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In todays digital world organizations need to process everlarger

In todays digital world organizations need to process everlarger


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Executive summary

... we propose €1 billion investment by 2020 to be in the lead. Press release: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-18-64_en.htm …

Every company in the world develops from within a particular context. Situated at a certain time, in a certain place, with problems on the horizon and ideas ...

NoOps in a serverless world

Bringing the evolution of artificial intelligence to life

Enabling and Optimizing the Smart Digital Workplace

In our new series, Trends 2019: The Future of Workplace Learning, we look at the trends that are driving corporate learning. The key forces of AI, ...

Why Do Tech Companies Have Such Exorbitant Stock Prices? Share on Facebook

Lean cities eng - Cuadro 1 fondo

If embarking on a digital transformation is in your outlook, learn how the experts at Agility® PIM can help your organization excel in Commerce.

Libraries that Learn: Keys to Managing Organizational Knowledge

Learning at the speed of business

Supercomputers are needed to process ever larger amounts of data. They bring benefits to society in many areas, from health care and renewable energy to car ...

IT firms are spending ever larger sums of money as they enter a skilling arms race to keep pace with the increasing demand for digital services.

Dr Joseph Reger, Fujitsu Fellow and Chief Technology Officer CE and EMEIA at Fujitsu, comments: "Our ultimate aim is to help customers and society as a ...

Supercomputers in the EU

5 tech trends you'll be talking about in 2018

Agile is not just for techies anymore. The use of agile workflow management has gone from software development teams to entire organizations in a few years ...

Countdown to Launch: PIM Agility v8 Preview

Checks and ACH are entrenched payment methods when it comes to B2B, but that doesn't mean they need to be enshrined. For Fortune 500 firms and SMBs, ...

New technologies can enable novel experiences that transcend both work and life. Our expectations of the companies we buy from are greater than before, ...

Today the European Commission unveiled today its plans to invest jointly with the Member States in building a world-class European supercomputers ...

Service Brokering and an Enterprise Standard – Build your Competitive Advantage in the Digital World

The Holdouts: An Exploration of Vinyl-Only Labels in the Digital Age

The top five benefits of AI. Today ...

Towards the Evolution of Laws Regulating International Aspects of IPOs

AI is transforming strategy.

o Publication: 10th of every month I Posting: 15th / 20th of every month

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These days many businesses are waking up to the issue of digital transformation and the impact on the systems that an organization needs to survive.

Health care is changing, and patients are footing an ever larger portion of the bill. That makes for an onerous debt burden at times – and providers are ...

Aiming for instancy in the digital age

Buy for others

Apple and China's problems show that today's titans may not rule the world tomorrow

Many publishers have a bad case of platform envy

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Private Sector Cyber Defense: Can Active Measures Help Stabilize Cyberspace?

cloud building security Thinkstock. Faced with ever larger ...

Do digital nomads have to register their company in their 'home country'?

Taking advantage of GST's listed status to address ever larger projects. For example:

Smart cities exist on the intersection of digital technology, disruptive innovation and urban environments. They are an exciting place to work and live and ...

The Dyvi's software-centric design enables Kanal 2's operators to customize its control surface to

The digital age has destroyed the concept of ownership, and companies are taking advantage of it

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manufacturing ERP - Brian Sommer

Webinar: Digital Transformation Platform Implications

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Drones and Robots: What Happens When You Play With New Technologies


PayPal spun off as digital payments market grows ever larger

On one corner of the triangle are nation-states, states, municipalities, and supranational organizations like the European Union.

Over the past few decades, media companies have plunged into the digital world with varying degrees of success. While some have flourished, many others are ...


Water and Wastewater Facilities

Price of alternative investment companies hotly debated

Global flows in a digital age

Teufelberger, the world-leading rope manufacturer, today announced a strategic partnership with the world's top provider of personal protective equipment ...

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Work in the decades ahead may no longer mean what it used to, but learning will no longer be the same either. Learning organisations ...

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HSBC profits up 10% as technology and digital investments take hold | diginomica

People, Process, and Technology Converging to Create an Adaptable Environment

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8 Realities in Managing Cyber Risk

Influencer Marketing in China: No Longer an Option, Now a Necessity

Boosting global citizenship education using digital storytelling Boosting global citizenship education using digital storyte

EARLY NEXT MONTH local dignitaries will gather for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a facility in Whitsett, North Carolina. A new production line will start to ...

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With growing health needs, is digital the best medicine?

Onboarding in a Digital Era: Bridging the Gaps

Where Uber and Amazon rule: welcome to the world of the platform | Technology | The Guardian

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Organizations must have a plan in place to keep the employees they have. A priority for many employees today, is career development opportunities.

Galaxy S6 - the only view which shares any similarity to its predecessors. Image credit

A Facebook business page gives you a platform to communicate directly with your audience. And as you hone your skills on the platform, you can target your ...

Learn the six things every marketing organization should do to ensure a happy workforce: <

As for the social worry about the impact on AI replacing jobs – this doesn't effect the sub-brands, as they don't have call centres to begin with .

Digital Transformation (DT) has been happening since the birth of the Smartphone when IT direction was taken from the hands of businesses into entrepreneurs ...

Service Brokering and an Enterprise Standard – Build your Competitive Advantage in the Digital World

Power to the new people analytics; 7. 9McKinsey on Organization ...

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Another milestone for #EU digital leadership. http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-18-5864_en.htm …pic.twitter.com/lH0ywhxr4n