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Hey Curb Alert Friends Thank you so much for your sweet

Hey Curb Alert Friends Thank you so much for your sweet


Hey Curb Alert! Friends. Thank you so much for your sweet compliments on my

If you follow me on Facebook you may already have a hint at what it looks like.

Here's ...

I first envisioned it as a little Tea Party Table for Buttercup. I sanded the wood veneered top and very lightly sanded the base and legs.

I cannot express how happy I am with the results and cannot wait to play tea party with my. Curb Alert!

Look at those cute legs!

Curb Alert! blog

Here's the note I posted to the neighborhood list serv (they already think I'm nuts):. Curb Alert: ...

Curb Alert recycling craft ideas. Check out the whole site. Pretty cool ideas.

That turned out great and I loved the distressing on the edges.

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Friends! Awe! Thank you so much my sweet friend Debbie N. Ly

How to Make a Photo Holder-11. So what do you ...

Spent another afternoon in a resale shop looking for some old Christmas sweaters for my daughter, Butterfly and her friends to wear to a “Tacky Christmas ...

A righteous pile of trash

I've gone through the heartache of having a dear friend suddenly disappear from my

I answered an ad on my local Freecycle website and agreed to pick up a dresser and nightstand “sight unseen”. Imagine how thrilled MyLove was when I begged ...

Do You Let Criticism Stop You

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When not sitting on that sofa, I was self-righteously running around town tracking down sources for expensive grassfed, organic beef to get rid of trace ...

The lady raved about what an heirloom it was to her and thanked us for coming to pick them up so quickly as she snuck over to take a $100 For Sale ...

An Irish Wish For A Friend: Poem | Finding Our Way Now

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Forgiveness can be understood religiously or psychologically. Either way, it's a powerful and universal

I'm so grateful for all your wonderful visits and comments. Thank you so much for always being there, many Blessings to you all, dear friends!

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The Internet's Best List of Clichés

JCJ 10.24.18

(Pre-Blogging) I happened upon this, pretty beat up one, at a what Californian''s call a CURB ALERT! That, which was ...

Good friends are hard to find – and even harder to keep

When Your Best Friend Dies

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Check out the evidence ...

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Kid you not. I paid $35, which was too much, especially since it didn't even have a back. But she had perfect lines and I really liked her faux-four top ...

It was the easiest tutorial to follow along in only 9 easy steps. I started off penciling in my lines, then painted in the entire star an “oops paint” light ...

This pile was easy to assess and dismiss on sight: nothing we need and no

Illustration for article titled The Cheapskate's Guide to Getting Free Stuff

Has America lost its appetite for Curb Your Enthusiasm?

You've dealt with them before. At your church, as a volunteer, on your staff, as customers.

The Danger of Manipulative Love-Bombing in a Relationship | Psychology Today

A University of Waterloo, Canada study found that women likely tend to apologize more often because they have a lower threshold than men for what they ...

The second technique is also very easy to use even if you're not a witty quick thinker.

How to Deal With the Police in Thailand

Newport Avenue Market Plastic Bag Ban Educational Campaign

Thanks to a hot tip from a friend, I got this bookcase from Goodwill for $15 during the Black Friday sale.

The Dutch are in fact proud of all this directness and their very unique tell-it-as-they-see-it mentality. They often consider the English or American forms ...

The forwarded message designation is meant as a measure to control the spread of viral misinformation in countries like India, where the company has 200 ...

The Forgiveness Letter You Need to Write

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13 Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

Frugal Hound: chief trash find assistant

Candy Christmas Play Kitchen from Curb Alert

Every Episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ranked

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Why Men Can't Stand to Be Alone After a Breakup or a Divorce — First Person - The New York Times

Now, relax folks – don't kill the messenger, I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing. I'm just appropriating the Dutch culture and telling you how it ...

If you're a true cinema lover, chances are you've stumbled upon the magical world of Hindi movies or Hindi films (a.k.a. Bollywood movies) at some point.

9 Warning Signs You're Raising Spoiled Kids


Empathy as Social Sensitivity

... time with someone before you consider them a casual friend, 90 hours before you become real friends, and about 200 hours to become close friends.

Curb Your Inner Critic Over the Holidays with Self-Compassion

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Boss on Lin-Manuel Miranda's Influence Over Larry David's Musical

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Trash find patio set my parents found in the suburbs

This is a NYC driveway with poles highlighting the entrance

Fewer flags are flying in Taipei's Diplomatic Quarter, where Taiwan's ally embassies are located.


How to Make a Guy Stop Bothering You

There you have it, friends. Thank you so much for following along with me! Now be sure to hippity-hop on over to Kim and Lacey's blog, Styled with Lace, ...

Productivity is not about doing more faster. Rather it's about achieving more by doing less as a result of focusing on getting ...

How To Get Motivated Should You Toughen Up - Unexpected Advice for Sensitive Souls

The Forgiveness Letter You Need to Write

That first day after surgery I learned that heparin is kinda the devil. I mean it saved my life, so thank you heparin. It prevents further clotting.

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A Brother as Significant as Any Other

Facebook-quitting advice from a professional internet quitter

Tik Tok is owned by Beijing-based firm Bytedance. Photo: Handout

CoYo Organic - My good friend in Bend, Oregon introduced me to the line CoYo and I have forever been hunting it down all over America.

15 essential Google Assistant commands you'll find yourself using every day

A part of lesson planning involves being prepared to deal with disruptions. This article will

Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how your interest in Photography has evolved? I've been a practicing Architect for the past 7 years ...

Here is a sneak peek into our kitchen utensil drawers. To a neurotic person that thrives on organization and control (me) this drives ya' nuts.

Needles California wagon 2 week Route 66 itinerary detailed guide

2018 Volkswagen Atlas 3.6L V6 SE w/Technology in Bismarck, ND - Honda

Turn their dominating behavior against them using the Play Along-method

Thanks again! Carla and Pud