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Killing innocent preborn children should never be a choice Tag two

Killing innocent preborn children should never be a choice Tag two


It's a Baby, not a Choice

We're giving people the power to “play God,” and justify murder as a means of legalized freedom.

Killing innocent preborn children should never be a choice. Tag two friends for a chance

Three Actions You Can Take to Advance a Pro-Life Culture

February 7, 2019

It a growing life, why stop it by killing an innocent human. It has

We're Killing Our Babies and Calling it Public Health — What You Need to Know About NY's Late-Term Abortion Law

Do not stand by while innocent lives are lost. Indifference on abortion is deadly.


Normalizing Murder, Part 2

“My body, my choice.” We hear that slogan constantly, but what the hell do those four words mean?

In the Wake of New York, What Do We Do?


What is the Principle of `Double Effect'?

A @ucsandiego professor of biology can be seen here teaching students that preborn children are equivalent to…”

Why You Should Teach Your Young Children About Preborn Life

Anglicans for life

Live Action on Instagram: “We joined the pro-abortion #StopTheBans rally to

Tried having a civil discussion with a pro choice woman (who started the discussion)

A Baby Died After Vaccination

33 Best March for Life images in 2019 | Pro life, Choose life, Life is precious

'Abortion is leading us to a 'Down's Syndrome-free' world. I can barely type the words'

Live Action on Instagram: “Planned Parenthood's core mission has always been, and will always be, abortion — the slaughter of our littlest boys and girls ...

The parents of Savita Halappanavar have spoken out about the death of their daughter.

Once the unborn baby exists✌🏻✌🏻 • • • • • • •

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Another said: “It is a very sad day when society can celebrate the choice to kill unborn children.

“Abortion is just about choice! It's not that we want to kill babies!”


when does life begin


Another said: “You are in a unique position. You are both a doctor and Taoiseach.

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Pro-choice activists are getting increasingly desperate. When all you can do is take off your clothes in the face of the photos of human beings killed by ...

How many Holy Innocents were killed by King Herod?

At least a third of them turned against abortion.

Nine Reasons God

Cr: @pro_nonviolent_choice Using the future you predict for a child as an excuse to

Since God Hates the Shedding of Innocent Blood, Can a Christian Vote for Hillary?

Nine week old unborn baby, and abortionists: Dr.Curtis Boyd and Kermit Gosnell

Feast of the Holy Innocents: No to legal Abortion. Stop Killing Children!

antibiotics for kids

Photo courtesy of Jen Hatmaker

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Should mothers be prosecuted


[Photo: Dr. Joan Perry looking resolute while she holds a baby.]

Alabama's Abortion Ban: What's Happening, Why It Matters, What You Can Do

Planned Parenthood Killed 321,384 Babies Last Year Bringing Total Killed to Over 7.6 Million

'The majority of us don't agree with either pro choice or pro life hardliners'

Orthodoxy and the Unborn Child

Family Movies That Could Traumatize Your Kids | Common Sense Media

Feast of the Holy Innocents

debunking pro choice arguments part 5. If the choice is either

10 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion

The past year of 2018 has seen some dramatic activity with the pro-life movement. We have never been closer to overturning Roe vs.

10 Reasons Why Abortion Is Evil and not “Pro-Choice”

Members of the Wilberforce Project are among the pro-life advocates who are marking the grim anniversary of the Morgentaler court decision which effectively ...

Live Action on Instagram: “Watch this young man shift from thinking "it is the woman's choice" to obtain an abortion, to supporting a total ban on abortion ...

Illegal abortion pro-life pro-choice

Wondering if you had an encounter that could be a baby saved?

“In early December, a resident of Saratoga County was arrested for punching the stomach of a woman who was 26 weeks pregnant in an attempt to cause a ...

Bishops: X Case law would lead to 'direct, intentional killing of unborn children'

Someone at UNC lit our brochure on fire. (Click to enlarge.)

With this in mind, Justin Smith addresses New York State's full term genocidal unborn baby-murder act.

Abortion Barriers In A Pro-Choice State Almost Killed Me

Cr: @liveactionorg Killing innocent children should not be such a controversial topic in this

My Body My Choice vs body of abortion victim

Abby was asked to hold the ultrasound probe during an abortion on a 13-week unborn baby. She could watch what happened, in real-time, on the screen.

The whole issue comes down to whether or not unborn children are human beings. After all, no one suggests that a rape victim should be allowed to kill her ...

Baby Pink

Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?


U.S. House sanctions killing hibernating bears, wolf pups in their dens on federal refuges in

Two venues have cancelled the event in the last week.

During the campaign you heard her proclaim that she did not support exceptions of any kind. She said that she was “proudly 100% pro-life.

Even if abortion is only 3% of PP's services, (hint: it's not

Repost from Twitter @realdonaldtrump The dems just made a huge mistake. All but 3

Bishop Wright

And this is why the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective attempts to cover up the injustice. Once you see the second body that has been destroyed by an ...

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Crisis of Conscience: 11 Reasons Why Senate Democrats Didn't Vote to Protect Newborns

aclu meme


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The Silence of Joseph

Image: Michigan proposal to legalize abortion news 1972 pro-life pamphlet


NC Legislators Have a Responsibility to Protect Innocent Life - Civitas Institute

Broader Implications of 'My Body, My Choice'

Sanctity of Life

February 8, 2006. MR. SMITH of New Jersey: Mr. Speaker, I rise tonight to set the record straight about significant misinformation that continues to be ...