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I do not like the cone of shame but I do like my vet my vet is

I do not like the cone of shame but I do like my vet my vet is


Don't get me wrong, when my dogs have to wear them, it tugs at my heart too, but “cones of shame” ...

Below are some options other than the cone that can keep our pets (and us

Alternatives to the Cone of Shame


Choosing the best dog cone for your injured pet

No one likes the cone of shame, especially not Darcy. If she could talk, I think her story would go something like this: I went to the vet, and now my butt ...

If you cannot stare at your pet around the clock, never looking away or going to sleep, you can trust an E-collar to help assure a happy ending.

Vet dresses up as mouse to help anxious dog wearing cone of shame

My daughter comforting my poor cat in the cone of shame at the vet.

This pet recovery collar stops my dog from licking where I do not want, and has caused zero damage or calamity to my home.

The Cone of Shame: Why E-Collars Get a Bad Rap (But Are So Important)

dog elizabethan collar

These don't offer quite as much protection, but they can be great for upper body injuries. alternatives to the cone of shame inflatable cone for cats

'I do not mind the cone of shame, when it's shared with a friend. ' (Picture: Instagram/zeplovesducks)

The Best Dog and Cat Cones

... Soft Pet Recovery E-Collar Cone for Small Medium Large Dogs, Designed to Prevent Pets from Touching Stitches, Wounds and Rashes, Does Not Block Vision

dog cone

My dog had some pretty massive surgery. Pet insurance did what it was supposed to do.


Neutering and the Cone of Shame. by Aldie Vet ...

surgeries-cone-important. You have ...

DIY Dog Cone. Cut pool noodle and fit around their widened collar. Inexpensive and easier on them.

Vet Mike Farrell dressed up like a giant mouse to calm nervouseDalmatian Rupert.See SWNS

I do not like the cone of shame sooooooo Gizmo right now lol

The vet wore a giant mouse costume to soothe nervous dog. Credit: SWNS

Photo of The Whole Pet Vet Hospital & Wellness Center - Los Gatos, CA,

Home-made Cat cone of shame - (don't like that name but it's what people know it as now). Take a paper plate, cut a circle in the middle, put it around the ...

Can I arrive late or unannounced for an appointment? It is recommended to please always call for an appointment or at the very least try to let us know you ...

No More Blaming and Shaming: What Vets & Pet Parents Need to Understand About Each Other

She gets a week of antibiotics too, just as a safeguard. We definitely do not want to be at the emergency vet with an infected spay scar over Christmas (or ...

Vet Anne Fawcett: How to deal with a pet wearing 'cone of shame'

The Best Dog and Cat Cones: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company

Vets 1 Limited

Vet Mike Farrell dressed up like a giant mouse to calm nervouseDalmatian Rupert.See SWNS

In fact, it has been about me in the past and like many veterinarians, I too have been victim to negative reviews, online slander and even bullying in my ...

This adorable husky had to spend the entire day at the veterinarian, and he wasn

Unless a dog is supervised post-operatively, e-collars or cones should be

dog surgery recovery

Lafayette Animal

why do dogs lick their paws

This Wednesday, March 2, 2016, photo, shows Puffin, a three-

... the task of caring enough to serve as the peacemaker. I'm your veterinarian, I'm not your therapist. Boy, does it feel good to have this off my chest.

funny cat image post vet shave and cone of shame


Penny and Calvin

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He hates his cone of shame! (Photo by author)

Charlie needed a minor surgery near his butt however the Cone of Shame was pure torture. So I crocheted him a Scarf of Shame so he couldn't lick his wound.

I do not like the cone of shame, but I do like my vet 🐶

Simon and MartinaVerified account

"I'll get you for this."

I'm Sammy, a blue and gold macaw. In November 2014, I was surrendered to Fallen Feathers. I had been living alone for a while as my previous owner(s) didn't ...

E-Collar Alternatives: 5 Pet-Friendly Substitutions For The Cone Of Shame

Elizabethan collar

Dog Neutering Aftercare: What To Expect When Neutering Your Dog - The Dodo

Dog Cone cartoon 1 of 29

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Tania Guerra for BuzzFeed News. My Citibank credit card balance is ...


Mary Berry's cone of shame. Photo credit: Preventive Vet

The veterinary team takes many precautions during your pet's surgery. Photo: Pixabay. You leave your pet at the veterinarian for an operation. How does ...

A dog wearing a cone of shame.

KONG Cloud Collar for Dogs & Cats


A cut paw means a trip to the vet and, in some cases, the

Cooper's first cone

After Surgery Wear Hip and Thigh Wound Protective Sleeve for Dogs. Dog Recovery Sleeve.

DIY Comfy Dog Cone | How to Make a Homemade Dog Cone Alternative

Photo by Oliver Dodd (https://flic.kr/p/8XuVDf)

What It's Like During a Dog's TPLO Surgery Recovery

Value Vet Animal

Dog Cone Alternative Sobek, my Rottweiler.

But, I will admit, I make a hypocrite of myself when it comes to my own recheck exams. Whenever I perform any dental care or surgery that involves an ...

True Story: When my Dog Got Cancer, I Did Everything I Could to Extend His Life

cone alternative chart

You pick up your pet from the vet's office after the procedure and he looks like he's had a rough time. Surely it must have been a crazy experience -- a ...

The first time I saw Simon's Cat on YouTube I was hysterical and hooked. Here was a cartoon that utterly captured the feline personality without speaking a ...

eight month old puppy with a cone on his neck protecting him from licking the area

I have a large golden retriever who I've never been able to keep an e-cone on for more than a few hours. My vet found this solution and ...

How to Prep Your Dog for Surgery — Planning Ahead Can Make a Huge Difference


Types of collars[edit]

Tyson spent 3 nights at the vet because he was backed up with shredded pine cones

Care More Animal Hospital

Benign Tumors in Dogs

If you have tried other alternatives to the e-collar in the past, you know they don't always work. The inflatable collars loose their air while the more ...

Pet Surgery - Firhouse Vets - Veterinary Surgeons, Hospital, Clinic, Vet Dental, Grooming | Tallaght, South Dublin, Terenure, Templeogue, Dundrum, ...

Image of a dog snuggling with a veterinarian in a veterinary practice.

Superior Post-surgical Feline & Canine Appliance. (Or: Dump the Cone!): 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Confining Your Pet After Surgery Will Speed Up Healing

Help me out of this thing!

The Best Dog and Cat Cones: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company

Neutering Your Dog

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