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Hey I hear you are looking for a freelance writer to conjure up

Hey I hear you are looking for a freelance writer to conjure up


Business Name Ideas for Freelance Writers

3. Be Less Generic, More Memorable

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Most of what your mind will offer you when the doubts start to kick in about freelancing are based on what you've heard from other people.

Now You Know!

Questions About Your Freelance Writing Business Name

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How To Find And Manage Content Writers for Your Niche Website [The Definitive Guide]

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Ho ho hope you're having a wonderful time this Christmas season. And just in time for the holiday, here are our picks from December's Furious Fiction!

The Importance of Content Writing in Your SEO Strategy

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Hi Donna! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your path to becoming a freelance copywriter?

I'm a mom to twins who decided to stay home and become a freelance writer 🙂

99 Ways to Get Inspired to Write


Things We Lose

My business name is Innovative Ink and I really thought this was the perfect name for my freelance writing business.

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This is one of those catch-up posts as it dawns on me how long it is since I last blogged! And why is that, you ask? The spring and summer were intense ...

The fantastic Tom Gauld

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Quiz: Should you look for a new job in 2019?

You may have heard the advice that if you want to start a gym program, it's best to do it with a friend. This is an excellent idea because it gives two ...

Chicago Library Seeks Help Transcribing Magical Manuscripts

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Why Being Naive Can Make Your Fortune


When we think of education, many of us have the knee-jerk response of instantly conjuring up an image of a classroom in our heads.

Many liberals have embraced the sharing economy. But can they survive it?

I see these questions on writer forums all the time – when is the best time to pitch an editor? do you ever email editors over the weekend? your work day ...

... smile on your face from start to finish – with believable dialogue and inner monologue thoughts from Mark. Bonus fun for those of us who carry our moral ...

Quiz: Should you look for a new job in 2019?

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CL: I've wondered how your playwriting and fiction writing interact. You say that the playwriting influences the fiction on a subconscious level, ...

“My sister says I am an alien”: A 9-year-old applies to be NASA's planetary protection officer – The Denver Post

Published 6 months ago by Aaron Bagley

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My Brain: The All-Hands Meeting

I tried becoming a professional poker player after watching the movie Rounders.

What happens when a book critic writes a book? Let him tell you

So you own a photo booth. Maybe you get a respectable number of clients and customers but are looking to up that number. Or perhaps you're struggling even ...

Stunned By Trump, The New York Times Finds Time For Some Soul-Searching

How to Get the Most Out of Your Outsource Content Writer

Over coffee, I ask Da' if she agrees with my assessment that she one day seemed to be ubiquitous in Seattle's poetry scene, after years on the edges.


Rebranding Pink

On Likability

Do you want a work at home job that does NOT require you to stick to

Medina is a nonbinary queer Latinx writer (they/them/their). They are a first-year MFA Creative writing student concentrating in Writing for Children and ...

Meet Donna Webeck - freelance real estate copywriter

WHEN we think of artificial intelligence in healthcare, it may conjure up unsettling images of faceless robot doctors treating patients in cold whitewashed ...

... great jazz cities, the first names that come to mind are New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City, and New York. The name Detroit tends to conjure up images ...

Copyblogger FM: Content Marketing, Copywriting, Freelance Writing ...

The moment my cruciate ligament ruptured in my knee has left a visceral imprint in my mind. It wasn't so much the popping sound, although I can conjure up ...

... the spells (she's trained in myriad occult traditions), but her philosophy boils down to a simple analogy: “It's like me looking at you and saying 'I'm ...

7-Figure Small

Notice, we can't see if the table is firmly on the ground or not. After writing—we read the poem aloud. People don't expect this, to hear the words ...

Like you, I am also a writer searching the world around me for new and interesting topics to spark my creativity.

With all these new incoming customers you're sure to acquire if you implement these methods, you'll need improved solutions to manage them.

Episode 109.2: Sandbox Interview With Freelance Artist & Illustrator for Disney Jerrod Maruyama from Master of One Network on RadioPublic

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Mobile phone addiction? It's time to take back control

How To Use Dictation To Write Faster And Stay Healthy With Scott Baker

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Under New Payment Rules, You Should Write Longer Books

The epidemic of passable tech house

41 Creative Writing Freelance Jobs to Make Money With Your Hobby

How to Craft Your Business Story by Defining 4 Key Moments

8 Strange Rituals of Productive Writers

There are 2 freelancing “stories” you can tell yourself. Which one do you choose?

Come Clarity: Life After Antidepressants

To my amazement they said yes – but it was all of my own arranging. Travel writing

The Quick Start Guide to Starting Your Own Editing Side Hustle

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A Festive Question

... and journalist—and I've been driven by the same belief in both avenues of work. Namely, I believe that each person has something unique to offer to the ...

Thanks to the cooperation of the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) and Creative Writing at The New School, as well as the tireless efforts of our students ...

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Conjure Coffee owner, Corey Waldron. Corey requested a Columbian pour-over while we chatted about his ...

MJ: You made a joke in the interview: “Check back in a few months and see what restaurant I'm working in.”

Jeff Elkins; Alexey Kurbatov and Muti

... and influence your favorite writers. Books by men get plenty of attention in reviews, reporting, and academic syllabi, and have for hundreds of years.