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How to Install a Clothesline with Pulleys Homestead Hacks

How to Install a Clothesline with Pulleys Homestead Hacks


A pulley clothesline is an easy way to save money on your electric bill. In

This tutorial shows you how to make a DIY pulley clothesline with a line tightener and

clothesline pulley instructions advice cleaning

Use a line tightener to keep your DIY pulley clothesline tight even after lots of use

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Homemade Laundry Clothesline Pulley System Project

Learn how to make a DIY pulley clothesline with a line tightener and clothesline spreaders to

Learn how to make a DIY pulley clothesline with a line tightener and two clothesline spreaders

How to put up a clothesline - GardenFork

Really nice, detailed instructions for a T-post pulley clothesline (includes a cost break-down!)

DIY pulley clothesline with a line tightener to keep the line from sagging

Attach a pulley to a wall with a screw hook and carabiner to make a DIY

How to make your own strong clothes line using a pulley system.

DIY pulley clothesline that you can easily remove and reinstall so you don t hit your

Building An Old-Fashioned Pulley Clothesline – The Smell of Fresh Laundry!

How to Clean Your Clothesline

When you tighten the line make sure you put a knot or two in the tail piece and cut off the leftover length.

How to Use a Clothesline Correctly | + Homesteading & Survival + | Line drying clothes, Outdoor clothes lines, Outdoor laundry lines

How to build and DIY your own clothesline, it's not too hard at all!

DIY pulley clothesline with a line tightener and two clothesline spreaders

Installing the best clothes line that we have ever used

Supplies needed to make a DIY pulley clothesline with line tightener

Clothesline Pulley Design - I have wanted one of these for years.

Install your own clothesline post in the #backyard. | Installez vous-même votre propre poteau de corde à linge. #DIY #CommentFaire

DIY pulley clothesline with a line tightener

First I measured 2 feet from the bottom of the post (the end I planned to put into the hole in the ground). I marked this off on both posts.

Amish Clothesline Pulley System Diagram

How to Install a Clothesline.

outdoor clothesline

"My Clothesline." Pulley system from house to pole or tree. To stop

retractable clothesline

How to Restore A Vintage Ice Cooler

It is very important that the posts be put in the ground as deep as possible. Weather and temperature changes can ...

Using a turnbuckle to adjust clothesline tension

Extra-sturdy clothesline

Amish clothesline pulley system

I picked up at my local hardware store the eye screws and the linkage to connect my pulleys to the eyescrews. The links are actually links for chain that ...

Clothesline Build

I tapped a bolt through each hole making sure that the heads of the bolts where on the post side. Rolling the post over I secured each bolt with a washer ...

Umbrella clothesline

The weather is nice, it's time to start hanging out your clothes for the season

Amish Style Cable Pulley Clothesline, Wash Line Pulley Kit

I chose cotton over the plastic coated wire that is now offered for clothesline. I just don't like the wire and it won't work well with my pulleys.

Installing Austral Retractaway 40 Washing Line

When Caleb rented a bobcat over the weekend, he got an auger with it, so he also got my new clothesline poles put up (thanks so much to our generous ...

These treated timbers are approximately 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 8. I decided to use them to construct the T post to support the drying lines with pieces cut from ...

... hardwood Drying Racks here in the beautiful state of Idaho. Drying Racks that just might outlast you! 😊 Really. Visit us at: Homestead-Store.com ...

Unless you install line pullers. These grip the lines when you pull it tight to remove the slack. It locks in tight with the use of springs and bearings and ...

... components in a way that is both functional and comfortable for the wearer. In this vein, [Jiri Praus] has managed to create some glowing earrings that ...

clothes lines at lowes | Inexpensive and Effective Clothesline Pulley: Wood Outdoor Clothesline .

Clothes Line

This is my own pulley assembly. You don't have to use pulleys. You can install the eye screws and hang your lines from there. I chose to indulge myself in ...

Clothesline spreader


A zipline might be dicey for hauling supplies, but what about a circular line designed like a hefty pulley clothesline? One person would stand at point A ...

In a corner of the park, a group of singular objects: a haphazard structure, a shaky assemblage of a few elements, and two chairs put together from a few ...

How to Install an Electric Fence

Wood Stove by Tim Biggins

Furnishard Bathroom Bar Shower Curtain Metal Rail Hanger

I had wanted my hardware to be installed before I set the posts but FedEx did not bring my items on time and I really needed to get those posts in the ...

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How come, when you have a better night's sleep, you wake up feeling more tired?

There are so many ways we make our camper feel like home. For example, we make our camper bed with nice sheets and pillows - the same kind that we use at ...

2000+ Survival Uses for Everyday Items ...

Simply tie off one end on the loop then feed the other end through the device. When you tighten the line make sure you put a knot or two in the tail ...

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How to Turn a RATCHET STRAP into a WINCH!

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Two examples of Yona Friedman's communal, utopian, improvised shelters, variable at will and designed for those in need. Friedman obviously knew quite a bit ...



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Reuse Bed Springs As a Plant Climber

The wood chisel is sharp. Very sharp. It will cut right in to the wood with a tap of the hammer.

Here's a collection of mostly hand tools. This hearkens to thinking about the market garden work we did. It was great for the girls to see crops from ...

Followed his instructions more or less and found it - mainly because he had said there was a monitoring camera on a pole. I had come across a solar panel on ...

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