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I dont think Slytherin is correct but the others are good just

I dont think Slytherin is correct but the others are good just


I don't think Slytherin is correct but the others are good < < < < just because you're in Slytherin doesn't mean you're rich, but just because you're not rich ...

SlytherPuff: 20 Adorably Accurate Examples of the Slytherin & Hufflepuff Relationship

I'm glad to find something that explains Slytherins so well and accurate and also shows that their are not "evil"

I don't really like the idea of Harry in Slytherin normally. It just doesn't seem to fit in my mind, but this is pretty good!

I only did Slytherin because I'm a Sytherin but the website I got the information from had all of the combination. Its scary how this is almost exactly how ...

That's why hufflepuff is my fav house, although i'm a raven law myself. Helga was the only founder who really knew how education works.

MediaWait the password to get into the Slytherin common room is pure blood? And people try to argue that not all Slytherins are bad people 😝 (i .redd.it)

MediaHufflepuffs and Slytherins (i.redd.it)

Everything but Gryffindor and replace instruments with languages. But keep thunderstorms from Gryffindor

Haha while I think this Hufflepuff statement is awesome, I don't necessarily agree with the hyperbole about the other houses…So let's talk Slytherin for a ...

My picks (just for jokes, not srs) Gryffinfor: JK, jin Ravenclaw: joon, tae Hufflepuff: jimin, hobi Slytherin: yoongipic.twitter.com/s9MU5bqA56

Slytherin Dungeon

All of a sudden, Slytherin couldn't be evil, because now real people were a part of it. On the Internet, Slytherin gradually changed from the “evil house” ...

That's why we have so many Slytherin friends, because we don't think they're "evil" and we don't hate them.

If I may also add, this whole thing made a lot more sense in my head than I think it does written out. Just let me know if you don't understand something.

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ScreenPrism is doing a series about the symbolism of the four Hogwarts Houses, and being a proud Slytherin (Ravenclaw rising), I was looking forward to ...

Slytherin is the Best Hogwarts House (and Not Actually Evil) - Dorkly Post

Read This If You Are A Slytherin — Why Slytherin is the Best Hogwarts House

Slytherin Badge - why slytherin is good

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As far as Hogwarts' history appears to stretch, Slytherin always stood out from the other houses.

OK, We've Got Some Opinions About Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

As a Hufflepuff I don't think Slytherin are bad people. They are really ambitious and most bad people just ...

(This is bad quality but that is not the point) HOLD UP *Antonyms

Found on Pinterest, original posts by @thingsaboutslytherins

Lindsey Jordan is a Slytherin. The 19-year-old Baltimore native behind rising band Snail Mail has many remarkable qualities about her, but, really, ...

Here it is, canon evidence that Salazar Slytherin was NOT a racist bigot. He was concerned for the well-being and safety of the magical community, ...

However, in true huff/sly friendship fashion, we decided: we would be good alone, but we can be great together. It only makes sense, seeing that we belong ...

7 Priorities In Order

Cursed ChildCursed Child not really a canon part of the Harry Potter Series? (I have a reason for this) (i.redd.it)


Only about 25% of Potterheads are actually slytherins. A lot of people who claim to be in Slytherin are just Draco Malfoy fan girls.

You're Getting Slytherin All Wrong: 6 Myths About Harry Potter's Misunderstood House - MTV

All of a sudden, Slytherin couldn't be evil, because now real people were a part of it. On the Internet, Slytherin gradually changed from the “evil house” ...

Should a Slytherin Date a Gryffindor?


A Slytherin/Hufflepuff friendship would include…

Plus I don't know he just seems suited to be a Slytherin, as well I think he could either be a prefect or a headboy depending on the others students in his ...

“If it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine…” Damn, I love that song.

Your Hogwarts House Unpacks Your Psychological

Slytherins Love Gryffindors?

celebrities harry potter hogwarts houses

Harry Potter Club: Sorting, Sorcery, and Slytherins

Dominant Personality - Slytherin House. “

Internet Slytherin sounds a lot more appealing. God, now I want to be a Slytherin. That “Slytherin aesthetic” stuff suits me better than the “Gryffindor ...

And the proof is in the pudding - while many are mostly familiar with the evil wizards Slytherin produced, there were also just as many (if not more) good, ...

When I posted about reading the book Night, probably in 2007, I had a friend on Myspace message me and tell me that all the Nazi's burned were trees.

Professor Trelawney is the most underrated HP character is my opinion 🙈 and - this might be controversial - but I think divination would be one of my ...

“If it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine…” Damn, I love that song.

As I'm a Slytherin dating a Ravenclaw, I can confirm this to be true

6 My Father Will Hear About This

19 Things You'll Only Understand if the Pottermore Quiz Put You in Hufflepuff


They've got the best house logo

We all know the famous “not Slytherin” line, as Harry desperately begs to not be put in the house that only allegedly breeds Death Eaters and racist ...

Harry Potter Tumblr

Why SLYTHERIN is THE BEST Hogwarts House

In Defense Of Modern Slytherins, The House That Is Getting A Bit Tired Of Your Sass

Harry Potter Style Banner - Slytherin Flag 37x24 in - Printed on Both Sides - Durable

Things about Slytherins:

... A wordplay on both your houses by Morloth88

2 I Dare You


Desire is a great thing and not everyone has the ability to aim on their goal to accomplish it. It's rare. And Slytherins, care about their goals first, ...

You felt your stomach drop as you heard the Sorting Hat. It wasn't real. It couldn't be. You didn't want to be Slytherin. You could hear somebody booing at ...

Some people dismiss Harry Potter as “just children's books." But although it's true that J.K. Rowling's universe can be a little silly—after all, we're ...


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Slytherin's Locket

Not All Slytherins Are Evil

The Great Hall when Slytherin have momentarily won the House Cup.

Amazon.com: Rubie's Costume Co Bundle - 4 Items: Harry Potter Gryffindor Slytherin Hufflepuff Ravenclaw House Wall 4 Banner Set: Toys & Games

There are enough lifeboats for all but five

He was faced between what is easy (use it as an advantage) and what is right (share knowledge with Harry). He chose right because he was just.

Harry Potter Theory: Hufflepuff's Cup And Slytherin's Locket (ft. Seamus Gorman)

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10 Chug! Chug! Chug!

In Defense of Hufflepuff

Let's play "Sorting Hat." Take some of your favorite characters, sort them, and explain why they belong there. : harrypotter

The biggest negative to Slytherin (beyond all the Wizard Hitlers they keep mysteriously producing) is likely the "racist" aspect - namely, that they only ...

Slytherin facts

I wonder where I've seen that in my life… And on that note,)