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How do you confuse two totally different fandoms Im in both

How do you confuse two totally different fandoms Im in both


Draco and James are two different flavors of arrogant.

The fandom citizen name of the Mortal Instruments is Shadowhunters? I'm such a Shadowhunter it's not even funny.

Yassss | Clean Tumblr Funnies | Harry potter 2, Harry potter memes, Harry Potter

I'm in the respectful half of this fandom. Sure, I'm insane, but I'm insane as far away from the guys as possible.

As I travel across America, I often hear youth excitement about AOC. She seems to be offering new genres and vernaculars of political speech and new models ...

Another accusation towards BTS was 'saejagi.' Saejagi is like a company buying their own groups albums for an album sales boost.

These are two charts on the same date from Melon and Bugs. How can the music chart on the same day be so different? Both are streaming apps that are widley ...

... completely different in tone and assertiveness with them. He isn't swearing at them or accusing them of being liars or anything like that.

This is a news about SOME army attacking chanyeol for his solo track…

When I saw the show on Broadway Madison walks out with a tissue dabbing his eyes while Jefferson is giving him a very confused look. It's great lol


From the recent Twitter confusion over an account claiming to have the funds and support to remake Star Wars: The Last Jedi (I'm ...

Muggleborn headcanons part 2 - Imgur


Arrow's Stephen Amell implying that pointing out systemic racism in the former Confederacy is equally bad

I know you know that our fandom is one of the most extra fandom in the whole galaxy. I mean, BTS is extra too so what would you expect from their fans ...

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From the recent Twitter confusion over an account claiming to have the funds and support to remake Star Wars: The Last Jedi (I'm ...

Am I the only one who looked at the second pic and nearly fainted from arm/chest porn?

Discover ideas about Headcanon Harry Potter

If Charlie Weasley applied at Hogwarts Harry Potter Girl, Harry Potter Facts, Harry Potter

Gaelic words for Nationalities (1).jpg

Blue Eyes Blink: Strange Feelings - 1 Fandom Crossover, Superwholock, Danny Phantom,


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Time Travel in Fiction Rundown

Participatory Politics in an Age of Crisis: Mel Stanfill and Samantha Close (Part I)

Creators of popular media are becoming increasingly wary of their fans. That's a problem for everyone.

Anna said hasn't always been immersed in the fandom and only realised

Here's How To Vote “Twitter Best Fandom” In The 14th Annual Soompi Awards

I Was Born for This

Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm/transcript

Fandom Discontinuity. Compare backlash against Cursed Child with Episode 8. Both installments of their respective franchises are hated by many.

Sculpture at Further Confusion


Meet the Young Adults, the B&N Teen Blog's swat team of awesome teenaged bloggers. YA literature is a strange and wonderful landscape of books that should ...

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Furry fandom


This Is How Star Trek Invented Fandom

Beyond that, both groups created guides explaining how to produce more such content so that knowledge, not just objects created or time spent, ...

Teens Are Debating the News on Instagram

Lisa Tuttle and I were both nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1973, the first year the award was given.

'I'm Already Tracer' critics tear teens down just for having fun

The Magicians' Queliot Episode Is a Landmark Moment For Slash Fandom

The term applied to these male MLP fans is Brony (short for bro pony) and they're out to challenge some male stereotypes about what friendship—and ...

ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ 🎸🌱 on Twitter: "🎵 MY DAY ONLINE CHOIR Project 🎵 Looking forward to your participation. Drop your questions below if you have any.

How Furries became a fandom

Especially EXO is famous for their chart records, how #1–10 are full of EXO songs in the same album when they make a comeback.

My first fandom, two actually. Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite. That's my jam right there, my strawberry jam.

tumblr user onthelosingside attempts to elevate the discussion regarding the slash pairing

How Marvel Became a $16 Billion Franchise: Fandom, Cribbing From Comics and Kevin Feige

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Oh my god Remus totally taught them swears I believe nothing else this is my headcanon I'm adopting it | 150 POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR in 2019 | Harry potter ...

toxic fandom google trends

Henry Stein

Trolling Creator

Know Your Meme

Eurovision 2019: Semi-Finals Discussion Thread

Bronies exploded onto the internet as a fandom in a big way. There are innumerable websites to the show run by bronies (like the now famous Equestria Daily) ...

Brooks Hansen on Twitter: "When someone tries to silence you from telling your story, no matter how delayed it is...stand your ground.

If you're unsure what your group's official hashtag is, please refer to this helpful doc~ May the best fandom win!

DENVENTION. Edward Bryant was the toastmaster at the 1981 worldcon in Denver, and earned the dubious distinction of being the first (and last, ...

R.A. Salvatore reflects on 30 years of writing Drizzt and an ever-changing fandom

1. "Desserts" / "Stressed"

Toxic Fandom: When Criticism and Entitlement Go Too Far

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The hue of each of your tasks (i.e. Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos) will change based on how well you are currently accomplishing them.

Two Can Keep a Secret. Other editions

Creators ...

Cognitive bias cheat sheet

Sherlock showrunners and writers Stephen Moffatt and Mark Gatiss attend the Nerd HQ Sherlock panel in San Diego, July 2016. Aja Romano

“Game of Thrones” has ushered in the golden age of internet fandom


Beloved children's cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and fascism: two things that, to your average John Q. Public, would seem to go together about ...

NASA's next generation launch vehicle is called SLS or the Space Launch System. SLS is NASA's push to get Humans back into deep space for the first time ...

Star Wars emoji, appended to millions of tweets in 2015 alone.

An introduction to fandom vocabulary

'Steven Universe' fandom is melting down after bullied fanartist attempts suicide

Fans watch the band Blink-182 perform onstage at KROQ Weenie Roast 2016. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc.

Don't Hug Cacti furry suit fandom


"I joined the fandom around late November not too long after I found out

Well the elections are here! Here's your ballot, who are you voting for?

Season 1

The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors confuse the polarity Eleven: “Reverse the polarity!” Eleven: “It's not working.” Ten: “We're both reversing the polarity.