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How to create relationships between contacts on the iPhone

How to create relationships between contacts on the iPhone


Launch contacts, tap a name, tap Edit

Siri on iPhone

Activate Siri, tell Siri the relationship, say yes to confirm

Tap the contact, tap Done

Tap add related name and then the info button.

Tap add related, tap the info button

Tap the contact, tap the arrow next to the label, tap Add Custom Label

Specify relationships between contacts and create groups for your contacts like Family or Work. Filter

Create groups for family or work, set relationships between contacts like partner, son,

Tap Edit in the top-right corner of the screen.

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To add a contact:

Siri ...

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Say the name of the contact and your relationship with them, such as "Hannah is my sister." (If you have two sisters, you can help Siri distinguish them by ...

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... from the list of contacts. There should be a grayed out “me” next to it if you have identified yourself on your iPhone using the method outlined above.

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The contacts list will appear. Tap the + button.

Contacts Journal is a powerful tool that will transform your business and personal relationships: save notes of important meetings, set follow ups and ...

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Almost all of the fields give you the option to create a custom label. For example, when I edit a card for a company, I like to specify which phone number ...

Screenshot 1 for Contacts Journal CRM

To do so, open the Contacts app on your device and tap My Card at the top of your contacts list, then tap Edit and enter your information – you can insert ...

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... iOS 12 ] mac911 share private from macos


select the mother option

Tap the Contacts icon on the Home Screen.

In macOS, Apple includes a feature that allows you to establish relationships for different contacts, which makes getting in touch with the people close to ...

On iOS, go into Contacts, find the duplicate numbers and go into one of them. Here tap edit and scroll down until you see 'link contacts'.

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Tucked away in Android's Contacts app is its Relationships feature, a tool that can help you keep track of who knows who and how you happen to know certain ...

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Say the name of the contact and your relationship with them, such as "Hannah is my sister." (If you have two sisters, you can help Siri distinguish them by ...

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You can also set a relationship label for a contact manually. When viewing the contact, tap Edit, then scroll down and select add related name.

screenshot of adding new contact on iphone

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Use this template to collect information and manage your contacts in your own online app. Add categories for the type of business or personal contact ...

Cardhop's default theme showcases lists of contacts in a dark/black background, with contact cards whisking in in a light theme.

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Contacts Journal CRM is a powerful tool that will transform how you manage your business and personal relationships: save notes of important meetings, ...

open the phone app

Synctastic ($4.99)

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Guides you in building a trusted network of contacts for introductions and referrals.

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Enter the name of the contact you want to establish a relationship with.

ios contacts icon

Select all your iCloud contacts.

Click the relation field next to the contact's name and select the relationship you want to establish with them. (Select Custom to define a relationship not ...

A2Z Contacts (free)

It's just the address book that's built into Gmail, so you might be apt to overlook it when you need a tool to manage professional relationships.

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Send your contact card in a text message


The Import contacts from other accounts box

(If you don't have a contact card with your phone number and email address, create this first in the Contacts app - then come back and adjust this setting.)

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select the contacts option

Select the group you imported and get those exported for use in Excel.

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Fields for pronunciations and phonetic spellings in Contacts. I prefer this way of training ...

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Scroll down and tap Contacts.

Now all of your contacts should have their own card in your inbox list.

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Receiving & saving a contact card

Our Accelerator plan is different than our other plans because we provide you with the ...

You can use CircleBack to scan business cards and save them as contacts. It also keeps job titles up-to-date. It cleans up duplicates and discovers new ...

screenshot of editing a contact on iphone

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Turn on Contacts for this account.

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As expected, this natural language parsing comes to Cardhop on iOS, and it creates the foundation for Cardhop to evolve beyond just a contacts manager.

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