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I find myself in a constant feeling of expectation and desire for a

I find myself in a constant feeling of expectation and desire for a


Visualizing the ordinariness of your desire

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The Happiness Trap: Why You're Never Satisfied and How to Break the Cycle

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Find a Therapist for Depression

A person can't keep throwing you away just so they can get high off

Feeling Unloved? What Your Feelings Might Mean and How to Cope

Why You Are Always Feeling Let Down By Others

Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you. Read it over. Again. Let those words resonate in your mind.


Vulnerability: The Key to Close Relationships

Law of Attraction: Signs What You Want is On Its Way

Find a Therapist for Depression

Are you Hiding in Your Head, Away from Your Life? — Eggshell Therapy and Coaching - Therapy for Emotional Intensity

8 Signs You're a Perfectionist (and Why It's Toxic to Your Mental Health)

Guilt actually encourages people to have more empathy for others, to take corrective action, and to improve themselves. Self-forgiveness following guilt is ...

Your brain is scrambled and your heart feels like it\'s splitting in two

Possibly one of the hardest things for a narcissist's loved ones to learn is how to stop explaining. It's a natural response, but it's also the exact wrong ...

Trying To Make Everyone Happy But Yourself - Being a people pleaser is a sure road

15 Difficult Feelings that mean you're Evolving

“Why do I feel alone?”

Desire in Long Term Relationships: Keeping it and Finding it When It's Gone.

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Why you want to leave your vacation early and how to plan travel that meets expectations

Great Tips To Help You With Personal Development When you daydream, do you dream about ...

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Self-Esteem: Why Do I Feel Worthless?

Learning to have the courage to stay true to yourself is one of the keys to longer lasting happiness.

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Being drawn to the deceiving world of spirituality

depressed quotes on depression for 2019

Wondering what your dreams can tell you about your love life? Read on.


50 Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You to Get Out There and Get It Done | Inc.com

If you're with somebody who keeps jeopardising you and your relationship, there comes a point, and preferably sooner rather than later, when you have to ...

Feeling Empty: 5 Ways to Heal Your Inner Void


Are you constantly striving to keep up with life's busy expectations? It's easy to feel consumed with the desire to "succeed" ...

Didn't See It Coming is full of understanding and insight. The practical advice found here will benefit anyone on their leadership journey.

I feel guilty about everything

“I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine.

Have you been able to pinpoint the types of demotivation that you tend to struggle with

J. Scott Wieters MD

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The Symptoms of a Low Self-Concept

How to be human: when you fall in love with the very unavailable

Quotes About Disappointment and How To Handle It

The Anxious Empath: Anxiety and Other People's Feelings


Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons

All Transgenders have (or had) gender dysphoria, but NOT ALL people

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A Good Life — Book Notes

The Tyranny of Expectations


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What Does Demisexual Mean? Here Are 6 Signs That You May Identify As Demisexual

being sad because your friends and family don't support you

"When a relationship moves to a new level and the commitment strengthens, some people may get nervous and subconsciously try to sabotage it by looking for a ...

Perfectionism lead

A Method for Overcoming Disappointment

Will Your Marriage Survive Menopause?

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The Difference Between Being Suicidal and Wanting to Die

Why do I always fail even when I try my hardest?

9 Secrets

As a young adult, I longed to make my mark on the world as a writer. But after university, I got sidetracked by all the demands of ordinary life.

How do you feel about disappointing others? How about being disappointed yourself? I've recently noticed how much of my conscious and unconscious attention ...

The first section of the poem, “Not only do often unexpected incidences arise, but, more than likely the path will be rocky. This is because, before our ...

Kill the noise in your life and find out what you truly wish to accomplish. Anyone can create an amazing life! I am fully convinced of that.

So tell me, what is your journey with emptiness? Which of the above practices do you plan to explore? Please share below. You never know: your story might ...

Feeling lost doesn't mean that you are on the wrong path.

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Early on in my adult life, I always had an awareness of the importance of inner peace. It was something I knew I wanted to obtain for myself because I knew ...

Are You Manifesting The Opposite Of What You Want?


Hey there, I'm Sim

Is your exercise not getting you anywhere? Do you feel you are working hard and

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When Depression Causes a Lack of Motivation