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If you look closely the leaves are a dark green and you can see

If you look closely the leaves are a dark green and you can see


If you look closely, the leaves are a dark green and you can see some

It was rainy outside. So I decided to try to get some things with water

Close-up of Poison Ivy toxic plant (Toxicodendron radicans)

After doing a bit of research it does bear a resemblance to philodendron 'evansii', a hybrid between p. bipinnatifidum and p. speciosum made in the 40's and ...

Yellow leaves on tomato plants

What we think of as a leaf is called a simple leaf. But there is an incredible diversity of leaf forms, many of which don't look at ...

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Podophyllum pleianthum--a really interesting plant with large, shiny leaves. If you

... a closer look at Monsteras and their leaf holes. The Hole Truth: Monsteras

The Cilantro leaves look very similar to flat Italian parsley, but if you look closely, you can see ...

Pick A Peperomia

Image titled Identify Sugar Maple Trees Step 1

leafminer larval damage to a tomato leaf

Meaning of The Color Green

'The worst kind of pain you can imagine' – what it's like to be stung by a stinging tree

If you look to your left, you will see a beautiful ginkgo tree. These trees have fan shaped leaves and nuts that are prized for possible medicinal ...

What look like leaves here are actually leaflets. You may have noticed compound leaves on ash, honey locust, and horse chestnut trees.

whew, got it, thanks, as you can see, close up of leaves, they are a rapid growing vine, and the prolific seeds. the vines are fine like hair.

What Cannabis Leaves Can Tell You

How to Cure Black Spots on Plants

Why Are Leaves Falling Off My Succulents?

If you look closely, you can see some of the fruits.

And that's right, it's quite low-maintenance, decorative and impresses with many more features that will surprise many plant lovers. The big leaves make it ...

... look at plants in your garden more closely during @insectweek , you may find that these cute little bugs have made themselves at home!


Maranta: A green houseplant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

We have been to scientific meetings on two continents. This is my first Frontiers for Young Minds review and I really liked it. I plan to do more reviews.

Skip Schipka Cherry Laurel

powdery mildew on phlox

Leaf Supply

Begonia 'Royal Lustre' has small silvery green leaves with tones of pink and green. Upon close inspection, you can see the small hairs that line the leaf ...

Look closely among the bins of greens at the farmer's market later this month, and you'll likely find a pile of tight, dark green bundles marked Upland ...

iPhone Photos of Leaves 7

... you may have encountered a Bird of Paradise plant. Let's take a closer look at this natural wonder. Word On The Bird of Paradise

Black Spot Fungus: Getting Rid Of Black Leaf Spot

The second one with light green leaves is a Dracaena according to the plant label, but that does not specify the variety. If you look closely at the photo ...

Avoid These 5 Common Cannabis Growing Mistakes

Answer: A black swallowtail butterfly. Find out how to identify 15 other green caterpillars

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Plants With Spotted Leaves: Fungal Leaf Spot Treatments

Prostrate pigweed leaves 2

Ornamental sweet potato vine is a vivid garden accent

On the left image, the top side of the leaves are more reflective and smooth, like plastic. On the right we see the underside, which is more matte in ...

However, if you look closely at the bottom of the plant, you can see the three bottom sets of leaves have turned yellow and are dying. This is normal!

A mild case of marijuana light burn is often mistaken for a nutrient deficiency or a pH problem, but if you look closely, the symptoms are concentrated ...

shitty watercolour on Twitter: "if u look closely it is a painting of me and not a photo (easy to confuse u are forgiven). a painting i did at my dark desk ...

Seed/ Fruit Size: If you rub off the pink papery seed cover, you discover the very small, black and shiny seed, 5/64 inch (2 mm) long.

If you do happen to acquire one of these plants, you can still rescue it however. These plants can be removed gently from their bases, and any damaged ...

If you look closely, you can see that the leaves and stems are somewhat fuzzy. stevia leaf

Sometimes light burn causes edges of leaves to turn up. If it goes on a long time, the leaves also start to become crispy and can even break off if you try ...

black spot on rose leaves

You can see the sporangium on the underside of this fern. Flickr/Richard Droker, CC BY

The same is true of the sky. What color is the sky? It's blue, of course. But take a look again. It can be white, or gray, or orange, or red, ...

... shiny hairs you can see if you look closely on a sunny day. Leaves are three times as long as wide and gently taper to a rounded point.

If you look closely, you will not see the soil in either pot. Instead you would find half decomposed leaves (dark brown to black) and grass cuttings that ...

Portraying Leaves with V-Ray for 3ds Max

Old Farmer's Almanac

Amazon.com : Best Choice Products 94x39in Artificial Faux Ivy Hedge Privacy Fence Wall Screen, Leaf and Vine Decoration for Outdoor Decor, Garden, ...

How to Care For Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Often foxfire looks as if the bark of a fallen log or old tree branch is

Waterhemp stems are smooth/hairless and can vary with respect to color.

You can see where the name “gaywings” comes from in this photo. They look as if they're ready to take off. Each blossom is made up of five sepals and two ...

Jacob's Ladder

Unfortunately, these are invasive and can take over quickly. Watch out for they will grab your shirt or skin before you even know they are there. 

iPhone Photos of Leaves 19

Powdery brown spores of sunflower rust on close-up of leaf

Ants on a redwood leaf

If you look really closely, you can see the names of the plants (or reach out to me!). The last photo is mondo grass. If I could do this all over again, ...

Take a close look at the leaves of this begonia – bright green leaves with with dark burgundy and edged with some tiny, tiny hairs.

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Maple Tree Diseases

... dark play up the contrast between black flowers and foliage and bright, new-green spring leaves. Photograph via Lantliv. If you look closely, you can ...

How to Fix

How to Care for a Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Plant With Yellowing Leaves | Home Guides | SF Gate

Spider Mites: A Beginner Guide to Understanding and Controlling Mites

Why Do Succulent Leaves Turn Brown, Yellow or Black? You've ...


If you look closely at the undersides of the leaves you will be able to see ...

They're called runners and basically what they are is the plant trying to expand. If you look closely you will see ...

How to Care for a Ponytail Palm

Individual plants vary in their coloration as well as their stem structure, so it pays to look at them at a well-stocked garden center before buying.

The second one with light green leaves is a Dracaena according to the plant label, but that does not specify the variety. If you look closely at the photo ...

How potatoes grow. Mamziolzi/Shutterstock

... its dark blue-black wings, which develop over the first ten days of its life. If you look closely, you can see the blue colouration beginning on the ...

'Blackberry Waffle' is an intense coleus with dark blue-purple leaves. Notice the scalloped edges and unique waffle-like texture—you can count on this ...

Two portions of a croton plant, one close to the camera and the other further

whew, got it, thanks, as you can see, close up of leaves, they are a rapid growing vine, and the prolific seeds. the vines are fine like hair.

Image titled Identify an Elm Tree Step 1

Squash plant large leaves. Squash Growing Problems are often avoided if you ...