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Find out how to catch fish with jerkbaits during all seasons using

Find out how to catch fish with jerkbaits during all seasons using


Find out how to catch fish with jerkbaits during all seasons using the secret techniques of

Filled to the “Bream”: We all know that bedding panfish mean lurking bass, but amid the prop baits, swim jigs and spinnerbaits, he suggests pausing a ...

“I find if I'm getting too many follows, I probably need to speed things up and not give a fish enough time to really look at the bait.” – Jeff Gustafson. “

Autumn Attack: Alabama pro Russ Lane also keeps a jerkbait handy throughout the year, and one of his favorite opportunities occurs during the fall feeding ...

Top 5 Jerkbaits For Catching More Bass in the Fall

James Lindner Teaches Jerkbait Tactics for More Success

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Find out why. Close. #bassfishing #wired2fish #fishing

Fall: Jerkin' Season

Catch More Bass Fishing Jerkbaits this Winter with these Tricks! - YouTube

Early-Season Jerkbait Bass

Deep jerkbait evolution

Below is a set of 10 guidelines I'm confident will help your success right now with your jerkbait fishing.

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SPRING Jerkbait Fishing for BIG BASS! Tips To Catch More Fish!

Jerkbait Walleyes. Incorporate these jerkbait tactics on your next walleye outing to put more fish in ...

Jason Mitchell explains tactics and offers insights for catching big walleye with jerk baits. Pictured is a trophy walleye caught with the Salmo Rattlin' ...

Jerkbaits will trigger strikes from speckled trout year-round, but they're especially

When fish are in a very docile, spooky mood, or even when you have great water clarity in the dead of winter, being overly aggressive in your approach just ...

Jerkbait Season: Here's what You need to Know

Break Out Your Bass Gear - Winter is Here!

Rapala Jerkbait

How To Fish A Jerkbait

How to use jerkbaits to catch monster specks

Jerk baits like the Salmo Rattling Sting compliment live bait. Find fish faster with suspending hard baits and soft plastics. Switch over to live bait when ...

Pre Spawn Jerkbait Fishing

If you've been keeping up with the series on year-round jerkbaits, then hopefully you've gleaned a little insight on how to use the little wonders during ...


Largemouth1st fish on my SLX medium jerkbait combo. NY is warming up! Im starting to figure out this jerkbait thang.

Jerkbait Bass Fishing Conditions

Play in the Mud

Getting an Edge on the Bass Season: Early Season Jerkbaits

Fishing on Lake Anna

A long, slender jerkbait is one of the best lures around to catch winter bass.

... in February can be the finest days in the world on any Georgia reservoir. February can also bring some wicked cold fronts that seem to give all the fish ...

Try these jerkbait tactics to put more walleyes in your boat

XBLACK Hard Fishing Lure Set 43pcs Assorted Bass Fishing Lure Kit Colorful Minnow Popper Crank Rattlin. Roll over image to zoom in

2018-06-25 Fishing the North Chad Dalrymple

The bill causes vibration and for the Jerk Minnow to swim side-to-side in a very erratic motion. Most people fish this just

Essentially, I caught my personal best largemouth, smallmouth, and second biggest pike on the same jerkbait, all ...

One of my favorite ways to catch bass is using a jerkbait. Because I am a true power fisherman, this technique allows me to cover ...

Due to milder winter temperatures this year, water temperatures throughout the country are beginning to rise as spring arrives in a hurry. In my own neck of ...

Jerkbait guide

Why You Need to Fish Jerkbaits in the Summer

How to Fish a Jerkbait

jerked - caught walleye

TRUSCEND Bass and Trout Fishing Lures,Twitching Lures Rechargeable LED Slowing Sinking Baits with Mustad. Roll over image to zoom in

Hard-plastic jerkbaits are deadly on bass any time baitfish are shallow in fairly clear water. Most anglers think of February and March, but those are ...

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Not a big walleye, but the group of guys in this party caught lots this size and had a good time sharing the fishing and the companionship. That's a win.

how to use jerkbait

Guests are catching nice slabs on the banks by casting out 1/16 to 1/8 ounce Roadrunners. Some other guests and I have been slow trolling Flicker Minnows in ...

Tips for Catching more Smallmouths this Season

After the spawn, big bass set up in structure adjacent to coves to ambush spawning

My Favorite Early-season Fishing Outings

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Spring Bass Fishing | Lures, Fishing Techniques, Locations & More

In the past I did not like bass fishing in the winter. It took me a long time to learn how to become a better angler in the coldest months of the ...

Any time you're fishing a body of water where there are Shad, Smelt, Alewives, Gizzard Shad or other baitfish, a Soft Jerkbait should be part of your ...

Time of year, water clarity, fish activity level, along with how fish are relating to cover and structure are things to consider when choosing whether to ...

Gold: One of my favorite “go-to” lures during the post-spawn and early spring for Northern Pike is the Yo-Zuri Golden Shiner 3DR Jerkbait.

Mike laconelli, a former Bassmaster Classic champion, lands a bass he caught on a jerkbait. The classic baits are timeless when it comes to bringing large ...

Early-Season Jerkbait Bass

Which Jerkbaits Catch Fish? | Buyer's Guide! — Tactical Bassin' - Bass Fishing Blog

Guide Ed Franko works a floating Rattlin' Rogue in spawning pockets to catch cruising or

These fish are tracking the movement and sound of a jerkbait and will often shy away at the last minute, turning a bite into a tail-swipe.

Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jerkbaits

Corbin Gotwalt catches big bass with Jackall Riserbait 007R

The 50 Greatest Lures of All Time

Rob Bueltmann shows off a keeper bass caught in the Glaize Arm of Lake of the

NEW Savage Gear 3D Minnow utilizes the latest in 3-Dimensional Technology to create a diving crankbait with a great wobbling action

... in February can be the finest days in the world on any Georgia reservoir. February can also bring some wicked cold fronts that seem to give all the fish ...

Whitecaps frosted a small town pond tucked away in plain sight. Only one person was out there fishing through the cold ...

... a bait they can't see. I would also say the dirtier the water, the shallower I fish. That's a big reason I don't fish the jerkbait in dirty water too.”

Spring Bass Lures

Chasing trophy smallmouth bass year round requires a good lure selection of fish catchers like this. Be diverse, and not one-dimensional.


davidbassblog. “

Marc always starts with when early season walleye fishing is trolling a Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Walleye Deep Diver in a shallow area (rock structure-weed ...

I have found that the twitch, twitch, pause cadence works the best. The two twitches and pause may vary depending on the time ...

Jason Christie's Best Jerkbait Advice

Largemouth bass caught from a local pond in 33-degree water. Provided by Dave Holmquist

Jerkbait Bass Fishing

Top 10 Bass Fishing Baits You Must Have in Your Tackle Box (to Lure in – LUCKY TACKLE BOX