is people try to go straight from fear to indifference and they don't give the horse time to experience curiosity and play.”


Finding the Best Calmer for your Spooky Horse

Walking also establishes ground manners beyond the schooling environment. It's an opportunity for you and your horse to have some special one-to-one time.

Horses are my everything ❤

We've all been there before… in an exhausting tug-of-war with a 1000 lb. animal who has decided that he's suddenly going to go right when you want to go ...

Your Retired Racehorse Training Questions, Answered: Part Two

Horse & Style Magazine Spring 2019

When riding in a show, arrive at the show a day before and train in

My workout: Georgina Waller, 39, horse rider – 'It's exhilarating but it can also be scary'

Shelby_14.jpg. Milestone Equestrian

Fear is inherent in horses, with varying levels of intensity and behavioral reactions. Significant fear reactions—bolting and rearing, for example—can lead ...

Justine Dutton's New Priorities: 'That Fall Scared Me…I Knew Something Had To Change'

The Four-Legged Therapists at a Nokomis Nonprofit Help Healing Happen

Check Out Our Horse Anxiety Products!

Why is your horse over-reactive? Why has he stopped listening to you or all of a ...

I've been asked to tell you about my experiences with hippotherapy, and I'm honored to do so. I had a stroke on October 5, 2014, a little over 3 years ago.

... OCFA Partners with Coto Equestrian Preserve to Help Horses -0 ...

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How to Train Your Strong Horse to Have Control

Get to know your body's fear response. When you are afraid, what happens in your body? One of the first steps to controlling fear is identifying and ...

A riding clearing a jump in a local eventing event. Denzil O'Brien, Author provided

Knowing all the technical details of riding is certainly a critical component towards being successful — but equally important is mindfulness.