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Ive been on project makethehouselookcosyspendingtheleast

Ive been on project makethehouselookcosyspendingtheleast


I've been on project 'make-the-house-look-cosy

Had a massive shift around in this bedroom and managed to change the bed.

Esther 🌿 on Instagram: “We've been a family of six for 12 days and I feel like we're just about getting into the swing of things and establishing a new ...

Esther 🌿 on Instagram: “Heading to the dentist today to get a few things sorted, and I've got to tell you that I'm not feeling very brave 😩 I had a missed ...

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RIP to this beaut of a plant We found her on the floor when we came

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Esther 🌿 on Instagram: “Who knew that having a bathroom door would feel so weird? Not even sure any of us have closed it yet 🤣 On another note...does ...


Esther 🌿 on Instagram: “Every day the boys ask when their baby is coming, and I feel like I've been saying 'soon' for weeks and weeks, but the end is ...


Esther 🌿 on Instagram: “We're living in a bit of a madhouse this week 🤪 and so happy that it's the weekend 🙌 Not much else to say other than...every ...

Esther 🌿 on Instagram: “Sharing my best nine from 2019 😊 I feel like I've been pretty terrible with Instagram over the last year. Life has been non-stop, ...

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Esther 🌿 on Instagram: “Looking happy before their bi-monthly haircut trauma ✂ Always a few tears but 3 out of 3 customers state that they're happy with ...

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Esther 🌿 on Instagram: “Our baby boy arrived safely on Thursday afternoon at home, weighing 9lb 14ozs ❤ I'd love to say that it has been the fuzzy, ...

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Are you looking for the perfect Bathroom Plant?⠀ ⠀ 'Hamish' is the

Although I sell plants and pots/jars to go along with them, I truly

photo_library 🤙🌿🐢 Say cowabunga to Michaelangelo, my new String of Turtles! So much

Ehhhhh Boy. This is what a #plantaddict looks like. I have to stop

photo_library #tbt when I had my first few #plants probably about a year ago (

I think I've expressed my love for #airplants quite often on IG but

The other night when I was sitting in the front porch

Your local crazy plant lady checking in! Isn't this absolutely gorgeous dwarf fiddle

Installed a bamboo #bean pole pyramid with a clump

It's not always happy days 😩I'm fairly sure these are Cottony cushion scale

I've become a person who wears my love of plants around my neck now


photo_library One of my most colorful in my collection (Triostar) and boy does she love

Just the baby and I at home today which means that he gets dragged around doing

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I've had a fair few new followers as of late and my Instagram has


I've been on project 'make-the-house-look-cosy-spending-the-least-money-possible' for a few weeks now. It basically involves c…


Esther 🌿 on Instagram: “Lots of emotions in our house this week - the good, the bad and the ugly, plus all of my children seem to have lost the ability to ...



Esther 🌿 on Instagram: “So much like his brothers, so much like his dad, so much like me, so much less like a baby and so much like himself 💕”



Hoping that we can keep this little tree alive year after year They love putting the lights on before bed and are so thrilled with all the sparkly tinsel


Just the baby and I at home today which means that he gets dragged around doing a million jobs He doesn't seem to mind though…






Mixing old with new is my favorite. I bought this planter at @target dollar

Clean. Elegant. Comfortable. The Bronx sofa sure makes a statement. Swipe to

I spent last weekend taking some additional photos of my work. This is one of

One of my favourite parts of the creative process is seeing everything come together just the

Hello, beautiful!

#mycolourfulinterior down to earth yep this is on the earth whereas it should most def

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I spent the weekend taking additional photos for my collection pieces that are available on my

Curling up on the couch with a good book is how we want to spend our