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It might come as a surprise but several human trial studies have

It might come as a surprise but several human trial studies have


It might come as a surprise, but several human trial studies have shown moderate red

Europe overhauls rules for 'first-in-human' trials in wake of French disaster

AI and Machine Learning for Clinical Trials - Examining X Current Applications

Do Clinical Trials Work?Do Clinical Trials Work?

The 21st Century Cures Act, passed in 2016, requires the FDA to provide updated guidance on how companies can use adaptive trial designs in a way that ...

Clinical trials revolution could change the future of medical research

Real world clinical trial Adobe. Randomized controlled clinical trials are ...

12 Fascinating Facts About Red Wine

Clinical trial meds

Clinical trials aren't scary, dark lab experiments. They're actually fundamental to advancing science and saving lives.

... non-published trials, it remains the case that far from all studies make their results public after completion. Slightly less than half of all clinical ...

Clinical Trials can help you live longer. That's great...but maybe there's a downside for some.

Cancer centers sell out science when they advertise clinical trials as treatment

Many investigators will be surprised to know that the mechanistic human studies they have been doing for years may now fall under the NIH definition of ...

Study questions animal data underlying many clinical trials

Respondents' belief that the named methods can improve recruitment. N ranged from 89-90 for each method rated.

A surprising amount of medical research isn't made public. That's dangerous.

Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

A new study shows stem cells can reverse MS in some patients. But researchers have questions.

Are we finally getting serious about fixing science?

More than 60 percent of cancer patients are older adults — and that will rise to 70 percent by 2040. Yet seniors continue to be underrepresented in clinical ...

The High Price Of Failed Clinical Trials: Time To Rethink The Model

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A woman's head in profile with electrodes attached and flowers blooming out of it

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Why Too Many Clinical Trials Fail -- And A Simple Solution That Could Increase Returns On Pharma R&D. David Grainger

Heddy, like many others who have cancer, has heard a lot of misinformation--and made up some of her own. But Dirk isn't fooled! It may ...

Illustration: Sam Weber

The National Institutes of Health estimates that there are nearly 250,000 clinical trials in progress across some 200 countries, running the gamut from the ...

Gastrointestinal Cancer Clinical Trials

... firm Roche has announced that it will reduce the frequency of dosing in its historic Phase 3 Huntington's disease gene-silencing clinical trial, ...

A year in review: The most popular medical research of 2017

Axel Pfaender

AI and Machine Learning for Clinical Trials – Examining 3 Current Applications | Emerj

California voters were promised cures. But the state stem cell agency has funded just a trickle of clinical trials

Breakthrough migraine drug works where other treatments have failed, trial finds

Neural rosettes, derived from human embryonic stem cells, assemble into spheres in culture.

Opinion: Synthetic Control Arms Are a Good Option for Some Clinical Trials

Intermittent fasting

But now a controversy has erupted over a recent, very late change in the design of ISCHEMIA. Last year, as the trial was ending its years-long effort to ...

New Hope for Depression

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Most people who have a passing association with the pharmaceutical business will be able to give a rough estimate of how much it costs to take a drug ...


The "sunshine vitamin" has a range of surprising benefits.

Most adults avoid clinical trials. Their survival rate is not as high. Are we missing ...

Why Rheumatoid Arthritis is Vastly Different Than Arthritis

Ugly past of U.S. human experiments uncovered

Drugs That Work In Mice Often Fail When Tried In People

6 Syndromes with Surprising Psychotherapy Solutions

There are so many possible cracks that bias can seep through, nudging clinical trial results off course. Some of the biggest come from people knowing which ...

Experts struggle to predict trial outcomes — and tend to be too pessimistic

Human Trials for Artificial Kidney Could Begin This Year, With First Patient Implants in 2020

10 Surprising Facts About How Our Brains Work

Maciek Jasik

The hidden truth about our prescription medications

The Confusing World of Clinical Trials

Dementia symptoms reversed in mice, human trials next after federal funding announced

Photographic illustration showing 4 syringes pointing towards a central figure. Illustration by Eleanor Shakespeare

"The medical oncologist did lay out exactly what was going to happen if I did go through this clinical trial, so there weren't any surprises"

Percentage of pediatric studies (n = 214) reporting each modified TIDieR checklist item for the intervention arm and for the “standard of care” control arm

What to Watch Out for in Clinical Trials Manufacturing | Pharmaceutical Technology

Did you know that drinking red wine in small doses is better for you than not

Macular degeneration trial will be first human test in U.S. of Nobel-winning stem cell technique

Why Doctors Can't Give You LSD (But Maybe They Should)

Image of virus depositing aquaporin DNA into glandular cells

Chocolate is very toxic for dogs as their livers can't break down some of chocolate's components. from shutterstock.com. This will not surprise ...

Annette Elizabeth Allen

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Some studies have linked the Toxoplasma parasite found in cats with psychotic disturbances in humans

A woman wears a light bucket helmet

The surprising answers may help protect people longer

The Deadly Corruption of Clinical Trials

More startling is that recruiters are able to approach patients with serious mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

In November of 2014, an enormously painful half-dollar sized perianal abscess took me by surprise. At the time, I had no idea what an abscess was, ...

Deciding to participate in a clinical trial--or not--can be a difficult decision. If you have had to make that decision, what questions went through your ...

It might sound surprising, but this is what the science bears out when it comes to honey! Human trials and animal studies have consistently ...

Deciphering trial outcomes can be a tricky business. As if many measures aren't hard enough to make sense of on their own, they are often combined in a ...

The Perfect Birth Control for Men Is Here. Why Can't We Use It?

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A key takeaway message was that eConsent adoption is on the rise. Momentum is building as sponsors shift from paper-based informed consent processes to ...

What Meditation Can—and Can't—Do for Your Health

Norwegian Rituximab Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Trial Fails

Crows Can Build Compound Tools Out of Multiple Parts, And Are You Even Surprised

23andMe's Pharma Deals Have Been the Plan All Along

Charles Brenner, PhD

Clinical trials · Medicine · Science

Schematic representation of the experimental task and modeling of behavioral responses. (a) Each trial began with a random delay followed by the ...

When Clinical Trials Are Marketing Ploys, Not Science. Jessica Baron

Their shortcomings for clinical trials include the inability to provide raw data, lack of algorithm validation and transparency, and inflexibility in the ...

The Cheese Trap: How Breaking a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Healthy