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Gardening hacks There are plenty of elements that you must look

Gardening hacks There are plenty of elements that you must look


Gardening hacks. There are plenty of elements that you must look closely at when it

Gardening hacks. There are a lot of things that you have to look closely at

Gardening hacks. There are plenty of elements that you have to look closely at in

Gardening hacks. There are many of elements that you must look closely at in terms

A close up of a potato fork stuck in the dirt in a garden setting.

Garden Guru, public radio host and former Organic Gardening Editor-in-Chief Mike McGrath tackles your toughest garden, lawn, and pest problems every week.

Cold Frame Gardening

10 ideas to get your garden ready for spring

Keep it light

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See more. BENEFITS of MULCH. Best practices for a landscape // There are a number of

Purple clvoer and white daisies in a field serving as cover crops.

Soundbreaks for your garden

fastgardener's spring clean

A collage of photos showing different photos of floating row covers.

Make it magical

Raised Garden Bed4-couple-Thinkstock

There are many different flowering plants you can add to your garden or balcony to attract and nourish these beautiful birds. Have a look at the suggestions ...

Need a new DIY garden project or perhaps you're looking at tackling a large scale landscaping redesign? Well, you've come to the right spot as I unearth ...

Great little compact vegetable garden with raised beds! Charming!

blue dragonfly

Fit in a fountain

Creating an English Cottage Garden. Year 1.

Mini Indoor Greenhouse

If you're reading this, that means you're ready to start growing your own medicine, and that's huge! Once you get the hang of growing you'll hardly ever ...

6 Best Gardening Books Every Green Thumb Should Have On Their Shelf

Landscape Fabric – Weed Barrier Cloth

A long, hot summer can take its toll on your lawn, leaving it patchy and faded. However, Bunnings National Greenlife Buyer Rachel has some great ideas to ...

Source: Family Handyman

Reflect with mirrors

a very full & green weeping pussy willow tree grows in a garden next to plants

cacti of varying heights and colors


... gardening is that there's often a lot less you need to do than you would in a bigger patch – just a few minutes a day can result in a whole lotta ...

Mr Plant Geek's Garden Hacks: soil

2017 Northwest Flower & Garden Show - Official Show Guide

budget garden ideas

Extend the Season and Keep Pests Out with Floating Row Covers

Need help with your garden? Here are some of our helpful garden articles to turn you into a real green thumb.

ZZ plant

How to grow and care for gardenias

Garden Trading


Every garden has to have a watering system to save you from having to do it by hand. Picture: Getty

Sensory garden

Most soil doesn't need much supplemental nutrition because it's already loaded with nutrients. Heck, if you mix up your own super soil you can even ...

gardening mistakes

Wormeries are easy like riding a bike - easy once you get the knack.

Human hands holding spinach leaves freshly plucked from a veggie patch.

Solutions to the 30 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes

Hang a tassel chair

Ponds Store Water

Shade Garden ideas - we are so lucky living here in Vancouver where there are plenty

Bloom booster fertilizer - who needs it

As the nutrients in the soil naturally depletes, you will increase your dosage over the next several weeks until you can provide a full strength of ...

Building Natural Ponds book, by Robert Pavlis

Spacing for Potatoes


Cactus Garden Ideas

cordyline in pot

The Best Sprinkler Heads Reviews

These 22 clever and easy gardening hacks are so useful that using them can change the way you garden forever.

Spray the Day Away: Safe Application of Garden Chemicals and Organic Alternatives

Periodic Table of Elements

Teach your children these enviro friendly garden hacks

Crepe Myrtle Pruning Step-by-Step

Contemporary Pergola With Plants


A pressure-treated, sustainably sourced set can withstand unpropitious weather

Source: Secret Gardens

Plant a living wall

In the end, most of us garden because we love to see the hands-on miracle of life growing in front of our eyes...and somehow have a hand in that process.

Here are 11 Exchange options for durable ground covers that don't require mowing!

Ficus lyrata is a great pot plant for your office as it loves indoor conditions and bright lighting. And because it's a slow-growing plant, it will be ...

Clones- Clones will get you up and running quickly. That's why you usually see growers opt for clones over seeds, because while seeds might give you a ...

How to Propagate Outdoor Plants

Looks great in a midcentury-style plant stand.

Garden Myths book by Robert Pavlis

How to design a potager garden

The humble potato is a staple on many dinner tables around New Zealand. Roasted, boiled, mashed or in a salad – no matter how you serve yours, they will ...

Source: US Decorating

Artificial Outdoor Landscaping

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10 Reasons to Introduce Fountains and Other Water Features into Your Garden

Use colour to set the tone

Gardening Must-Do's: How to Make the Most of Your September Garden