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Heres Mk1 Caddy project its been converted from a dirty diesel to

Heres Mk1 Caddy project its been converted from a dirty diesel to


Here's Mk1 Caddy project, it's been converted from a dirty diesel to a petrol by

I noticed the carb flange was split so rather than buy a carb flange I decided I'd rather put my gti engine in instead seen as I had all parts gathering ...

So here are a few pictures…

Resto-mod Volkswagen Golf Mk1 PD130 engined

Dirty Rabbit Volkswagen Golf Mk1 1.6D - naturally-aspirated diesel never looked so good

John's 3.6L VR6 Mk1 Caddy | Owner Spotlight

This lime green Caddy belongs to Adam @

Project 83 MK1 cabby, several years in the making!

After a good clean i ended up with this

Volkswagen Golf Mk1 2.0 ABF 16V swap

My First MK1 VR6 Swap ~ Where Is It Now?


Volkswagen Golf Mk1 PD130

5 speed conversion


Dirty Rabbit Volkswagen Golf Mk1 1.6D. Whether it was ...

Details about VW caddy GTI Skoda Felicia mk2 pickup pick up truck 2L golf 8V engine project

With winter fast approaching the car will be garaged and slowly having some work done it

Everything You Need to Know about the VW Diesel-Emissions Scandal

1977 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel

After a good clean i ended up with this

1.6D Golf (Rabbit) White Smoke


200hp VW golf MKII (i.redd.it)

I acquired it from a guy who drove it from Phoenix, AZ to KC, only to blow the h.g. on the way up. He had swapped the factory TD for an N/A ...

but as i have nearly finished the black golf in my sig i had some spare money and worst of all time :lol: anyway got a rado engine cheap (but dirty)

VW nirvana Volkswagen Golf 1.6TD Mk1 - 1.6TD block with 1.9 AAZ head, Giles Performance injection pump, built internals, custom intake and exhaust, ...

The patient up on ramps (jack stands make me nervous) and anticipating the conversion

Converting VW Jetta to run on straight vegetable oil (WVO)

Day I picked her up (notice the rear suspension)

Volkswagen to buy back or repair nearly 600,000 vehicles in emissions scandal

Volkswagen TDI diesel vehicles owned by Phil Grate and family, Seattle, Washington

Can you imagine driving a stylish small modern pickup capable of 40 miles per gallon? That doesn't exist on any dealer lot, but with a used VW Jetta or Golf ...

We spend a few minutes in the glow of post track activity adrenaline with converted punters converging to take a closer look at the two cars and to grab a ...

She's home, project caddy commences #volkswagen #caddy #mk1caddy #caddyvan #retro

This September 29, 2015 file photo shows the logo of German car maker Volkswagen (

I know, it is sacrilege to put a gasser setup into a diesel car, but I was working with the parts that I had and a $500 Shell

Ethics in Engineering: Volkswagen's Diesel Fiasco

Of course the key will be finding a good one in the first place. Because prices have gone through the roof in recent years, you might need to pay a fair bit ...

A man erects a Kombi van-shaped tent at a music festival.


The VW badge has barely changed since WW2

diesel air pollution

It's the truism of anyone who's ever slipped into Nomex coveralls and pulled down on a shoulder harness to strap into any kind of race car.

Volkswagen has recently released the VW Golf R

VW Mk3 Golf buying guide

An automotive magazine reports that Volkswagen will shower diesel owners with money Monday as part of its effort to win back some of the goodwill squandered ...

A few weeks later some BBS lookalikes were purchased which improved the looks no end.

0385 Porsche Diesel Bus blau.jpg

Volkswagen TDI diesel vehicles owned by Phil Grate and family, Seattle, Washington

I had them tested to find out which was worse. Along the way, I discovered just how dirty some new cars are.

Which reminds me – I feel like I've been rambling on for a hot minute now without touching on one actual crucial factor: the rear-wheel drive conversion.

Grease Is the Word: Fill It Up With Fry Oil

Time to ditch diesel? Comparing the costs of driving a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric car

... modified vw caddy black bbs wheels · modified ...

will splice into rear of caddy loom

Thats the way it should be, right? The owner didn't try and fluff the build with perfect panels and a showroom shine, so why would I dress this ...

Now, a group of three dealers have filed a class action suit against the German automaker, saying it intentionally defrauded dealers and consumers with ...

There's nothing to see here, folks. (Yes, we mean that literally. Sorry.)

E-Auto | VW Golf (picture-alliance/dpa/J. Woitas

We are building a tdi swap for a customer, he sent us his 1980 caddy, an ALH out of a 00 beetle, and instruction to make it a functional truck, ...

New project / day van.. blank canvas #vw #vwcaddy #caddy #

as it turned up

With a reputation for being bombproof, the Mk3 is great to work on at home and what you lose in raw chuckability you gain in terms of safety and overall ...

Product recall: Oliver Blume said that in co-operation with the German Federal Motor

If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen


Michelin Uptis Tire

Building An Electric Jalopy: Ryan Kiefer's Volkswagen Rabbit EV Conversion

... it was painfully dorky to behold. vw_passat-variant_1973-5

As we were leaving it was pretty much the last car on the field parked but Stacey noticed it had a for sale sign in the window

If you've spent £19,000 on a Nissan Qashqai diesel it'll be rather harder to take a stand to help clean up the air we breathe.

Tough new MOT rules mean dirty diesels are more likely to fail

What Was I Thinking? A Tale Of An EV Conversion That Was Over Before It Began

We're going to try to cover each of the diesel-powered vehicles to have raced in the series, but we might have overlooked a couple here and there.

A desert graveyard near Victorville, California, holds some of the 350,000 Volkswagen and Audi

... Converting VW Jetta to run on straight vegetable oil (WVO)

You'd have to be living in Mars if you don't know what a VW Golf is. In the 35 years since it was introduced to the world, it has achieved almost as ...

VWVortex.com - Rallycross VW-Caddy build thread

After a good clean i ended up with this

Article # TH 466

love it !! #vagmen #vagmengroup @vagmen_group #vw #vdub #vwgolf

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The engine bay as it looked before we got started.

First, let's get this out of the way: Fuel injectors are a wear item on all diesels, including the VE, or rotary pump TDIs sold in North America from 1996 ...

The Mk6 is unremarkable – perhaps we'll look at it with reverence in forty years? Credit: Jeff Gilbert

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Just as quickly, a green flag is waved in our general direction and Renato takes off in the sticky tyre-shod 360kW monster that is the Art3on.

Article # TH 521

[UPDATE 4/21]: As expected, Volkswagen will fix or buy back about 500,000 "clean diesel" cars that contain software intended to fool emissions test ...

Electric Cars: Will Any Auto Company Make Money?

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