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How to Convert Your YouTube Videos for IGTV Social Media Tips

How to Convert Your YouTube Videos for IGTV Social Media Tips


Video on social networks is nothing new, but Instagram continues to leap forward with exciting new features that align with how we record and consume ...

Want to repurpose your content? Watch this video for how to convert your horizontal YouTube

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What will Instagram's IGTV mean for social media marketing? Instagram TV

what is IGTV video size

Your Guide to Instagram's IGTV. Social Media Worldwide

IGTV Video: What You Need To Know

Instagram TV Blog

IGTV Video Requirements and Editing Tips | From Import to Upload | Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

IGTV versus YouTube: Which platform is better for video content creators?

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Publish youtube videos to IGTV

How to Use IGTV Videos on Instagram

Your Guide to Instagram's IGTV

Try this IGTV Cover Template + many more! 17 Stunning IGTV Templates for your Instagram TV Channel #InstagramTips #IGTV #InstagramStories #Templates

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IGTV vs Youtube: Where Will Video Creators Go? | Your Charisma

Happy reading... Homepage Content Marketing IGTV: The first big challenger to take on YouTube?

IGTV is Instagram's new video platform, and I have been getting SO many messages from people asking, “Should I be on this new platform?

Instagram—typically known as a photo platform—has quickly caught on to the rising popularity of video content on social media and video focused platforms ...

How to Post Video from iMovie to Social Media

How to Resize Your Video For Instagram TV | IGTV Sizing Guide

Instagram TV (IGTV) - What is it and how to set up a successful

With IGTV, Instagram Takes Aim at YouTube

It is no surprise that Instagram is taking the lead in social platforms. With the official launch of IGTV, a standalone app that is also visible on the ...

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How to Post on IGTV - How to Use IG TV to Become the Next Instagram Star (TOP 3 TIPS!)

The 2018 Social Media Image and Video Size Guide

7 Instagram IGTV Video Ideas You Can Steal For Your Brand Or Business

IGTV is Instagram's new video platform, and I have been getting SO many messages from people asking, “Should I be on this new platform?

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The IGTV was launched at june 20th. It offers a new way to watch and interact with longer videos in a vertical format, that was consolidated with Instagram ...

How to create and upload video for Instagram's new IGTV

Instagram just put IGTV videos in your feed

The ultimate guide to vertical videos for marketing

Last summer, Instagram entered the long-form entertainment space with IGTV, a content hub and standalone app that lets users upload videos up to ten minutes ...

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The Rise of Vertical Video Marketing – Team Vision Marketing – Honolulu, Hawaii Advertising Agency and Marketing Firm

Instagram updated to include the IGTV icon.

I'm sure we've all come across some people and brands that have an amazing presence on social media. Their profiles look eye-catching and they're very ...

IGTV How to Upload Longer Videos On Instagram

IGTV and the shifting landscape of mobile video viewing

Instagram Releases IGTV: You Can Now Upload One-Hour Long Videos to the Platform

IGTV: What Went Wrong?

PinterestFacebook. Image. While content typically shared on ...

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What's the (Instagram) story with IGTV?

... here is exactly the same as Instagram Stories, with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Anyone who has an Instagram account can create their own IGTV channel and start ...

A Video Marketing Guide On Creating Epic Content for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and More

On my Samsung Galaxy S8, I just searched for "IGTV" in the Google Play store, and the new app popped right up.

IGTV. Pro tip 2: Take special care to edit your cover photo, especially if you're planning on sharing a preview to your Instagram profile.

3. Keep it Short. Though IGTV videos ...

How to Use Instagram TV. By Fathima Mohaideen on ...

The Secrets Revealed: How To Optimize Your Instagram TV Videos

Instagram has been rumoured to be getting into long-form video for a while — and yesterday the company made those plans official with the reveal of IGTV, ...

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What is IGTV Video and How Can Brands Use It? | Online Digital Marketing Courses

The Ultimate IGTV Guide: How to Create an Engaging Channel

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The dynamics of marketing need to change with the changing velocity of customers' preferences. Customers are the lifeline of any business.

Social Chatter Episode 192: LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ad History & IGTV Landscape Videos

4 Brands that are killing it on Instagram TV

You can finally share landscape video on Instagram

Instagram has continually expanded its offerings for advertisers, with each type of ad placement offering unique advantages.

What is IGTV? How to watch and make longer videos on Instagram

Using Instagram to Promote Your YouTube Videos

How YouTube and IGTV affect your business' marketing

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IGTV: What It Is, How It Works, and How Businesses Can Use it

4 Tips to Sell in a Less Cheesy Way!

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It's also important to understand the different resolutions and frame rates of your camera. This resolution chart below is a good guide for each setting:

IGTV video size & dimensions

IGTV is the newest addition to the Instagram family. It might feel like uncharted territory or a little pointless but, this extension of Instagram is a ...

Infographic about Consumer Trends - State of Social Video - How Customers Engage with Social Media

These new functionalities give brands the power to really foster an identity and connect with their target audience in a unique yet simple way.

IGTV has a long way to go